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Sunday June 3rd, 2012 @ 4:36 AM

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I want to buy this chastity belt,

I was told from the shop and you need to wear the ring-shaped pierced through the urethra from the back of the scrotum. Can be attached to a piercing shop like this in there somewhere or will. I hope enjoy and let me know if there is a place if possible.

Finding a heavy modification artist can be very difficult to find, especially in Japan.

To find an artist to do this procedure you should go into any studios that you know that have people with heavy mods (implants, tongue splits, etc) and inquire with the studio when the artist will be back.

Most of the artists don’t want to be found online due to legal restrictions, however with some patience you should be able to track one down and get a quote on the procedure. What you are after is called a ‘urethral reroute‘, specifically a behind-the-scrotum one. It is a very difficult thing to do and not many people in the world do it.

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