implants on feet?

Monday October 25th, 2010 @ 5:08 PM

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is it possible to implant a subdermal 3d silicone jewellery on the top of the feet?

(i’ve only seen hand, chest, arm, leg implants so far)

the 3d silicone piece couldn’t be very thick (problems with shoes…)

does anybody know anything about this?

plus: where can i buy silicone jewellery? (preferably in europe. or a good online store)


You could certainly get a subdermal implant on top of your foot, but you’d have to avoid wearing shoes on it while it’s healing and settling into place.
You’d also have to take into consideration wearing different style shoes in the long run as the extra “girth” on your foot could cause certain shoes to not fit properly.

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Clitoral Splitting

Tuesday August 24th, 2010 @ 2:02 PM

Filed under: Extreme

I’ve seen photos of men with bisected penises and penis heads, and I think they’re gorgeous! I’d love to have one, but have no penis. So, instead, what would you think about me bisecting my clitoris?(not my clitoris hood)

Would this work well? I assume it would, because as far as I can tell a clitoris is a miniature penis glans. Do you know of any practitioners who may do it in the UK? My local BM studio is Holier Than Thou, Manchester and I would trust them to do it, but want more details before I enquire. I would absolutely love to do this, I understand it will hurt a lot, I understand it may affect my orgasms, but I don’t care…

Do you have any more information on such a mod?


While this is possible, much like the clitoral piercing it will be entirely anatomically dependent. This procedure would require a far larger than average sized clitoris. Otherwise the two sides would not get sufficient blood flow and would then turn necrotic and that is obviously not what you are looking for. This procedure is way beyond the skill set of most piercers and for that matter even most heavy mod practitioners. I would advise doing a LOT of research before even contemplating letting someone do this for you.

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Will any two pieces of cut flesh grow together?

Wednesday November 4th, 2009 @ 6:24 PM

Filed under: Extreme

This is for the sake of a fiction story, NOT actually doing it, but I like my fiction to be realistic. For instance, if the skin were to be cut away from the lips, and the lips sewn together and left to heal, would they heal together? I know this is how vaginal infibulation works, but was unsure if it’s universal to the human body. I was sort of surprised that no one had attempted, say, connecting a few fingers or something, so maybe this doesn’t really work this way?

Assuming the tissue being closed has sufficient blood flow and there is no pressure that would cause separation most areas would heal together under “ideal” circumstances.

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Foreskin mod

Sunday October 18th, 2009 @ 2:53 PM

Filed under: Surgical

So I am an uncircumcised male and I have been giving thought to getting cut. That said I don’t want to turn this into a cut vs. uncut argument, I’ve done my research and made up my own mind.

Now I had this idea of instead of removing the foreskin to just modify it, and if I don’t like the results I can just remove it completely. The concept I want to try is to cut the foreskin lengthwise into strips. The idea is that it will create a sort of french tickler with the skin.

I am looking for any advice on this. Is this a doable mod? What issues may I come up against? Has this or something like this been done before?

Based on how a foreskin moves and changes and spreads out with the the erectile tendancies of the penis, I’d think cutting your foreskin into strips - (like a fringe? I’m envisioning penis tassles..) - wouldn’t work.
Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. And send pictures! :P

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Tongue splitting?

Sunday October 18th, 2009 @ 2:09 PM

Filed under: Surgical

I have wanted to get my tongue split for about five years, but I have horrible chronic canker sores. These canker sores can come from something as minor as eating too much hard candy.

I was wondering if there was any way to reduce the potential for getting canker sores during the healing, or if I should just scrap the idea entirely.

Thank you!!

No one really knows what causes canker sores, but medical professionals have decided that any sort of stress, trauma or chemical imbalance in can trigger them.

I would imagine that a big injury like a tongue split could definitely trigger some cankers, but I reckon that the large wound caused by cutting your tongue in half would likely distract you from the discomfort of a canker sore, nor would having a canker sore have any bearing on the healing.

After the split is healed, it’s just like a normal tongue. …but split! You can get canker sores all over the surface of it just as before.

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Microdermal Technique: Needle Vs. Dermal Punch

Saturday October 17th, 2009 @ 5:02 PM

Filed under: Implants


I am VERY interested in getting microdermals.

I understand the procedure using the needle, but I’m a little lost on understanding the dermal punch. I can’t find much information about it other than it being “faster” and “less painful” than using a needle.

So I was mainly wondering if there were any big differences between them. Differences in pain, procedure, and general experience.

I have a few small tattoos, my septum done a few times, my lobes are stretched to 1″ and my navel. If that is any definition of my pain tolerance!

You’ll find that you won’t get much of a sway in opinion one way or another on the pain level or success rate of surface anchors done with a needle or a punch.

Personally, I use punches because I feel like it helps the anchor sit a bit nicer in the tissue.
That said, for 18g anchors I use for facial stuff, I use a needle and it’s just fine - not realllllly all that much different.

So I’d say leave in the hands of your favorite trusted piercer to use the tool that suits him or her best. I doubt you’ll personally notice any difference.

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Outer labia

Wednesday October 7th, 2009 @ 6:27 PM

Filed under: Surgical

Sorry if this is a repeat question. I’ve not seen any answer so I’ll risk asking again. Are you aware of outer labia being surgically opened as the in the image I’ve included suggests? Opening up the labia about a half an inch behind the forward edge and either suturing taping said incision to remain open.

I do not exactly understand what the picture is supposed to represent, I am assuming you want the outer labia to be less prominent so that the inner labia is more exposed and accessible? If this is the case, the most logical procedure would be to remove a football shaped section of the outer labia (outside of the sharpie marks in the picture), and suture the wound closed. This would pull the outer labia outwards and make them more “open”.

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Female Genital Bisection

Sunday July 12th, 2009 @ 2:18 AM

Filed under: Extreme

I’m already rather modded from my chest down. I see all these photos of guys who’ve had their penis bisected, and I decided I want that! I want to bisect my clitoris (not my hood), it certainly has adequate size. However, upon trying to research bisection of the clitoris, all I can find is stuff about hood splitting, and african FGM. I guess it would be more like a meatotomy.

Has female clitoris splitting happened, or would it be unprecidented? I’m assuming its possible due to the great similarities between the clitoris and the penis. Is there any reason it isn’t possible? If not, is there anywhere I can read about it, or contact any body mod professionals who would be willing to perform th procedure?


As much as I’m a true believer in the adage “there’s nothing new under the sun”… I’ve never seen a bisected clitoris nor have I heard of a bisection being performed.

There is no reason it’s not possible anatomy depending.

As to the who… Contact me privately via [email protected] Some things don’t need to be posted all over the internet.

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Subdermal Storage

Wednesday June 10th, 2009 @ 2:29 PM

Filed under: Implants

This modification is kind of out there; I’ve never even heard of anyone trying it before.

I want to implant a container under my skin that can be opened. Assuming it is possible, how much storage space do you think could be done? Matchbook? Hide-a-Key sized? Somehow the skin would have to be kept apart so I could open the container. Should I be reconsidering this?

I had a similar idea years ago. I wanted to make a knife sheath out of implant grade teflon, similar to the one’s that are common and made of kydex. The sheath would be implanted in my inner forerm It would have been a cross between transdermal and subdermal. I ran this idea by Steve Haworth, back when he was still pretty much the only reputable person for implants of any sort. He tossed the dea around a bit but ended up deciding it was unfeasible, at leat at that time. In my experience with transdermals, both in having six and in removing dozens if not hundreds on other people, I definitely do not think what you want is feasable with current techniques. That’s not to say it is impossible, but for the time being at least, I consider it highly improbable. However, I am hopeful, that this kind of procedure can and will be perfected at some point.

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Dermal anchor

Thursday June 4th, 2009 @ 2:57 PM

Filed under: Implants

How do you get dermal anchors to unscrew, I can’t get either of mine out. Could that mean something is wrong?

Lots of time this is a result of your bodies secretions getting into the threading and “cementing” it. If this is the case a warm water soak can often break it down enough so that it can be removed. If this doesn’t work, it could be cross threaded or just really tight. In either case I recommend seeing a piercer experienced in microdermals. If you are too rough with it you can easily break through the tissue anchoring it in place and/or enlarge the pocket it rest in (which could lead to abscessing).

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