Chest Dermals and Eczama

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Sunday August 5th, 2012 @ 7:17 PM

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Hello, (I apologize in advance for any spelling errors, I dont have a spell check on my phone) I have various diffrent piercings, and ten diffrent dermals, with diffrent types of jewlery in them, essentially I was the practice to decide what type of jewlery the shop I was helping out was going to use. Theres two dermals in the picture above, the top is a very small circular plate, no holes in the plate, just the tiny plate, post and diamond one complete peice. I believe its surgical stainless steel. And the one below it is a type of polymer. We decided to try and use this in two of my dermals on my chest (I have eight in total in the shape of a heart) because I have Eczama. A type of skin rash. 3 of the 8 dermals have recently been replaced. Taken out, they were just sugical stainless steel dermals, two replaced with the polymer and one the tiny top one. We repierced at the same time of removal to set them deeper. Its probably been a week and they are still red, hurt to the touch and are alittle swollen. (The other dermals on my chest are fine) I know that my eczama might definitly be the main issue (You can see where it is around the piercing maybe not in the pic but IRL), but Ive been soaking with seasalt and water once a day and cleaning with antibactieral nonscented hand soap once a day also. Not only is there the redness but the bottom one pictured also has some scar tissue at the top. (Maybe a keloid? not sure) Ive been told by the piercer to continue soaking and cleaning and also now to put an asprin paste on them over night. There is discharge when I clean them sometimes, sometimes yellow, sometimes clear red, and in the morning there is always crusties. Is there anything else I can do to save them? Or am I doomed because of my eczama? I was thinking of also useing the chamomile tea bags. Please help!

I really don’t think your number 1 problem is the eczema. To me it sounds like your experiencing all this because you are the guinea pig.

First off, I don’t know any piercers using polymer anchors nor do I know if its even safe to consider. The other style you described sounds like a skin diver which I do not like either. It sounds like both of these options are only around to save money. This is not something to be skimped upon. A good quality anchor might cost a little more $$$ but it can prevent problems like the ones you are having. I suggest Titanium anchors only!

Another thing that puts me off a bit is that your anchors were removed then immediately redone. This is quite a bit of trauma to an already sensitive damaged area. After an anchor is removed enough time should be afforded for the tissue to repair itself before ever re attempting something new.

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One Response to “Chest Dermals and Eczama”

  1. I have had eczema my entire life and have also had several piercings. I’ve never had an issue.

    Please do not forget your basic eczema care: moisturize the shit out of your skin and avoid irritants.

    For me, this means mild soap (unscented ivory and dove) or a cleanser like Cetaphil, and unscented, hypoallergenic creams/ointments/lotions. I like Glaxall Base and Cetaphil cream/lotion.

    Aggro on August 6th, 2012 at 9:18 pm

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