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Saturday May 26th, 2012 @ 5:08 PM

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I just got my ears pierced, with a size 22g I believe, about 5 weeks ago. Right, now I have just a hoop and ball 20g in them, but honestly I am so confused about all this XD

You think I wouldn’t be confused because it is just stretching them, but everyone is saying something different!!

I want to stretch to at least a 5g but I have the following questions:

Is it okay to skip (minor) sizes (like skip 20g to 16g)?

How long do I need to wait before changing sizes?

Tapers are easiest to stretch with, right?

But everyone gives me different answers! I hope you guys can give me a straight answer, you seem to know what the hell you’re doing XD Any other advice on this would be great, since I am kinda clueless~

Kay, Thanks!

For your next stretch you should be ok going from a 20g to a 16g but after that make sure to take it one size at a time. Body jewelry generally goes in increments of 2, so after 16 you have 14 then 12 etc. As far as time between stretches I recommend a min of 6 weeks between sizes. At the smaller sizes tapering is always an easy method and will probably be the best since you are only planning on going to a 5g.

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