Clavicle Microdermal help?:(

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Friday August 17th, 2012 @ 8:26 PM

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I’ve had my clavicle microdermal for around a month now (maybe a little less) and as soon as I had it I fell in love with it. I blame this on why I have such a high level of paranoia about it :(

A few days after I’d had the piercing and I’d removed the bandage I was told to keep on I had a massive bruise (which was probably from where the guy pinched me to do the incision rather than the piercing itself) and it seemed to be quite flushed to the skin.

I am aware that the clavicle area has a high movement level so this could be the reason to my problem. One side of my microdermal (the side which is closer to my shoulder than to the middle of my chest) has slightly risen, so it looks as though my microdermal is tilting.. Some days it isn’t as noticeable and some days it is.. The microdermal is also a little bit lifted but I’ve read that that’s normal.

I would just like some insight into why it does this? Is this a sign of rejection? I don’t mind if this will happen because of the movement level as I can deal with that I’m just paranoid that it’ll keep lifting and eventually fall out?:( I have a big chest too so that probably doesn’t help the microdermal.

Thank you :)

A microdermal and all similar piercings natural reaction is to reject. Your body does not want a foreign object embedded in your dermis and is willing to do what ever it takes to get rid of it.

The trick to healing a piercing is getting your body to give up on its normal rejection method and move on to the encapsulate reaction.

Your anchor is still fresh enough at 1 month that its possible to correct the tilt. I would suggest a tight fitting bandage for no less than two weeks. Changing this bandage twice a day to allow for cleaning and a fresh redress. Make sure the bandage is tight enough to put a consistent pressure directly on the jewelry. I suggest the larger square bandages for this as the small round ones can not hold tight enough.

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One Response to “Clavicle Microdermal help?:(”

  1. I had the same problem with mine, it got to the point where it fel out but i put mine back in and i havent had any problems since :)

    Billy Horsfield on September 9th, 2012 at 12:14 pm

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