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Sunday June 3rd, 2012 @ 3:12 AM

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I have a few concerns about getting my nipples pierced and I know it probably wasn’t the best idea to look up botched and infected piercings, but I did. It put me off just a little, but I figured I would ask to put my mind at ease. It’s been a while since I’ve had a piercing done I don’t remember what type of jewelry (stainless steel, titanium, etc.) I used. I’ve never had an infection or a reaction to the type of metal with any piercings before and this is one of my major concerns. I’ve read that titanium is best, but I just want to make sure.

A few other questions:

- What is a common gauge size for a nipple piercing?

- Is it best to go to a piercer who uses clamps or no clamps?

- Where is the correct placement for a nipple piercing? (That way I can check to see if it’s marked correctly.)

-(My last question) I’m going to the same studio that has done all my other piercings and tattoos and I’ve never had a problem with any of them. They are very clean and professional. With going to a clean studio and using the right jewelry and taking care of the piercing properly, is there really a moderate to high risk of infection? I’ve come across some photos of mastitis among other horror stories and it really made me rethink this.

It’s fantastic to read from viewers who actually want to get the best for their piercings and are willing to do some ground work before getting it done. Lets get onto your questions!

1) Internally threaded titanium is the best thing you can get for a piercing, its hypoallergenic and light (it also comes in fun colors too!). Titanium has an ‘oxide layer’ which allows the piercing to breathe and heal much faster than other metals, which is why its great for nipples as they can take up to 6-9months to fully heal.

2) Personally I do nearly all nipples as 12g, however 14g is fine too. It depends on your piercer and your anatomy.

3) Again, I can only talk from personal experience, but I would prefer to be pierced by a free-hand body piercer. Clamps can lead to more bruising, an unintentionally deep piercing and generally hurt more. Saying that, I know many great piercers who use clamps and its really whatever they are more comfortable with.

4) The correct placement is right where the nipple ends and the aerola (the outside of your nipple) starts. Too deep and they are very problematic to heal, to shallow and they can grow out. Personally I draw lines to get the correct angle, however choose depth ‘on the fly’ as I find it easier to find the exact spot without marks getting in the way. Again - this is just me. Your best bet is to look at your piercers portfolio of fresh and HEALED nipple piercings to determine if they know what they are doing.

5) Infection in a nipple piercing is actually quite rare, assuming you follow the correct aftercare and get pierced by a clean piercer using sterile instruments and jewellery. It doesn’t mean that the piercing wont weep yellow fluid, which is totally normal during healing and NOT a sign of infection.

The main thing to remember is find a piercer you are comfortable with and that you know you will be able to go back and let them have a look if you have any concerns. I freely allow customers to come in for free ‘check-ups’ on their piercings to ensure they are doing well and help put them at ease.

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    Camille Chidiac Entrepreneur on June 3rd, 2012 at 11:02 pm

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