Tongue Splitting

Sunday June 3rd, 2012 @ 5:30 PM

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I got my tongue pierced about a month ago. They found that I have the third vein going through the middle of my tongue. They offset the piercing only a little, so I had asked them about tongue splitting and they said that I’d still be able to get it done, it would just be riskier than normal and that it would be slightly offset as well. With the piercing, I can’t even tell that it’s not exactly center. I was just wondering what your opinion would be regarding this, if I could still get it split (by a medical professional).

This is one of those I’d need to see it to help kinda questions.

Even if there is a superficial vein running down the middle of your tongue a medical professional should be able to easily identify it and avoid it.

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Tongue split

Sunday May 13th, 2012 @ 6:23 AM

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I have been thinking of splitting my tongue for awhile now, and I just wanted to ask an opinion on something.

I have been to many doctors and have been told my tongue is too big for my mouth; I was diagnosed with sleep apnea at an early age and had my tonsils and a few other parts of my throat removed. The options I have been given from various ENT doctors is that to relieve the stress on my jaw from base of my tongue being too large, I can either have parts of the sides of my tongue removed or have my jaw widened, neither of which I feel comfortable with at all. Since I’ve been thinking about splitting my tongue anyway, and I am infinitely more comfortable with that procedure, I have been wondering if splitting it could possibly help relieve some of the muscle tension my tongue currently puts on my jaw if it were able to move more freely about my mouth, and not feel nearly as constricted. I suppose I’m just wondering if that could potentially relieve tension? (I plan on also talking to a doctor as well, but it may be difficult for me to find one who is open minded enough to even consider talking to a patient about splitting their tongue. Also, would you recommend I find an oral surgeon to do the split if I proceed?)

I have a close friend who has a huge tongue too, he didn’t have any tension issues - however it did effect his speech at a younger age. He found that after his split that his two halves ‘crossed over’ each other and he had a bit of a lisp (which is totally normal during healing) for a good two months after the procedure.

As far as relieving the tension, i don’t think it will work. A tongue split is generally (and safely) only normally done too just behind where your webbing starts - further back is unnecessary and can cause real problems during healing. I would normally recommend to find an experienced body modification artist to perform the procedure for you, as most oral surgeons won’t do the split - if you can convince one to do it for you, it may be in your best interest to reduce any extra risks.

Either way before you get it done, consult with a professional mod artist first and let them examine your tongue so they know exactly what’s going on. Make sure that they have a good quality HEALED portfolio to show you and that they answer all of your questions confidently.

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Tongue splits in Australia

Monday May 7th, 2012 @ 10:37 AM

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Hi, I’m chasing any info on tongue splitting in Australia?

I worked as a piercer afew years back n toyed with the idea of it when Marco Pinto was over but decided I wasn’t ready. I’m now 24, heavily tattood and ready for another body mod. I live in Perth so I know I’ll need to travel interstate, I’d just like to get the ball rolling n start organizing flights n such.

Any info would be great as I don’t have Facebook so that takes some searching away?

My suggestion would be to ask around friends that have had body modifications done (ear points, tongue splits, lobe recons, etc) and find an artist through word of mouth.

In most countries, especially Australia, it can be difficult to locate a trained and experienced body modification artist. ALWAYS make sure that you ask to see fresh and HEALED pictures in their portfolio before you settle on an artist.

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Split tongue

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 11:26 AM

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Ok I need some help, and bare with me I failed English lol. I am currently 20 wil turn 21 in March and I am married. I have been wanting to split my tongue since I was like sixteen Iv studied it and I’m ready, the only problem is my wife. She’s just against it, she thinks it’s to far. I have many piercings so it’s not that she dosnt like mods, I think she believes itl feel weird when I kiss her or something. Is there any pointers on how to persuade her into letting me go through with this procedure???

This is a tricky one!! At the end of the day it is your body and your choice. All you can do is try talking to her about it, it is a pretty subtle mod and once its well healed most people don’t notice unless you deliberately show them,as for kissing it shouldn’t be too much difference.

Definitely do not lie and just go and get it done,but maybe explain how badly you want it,yes you are getting it done and you would like to have her blessing.

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Tongue Splitting

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 11:05 AM

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For more than a few years, I played with the idea of tongue splitting. Recently, I’ve solidified my choice, and want to begin stretching my tongue piercing in order to have a secure base. However, my current tongue piercing is slanting, with perfect placement at the bottom, but off-center at the top.

I was told by one (not-so-reputable) body modification artist that I could stretch the current piercing, but when I get it split, the base of the split would be crooked. I don’t mind, considering the current piercing is the perfect distance back to have the full split I desire. Would stretching the hole make the split more crooked at the base? Would I have to remove my current tongue stud, and get an entirely new piercing?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanx so much!


I once did the same thing, but i recently had my tongue bificated by a reputable artist, and my old piercing fistula (hole) was more of a problem than helpful.

Normally a split will be cut further than a piercing can be placed so an anchor piercing is pretty pointless. Make sure you research your artist and as always ask to see healed photos, I hope this helps :)

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