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Wednesday May 23rd, 2012 @ 7:45 AM

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A friend of mine got branded very early in what is now a failed relationship. She wants to be rid of it in some fashion. Here is the situation.

The brand is a letter, about 4″ high by 2.5″ wide. It is a keloid about a half inch across, raised about an 1/8″. It s just a year old. It still itches every day.

She wants a covering tattoo yesterday at the latest. One concern I have is that if it is itching, it is still healing and not yet completely stable. I have seen some folks say wait a year, others say two years.

Also, I am encouraging her to consult with a plastic surgeon to see if it might be at least reduced. Any thoughts on keloid reduction/elimination? She has an older keloid that she finally gave up on and tatted over. She is happy with that result.

Any insights would be much appreciated.

That’s a very difficult call without a picture of the branding and the exact extent of the scar tissue. I would most likely suggest that they seek a doctor who can administer steroid injections to reduce the raised effect of the scar before getting it tattooed.

Alternatively they can also massage pure vitamin E oil into the area as a daily routine to soften up the raised tissue and return it to a more normal colour.

Itching the scar will also make the situation worse as it will just make the scar raise and itch even more!

I think perhaps the first step would be to chat to the prospective tattoo artist first and see what they think about the design choice, placement and height of the scar. Many experienced artists will be able to work around nearly any kind of scar to give a lovely end result.

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