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Tuesday June 26th, 2012 @ 2:02 PM

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I wish I could provide a picture but all my camera devices suck. Basically I got my lip pierced exactly 2 weeks ago. This is the 4th attempt at double labrets as various things keep happening. The piercer ended up putting these ones too high and now it’s right under my lip but I give up, I want these.

Attempt #1: I had labret studs. Lips swelled too much. Studs started cutting into the back of my lip. Finally when I could no longer see them without pushing on them, I freaked and took them out. I regret this more than anyone will ever know.

Only once did I have an infection before (attempt #2), the piercer pinched a nerve and after several months of having them, I woke up with excruciating pain through the left side of my face and my lip was swollen around the ring which I had to remove with 2 sets of plyers over the course of 3 hours. The doc said I had an infection that just never surfaced and instead went inwards and the pinched nerve was close to being cut off from the swelling. So, I’m a tad paranoid. I don’t feel like looking like a stroke victim.

I’m more than sure that the piercer who most recently did my lip this time is a joke. He’s misplaced my rings twice now (attempt 3-4). I had the right side done to perfection and healed. He completely disregarded the fact that I asked him to match it. Told me to take the old one out “cuz it was done wrong” and when the swelling was done, I was very unhappy. So I took out his ring as well under the agreement that he would fix them for free. Well he once again, failed to place them where I asked. He put them right under my lip instead of where my labrets had been. Tried to tell me they were even when they weren’t and even giggled at me while my eyes were closed. I made him take the right one out because it was right on the edge of my lip, not under.

Anyways, back story done. I have the left side (where the pinched nerve was) done and it was perfectly fine until recently I started sleeping with my mouth closed due to some issues I had with dehydr

It appears your post was cut off so I don’t know exactly what your question is. If you’d like to resubmit it I would be happy to try and help.

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