Nippe Crusties and Lymphatic Fluid?

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Friday August 17th, 2012 @ 8:32 PM

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I’ve only had my nipples pierced for about three months. They’re no longer sore, red, or irritated. They were only sore for about a week. The only thing that concerns me is the yellowish crusties that form on the bar, never on the piercing itself. I’m pretty sure this is normal,I clean them off with warm water and use anti bacterial soap designed for sensitive skin once a day, unless I notice the piercings to be particularly dry. Once a week or if I accidentally hurt one I’ll do a salt soak. I was just wondering how long this might go on for. I also noticed that they’re leaking what I believe to be lymphatic goo (?)when I shift my nipple to clean the crusties. I hope this is all normal. I came here because on every other place in the web the word “infection” is plastered all over the screen when crusties are even mentioned. None of my other piercings have crusted like this.

This is completely normal and can continue for up to a full year after being pierced.

Continue to clean and care for your piercings and before you know it they will be healed and not lymphing anymore.

Irritation can also be cause by chemicals like body wash,shampoo,lotion or even the detergent you wash your clothes in and this can slow down your healing. Poor jewelry quality can also slow your healing, titanium is always a great way to help heal a slow healing piercing.

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