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Friday June 15th, 2012 @ 7:31 PM

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first. I am terrified of nipple splitting, and am not sure if two bars in each nipple may lead to nipple splitting? The nipples are getting sort of callousy on the nipple, and callousy and crusty around the piercing. I cant find signs of nipple splitting anywhere on the web, but the piercings dont cause me any pain right now. Advice and warning please?

second. Some of the balls are beginning to be eaten by the piercing, causing the hole to be rather big. And I believe i just need longer jewelry. I live far away from trusted piercing studios. I have had nipple piercings before (horizontal ones) and was wondering if it would be an alright idea to change them myself to longer ones? (they have been here for about a week)

third. I know you suggest saline. My piercer suggested 1/4 tbsp sea salt per 1 cup water solution and that’s what i have been using to clean. is that alright?

Also, side question! I have a new reverse belly button. I was warned it may reject. Certain signs to watch out for or ways to prevent rejection?


Sounds like your main issue is jewelry length. Being that the piercings are so fresh I would avoid changing them yourself and find a studio that will help you and put some longer sterile jewelry in. Its worth the drive!

Saline and 1/4tsp sea salt mixed with 8fl oz are the exact same thing. Your piercer is correct in suggesting this as aftercare.

As far as the navel piercing goes just make sure to follow your piercers aftercare, that is the best way to prevent infection and rejection.

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