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Sunday August 5th, 2012 @ 6:24 PM

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how do you get rid of piercing scars. i got my hips done christmas eve of 2011. and i just took my hip piercing out yesterday, iv notice that in the center i can literally see the bar through my skin, i don’t know whether or not the piercer took enough skin or if it was rejecting but i don’t need this nasty looking scar , if you would be able to help me out.

Scarring is always a risk you take when doing a piercing. Weather its a basic piercing or a surface piercing its important that you know your risks.

I can not comment on if the piercing was done correctly or not without having seen the piercing while it was in.

It sounds like it was for the best that you removed the jewelry. The scarring will lessen in time and there are scar reducing products on the market to help it fade even more. Even with the best treatment you will probably be left with a faint scar that will remain for years. Check into emu oil, vitamin e oils and mederma.

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