piercing a 6 month olds ears

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Tuesday July 10th, 2012 @ 7:46 PM

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i have been asked today if i will pierce a 6 month olds ears, i explained to them that i only pierce with needles and do not use the gun and that it would be unlikely the baby would sit through both ears being done.

what are your thoughts on this? unfortunately in the uk we have no age limit on who can get pierced as long as they are either over 16 or have parental consent and the parent agrees to it. i feel i should refuse to the child being only 6 months old, surely the childs immune system isnt up to healing a piercing at that age? or am i wrong?

any help would be really appreciated, thanks

This is a question in our community that has been debated back and forth for years, so I wont get into what is right and what is wrong, I’ll just help you decide for yourself.

Talk with the parents and keep in mind that if you aren’t willing to do it there will always be someone out there willing to take their money and not consider the consequences. Even some pediatricians offer infant earlobe piercings. If a parent wants their child’s ear pierced they will do it with or without you.

Personally as much as I want to help and provide a good clean process I can not bring myself to make a child cry. I do as much as I can to try to talk them out of going to the mall or using a piercing gun but If they are still insistent I recommend them to another shop in the area I trust that provides the service.

My rule for earlobes is the child has to be old enough to ask me for the piercings and smart enough to understand what they are getting themselves into. Id say this is usually around the 10-12 year old mark but I’ve had a few sharp 8 and 9 year olds over the years talk me into it. All with parental consent and presence of course.

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