Paranoid about my lip piercing.

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Sunday June 3rd, 2012 @ 3:20 AM

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Hey, okay. I’m beyond paranoid about my lip piercing. I got it pierced with a 15g hollow needle for the SECOND time, the piercer pierced through some scar tissue. I got it pierced on 5/8. It’s now 6/1. The initial jewlery was a 16g hoop.It was fine for the first few days. I did regular SSS, and also used Bactine. Whenever you look at it, you can still see the hole around it. Does that make sense? I also recently had to change to a long stud. The long stud almost doesn’t seem long enough, due to the scar tissue.It’s also very red on the outside, and there is some white tissue under the flat back of the stud. Am I just being paranoid, or is there something wrong here?

Lips and rings in my opinion nearly always end with either an unhappy piercing or a greatly lengthened healing time. Changing it to the longer stud (to allow for more swelling and faster healing) was a very good move, however if it looks a little tight - go back to your piercer and get them to put in a longer bar.

Re-piercing old holes doesn’t always result in a longer to heal piercing, however it more often than not requires a longer bar to accommodate for the old scar tissue and swelling.

It’s very hard to tell what you mean by the white tissue under the inside, it could be the start of hypertropic scar tissue (assuming that it is ‘growing outwards’) or it could simply be the exit of your old hole. Either way, let your piercer check it out to make sure it isn’t anything to worry about.

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