Allergic or scar tissue ?

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Wednesday May 23rd, 2012 @ 6:24 AM

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Hi so I got my lip pierced on the right side with a hoop and it was healing fine and I was using the sea salt regularly. I noticed this weird white piece of tissue under the piercing about 2 weeks after being pierced. I tried getting rid of it but it wouldn’t go away. At like 3 weeks it started forming a hard lump under the piercing on the inside of my lip. It then grew into a lump almost growing up my hoop so that the entrance hole wasn’t even visible anymore. It would go down in size some days and after eating it Would be more agitated and get bigger. I was really concerned and went to my piercer and she told me she had never seen anything like it and that it was scar tissue from moving the jewlerey around while healing. I went to the walk in clinic after and seen a doctor but she didn’t seem to know much and told me it was normal but I know it’s not cus know one else’s looked like mine: and she did tell me it was not infected. I switched to a stud which was a huge challenge because of the way the lump had grown over the piercing, the stud did make the lump go down in size a bit but it was still there and hard and irritating to feel with my tongue. Finally after 4 months of no progress I took the piercing out and got the left side done the next day. I got this one done with a stud because i thought maybe the ring was the cause of the problem. It was healing so great up till 3 weeks I felt it getting hard under and around the piercing on the inside again. I thought I was over reacting and switched to a ring again cus I like them better. The bump was there again but very small. After a week of having the ring in the bump is slightly white in color and surrounding the piercing on the inside of my lip. I don’t know what the problem is. Am I allergic to some kind of metal or is it scar tissue ? But I was sure not to play with this one while it was healing. I don’t think it’s the ring that causes the hard lump because it started forming before the ring. The ring just makes the lump noticeable cus it doesn’t

It sounds like you have developed a hypertropic scar on the piercing, this is quite common with lip piercings - especially with rings in them initially.

It could also be the jewellery you have in, I would suggest to go to a professional studio and get a titanium post for it - just to be safe to make sure it isn’t a metal allergy.

I have had clients develop the scar tissue from playing with the jewellery during the healing, even a small amount of regular irritation can cause the scar tissue to develop. Make sure that you aren’t ever ‘tonguing’ at the jewellery or sucking it in/pushing it outwards - these are definite scar makers!

You can also purchase Asprin tablets (Aspro-Clear) and put 1/4 of a tablet on the offending tissue twice a day for a couple weeks, it will ‘bubble’ and fizz away the scar tissue and leave your healthy normal tongue tissue just fine. I usually only suggest this for FULLY HEALED piercings, but I have seen people use it with success on healing piercings too.

If it continues to grow or doesn’t go away after that, go into a professional piercing studio and ask them about removing it. Some piercers will and have great results (myself included), some think it is dangerous and will not offer it as a service.

This will only fix the scar, not fix the reason why it started in the first place. Make sure you don’t play with it and be very careful not to bump or knock it - or it will just keep lingering.

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  1. Thank you so much ! I will try the aspirin tablets and getting a titanium piercing!

    Josiah on May 23rd, 2012 at 10:00 am

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