Semi healed/closed nipple piercing

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Sunday August 5th, 2012 @ 6:32 PM

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I had my nipple pierced 12 years ago. It healed fine but after about four years I got bored and took it out. Four years after this (8 years after the original piercing) a piercer was able to re-insert a barbell with no problems. I then had to take it out about 4 months later for work related reasons. Last week I was just passing a piercing shop and went in to see if they could insert a barbell for me - the piercer managed to get it 2/3 of the way through one side.

When I got home I had a closer look: the hole on the other side is small but open (enough to insert a very fine gauge)so I measured there is 1-2mm ‘blocking’ the route.The fleshy part of my nipple is about 10mm across so it’s almost there.

I don’t know how nipples heal after such a long period of time so please can I ask: Could I feasibly have a re-piercing through this original route?

(The nearest piercer is quite far away from me, hence me not getting a first-hand opinion which I know would be better than asking over the internet…)

Thanks for any advice!

It would absolutely be possible to re pierce it using the original placement. It might also be possible to stretch your piercing back to the correct size. Either way it sounds like your going to need to make a trip so you should be able to try the stretching first and then a re piercing if the stretch isn’t feasible

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