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Saturday May 30th, 2009 @ 4:20 PM

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Dear BME. i am intrested in tongue splitting i have been for some time now. and since i am currently under the legal age to be done by a piercer and i cannot wait till im 18.(i know i should wait to see if i mature bla bla nonsence:)) anyway i have decided to just pierce my tongue and then use the binding method.what i was wondering is do i have too bind over a few weeks or even a few days of time..or could i if i could handle the pain could i bind it over one nights time? has anyone ever done that? thanks:)

I had considered not posting this- usually things like this I just delete.
But to illustrate the point why people generally get frustrated with younger people interested in body modification, I chose to just let’er rip.

First off, you misspelled nonsense. Secondly, you’ve shown a lack of any sort of responsibility that would in any way, shape or form make me want to give you any advice.

When I say “ugh… kids today”… this is who I mean.

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