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Friday May 25th, 2012 @ 9:47 AM

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I’m a 19 year old body modification enthusiast. For about a year now I have been interested in participating in a suspension but I have no clue where to find a group that does suspensions. Is there a website for finding suspension groups or could anyone tell me who to contact? I live in the Phoenix, Arizona area. The only group I know of is Steve Haworth’s but not sure whether or not it is open to first timers or the public for that matter.

Anything would help. Thank you.

There absolutely is. For a pretty comprehensive list of suspension groups by location has it covered. It doesn’t have every group and it also makes no claims for any group listed so definitely do your homework researching a group before suspending with them.
Looking over the list it seems that in Arizona Steve’s group is the only one listed. I’ve seen Steve work and let me tell you, he is honestly one of the best coaches/guides that I’ve worked with.
As for whether they are open to the public or first timers the only way to find out is to ask! Every group works differently so it’s best to always ask each individual group on how they operate!

One more note, if for some reason Life suspended doesnt work out you’re not too far away from Ascension located in New Mexico or the Las Vegas Suspension Syndicate in Nevada.

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