Ear stretching complications

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Tuesday June 26th, 2012 @ 2:24 PM

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Okay, I pierced my ear myself about 5 months ago, waited a month, stretched straight to 8g with no problems, then I waited another month & stretched 4g which gave me a blowout & put a tear in my ear. Realising I had torn my ear I removed the jewellery completely and let it heal up, it hasn’t closed yet and my ear piercing is too low, extremely crooked and it is sensitive and painful to touch, what should I do? Is it possible to get it pierced higher up? need help! sorry about the bad picture quality, it looks worse in person than it does in the photo

And what did we learn from this experience???

Yes it is possible to get it re-pierced. You will need to wait a few months until the damage you’ve done to heal. The scar and blowout may never go away but piercing above it should be possible.

Next time go to a professional piercer, they will be able to pierce your ears at a larger gauge and help you skip the time and money of stretching a few sizes. After you’re pierced and healed please only stretch one size at a time and give yourself enough time between stretches or you will just be back in the same situation all over again.

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