How to *induce* microdermal rejection?

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Sunday August 5th, 2012 @ 6:42 PM

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Hello BME. It sounds weird, but I actually want to induce my dermal anchor to reject.

I had 4 of them in a row, and 3 rejected. I did not have them removed and allowed the rejection process to finish. They left behind some nasty scars, which I actually like (they look like small scarifications).

Now I want the 4th one to reject, so that it will leave a similar scar and make everything look like one scarification work. If I have it removed, I think it will leave a different scar, ruining my new (accidental) “piece”.

Any opinions will be appreciated. Thanks!

PS: The picture is very bad, but you get the idea.

A chainsaw, a monkey, 2 pairs of leather pants and a industrial sized vat of lube. Im sure you see where im going with this.

seriously though, giving someone advice on how to cause rejection is the opposite of what I normally do, so its hard to even consider it. I think the easiest way to lose an anchor to rejection is to get it caught on something. this usually starts the slow process and will leave you with a scar.

Now I cant in good faith tell you to catch it on something, but if you did, then it would probably reject.

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One Response to “How to *induce* microdermal rejection?”

  1. Ok, I couldn’t get ahold of a monkey (plenty of those down here in Costa Rica, but kind of illegal to catch), but I did try the rest. The dermal did not reject, but I ended with a funny hangover and crumps in muscles I didn’t know I had…

    Seriously, I think I will consider leaving it there and getting a professional, larger scarification work in the area.

    dodsferd on August 7th, 2012 at 11:56 am

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