Restretching Earlobes?

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 10:02 AM

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How does one go about restretching their ears? I had aprroximately 3/4″ lobes for 2 years, before removing them. I haven’t worn anything since.

They have closed up a surprising amount, to the point I can no longer fit a standard ballpoint pen through either lobe. I am interested to learn about any techniques for going back up a bit.

As far as condition, I never experienced any significant tears, though there is the expected scar tissue.

Thanks in advance for any input!

Re-stretching is usually a much easier procedure than the first time round, as the tissue ‘remembers’ that it was stretched and has a much more elastic nature second time round.

That doesn’t mean you can jump steps, it just means you can safely do it with shorter gaps between sizes (sometimes 1 week instead of 2-3).

Oiling daily with jojoba oil or emu oil is a very important part of having stretched ears, it keeps them happy and healthy and lets them relax much quicker (letting you stretch quicker).

Remember to always wear implant grade tunnels (no shitty plastic tapers!), only surgical steel/titanium/glass.

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Stretched Lobes Question

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 8:21 AM

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Hello everyone out there in askbme-land!

Warning: I am a body mod n00b and know next to nothing about any of this, the only things I know are what I’ve learned on the internet.

I got my ears pierced at 10g about a year and a half ago at a tattoo shop with the intent to stretch my lobes. I’ve been stretching fairly slowly and and now at 00g. I’m afraid I was unaware of the issues relating to acrylic (sp?) tapers and plugs and unfortunately that is all I’ve been using.

I’ve developed this red ring around both of my lobe piercings and I am wondering if this is problematic or if there is any way to get rid of it?

Thanks for your time

Tapers are no no no! But I guess you already know that.

The ring appears to be related to the cheap o-rings that are often found on plastic tapers. They are not even close to bio-compatible and many people have allergic reactions to them. I only use silicone (the clear o-ring type) on all jewellery ends, just to be safe, however you never want them to be touching against your skin.

Try swapping to a surgical steel, titanium or glass plug/tunnel for a while and it should go away. It can also be from wearing plugs that don’t let the lobe breathe, usually they have a very large flare. This traps moisture and dead skin in there, causing the redness.

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repairing stretched ears

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 8:00 AM

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I’ve had my ears @ 5/8..for about 5 years…& I want them smaller. What do I need to do to repair them? I work @ the front desk @ a dental office, so leaving them out isn’t really an option…any suggestions?

Really your only option is to get them reconstructed. You can view heaps of pictures in the BME galleries (if you have a membership) of how it will look after. Pretty much the fistula (inner skin) and excess tissue is cut off and your lobe is stitched closed like normal.

This requires either a plastic surgeon or an experienced body modification artist. As always, make sure you check the person’s portfolio for HEALED work of the same procedure you are looking at getting done and have a consult first (they are normally free) so you can get some quotes.

Without knowing where you are from, its difficult to tell you where to go - but if you go into a few studios asking if they know anyone that does it, you will eventually get pointed in the right direction.

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Small bump behind me ear near peircing.

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 7:45 PM

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Hi guys,

I had both of my ears pierced at 14g in August. They healed up with no problems or infections, and near the end of October, I stretched them to a 12g (my piercer did it for me, and they bled a little bit when he stretched them). Now around a little over a month ago, one of my tunnels was pulled out while I was sleeping, causing it to bleed a bit, but I cleaned it thoroughly then put it back in. After a few days or so, a small bump appeared on the back of my left ear near the piercing (not directly on the piercing, but its very close). At first I assumed it was a pimple because it was small and soft to touch. But after a week or so, it only shrunk a tiny bit. I had my piercer check it out, and he said that it was a “keloid”, and I simply had to rub it/massage it daily with soap on my fingers to help break down the “bacteria/gunk” inside so it could properly heal. Since I started doing that (around 3 or so weeks ago), it has gone down a bit, but is still there. I have also been using saline wound wash, as recommended by another piercer I know.

Now while I’m sure it’s just something I need to be patient with, I decided to ask on here because you guys are the professionals! I apologize if this can’t be analyzed properly without a picture, but I was just hoping you might have some advice towards a more effective solution for my situation.

Thanks much!

I don’t believe you have a keloid, It sounds more like
a hypertrophic scar. Hypertrophic scars are a cutaneous condition
characterized by deposits of excessive amounts of collagen which gives
rise to a raised scar, but not to the degree observed with keloids.
Like keloids, they form most often at the sites of pimples, body
piercings, cuts and burns. They often contain nerves and blood
vessels. They generally develop after thermal or traumatic injury that
involves the deep layers of the dermis. I would recommend you continue
to do your massages and everything should get back to normal soon.

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dead stretching may have messed up progress

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 7:38 PM

Filed under: Ear

I have had my ear lobes stretched to 1/2 inch for about two year now. I recently got the urge to step up. In the past I have used silicone plugs to dead stretch my ears. I know the whole taper and non-porous jewelry way is preferred, but I was trying to go cheap and it works. I bought some 5/8″ plugs because I was trying to go too big too quick, completely kipping 9/16″. My ears got swollen and were very sensitive. After a few days, I decided to take them out and give my ears a rest. The swelling has almost completely gone down, except for in the fistula. It has been 3 days with no jewelry what so ever and my ears feel about 75% back to normal. I tried sticking a half inch taper through while in the shower but it makes around half way before pain. I am worried that irritating my piercings, coupled with the lack of jewelry, has reduced their size drastically. It is still a little swollen so I don’t know the full severity yet, but right now it look like 2g would be the biggest jewelry I could fit. Is it possible to get back to at least the 1/2″ inch I was at without having to work my way up? They were like that for 2 years, could 2 days have set me back that far?

This is a prime example of why I do NOT recommend stretching with
silicone. With the amount of damage that you have done to your
earlobes I think they deserve a break. You say that you think they are
75% back to normal, you should wait until they are 100%. When you
stretch with silicone the tackiness of the jewelry actually grabs your
skin and slowly rips little sections all around the hole. with this
amount of damage any further pressure or irritation can only make the
situation worse. I would suggest waiting until all sensitivity is gone
and starting slowly. Once your ears have been to a certain size it is
much easier to get back. I don’t think you will be starting at 1/2 but
if you can comfortable fit something smaller in then start from there.

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Stretched Ear Issue

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 12:28 PM

Filed under: Ear

I had a blowout about 5 months ago. I had it at the size 7/16 because I stretched too fast and skipped a size. Stupid, I know. So I took it out and let it heal up. It healed completely to a normal piercing size of 18 or 20g and didn’t hurt anymore. So I left it alone two more weeks and it hadn’t changed at all. So I began strecthing again.

I skipped no sizes. Started with 14g tapers and went all the way ot 1/2in with tapers. Once there I stopped and started using first aid medical tape to stretch. I was able to get six layers on before I started having problems. I went fairly slow and didn’t shove things in my ear that didn’t fit. However, now the same ear that had the blowout now is swollen, red, and has a dull sting to it. The inside of it also looks swollen so I took out the plug with tape on it, which was like one layer of tape away from 5/8in, and downsized to 7/16in (which actually feels kind of snug for some reason, even though it was much larger a few hours ago and felt fine). So I went down about 3 sizes. I am also doing sea salt soaks.

In short my questions are, does this new problem arising pertain at all to my blowout 5 months ago? Do you think I should downsize more? Would you advise stretching any farther? (after its healed of course) And how long should I wait to start stretching again?

Stretching with tapers is not the correct way to do it, you should go slow enough that your next size just slips right in. You could also try stretching smaller increments, either by getting 1mm step single flare tunnels - or using PTFE tape (plumbers tape). Wrap around 1/4-1/2mm over your tunnels, oil em up and pop em in. It should never EVER hurt to go in and will let you go up over a couple weeks nice and slow.

Using medical tape (although it sounds good with medical in the name) is bad for stretching as it is adhesive and that will (and by the sounds of it, has) irritate the skin.

Once you have had a blow-out, it does increase the chance of it happening again - however if you let it fully settle it should go away and if you go back up correctly, it will be away for good.

Good luck with your stretching and remember, if they get pissy - take em out! Don’t risk a nasty blow out.

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Ear Stretching after 13 mm?

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 12:27 PM

Filed under: Ear


I have had my ear lobes stretched to 13 mm for a few weeks now. I want to eventually go to 25 mm. Is it okay to taper at this size? I know the increments are much larger than 5 mm or 6 mm and I don’t want to rip my lobes. Would you suggest taping up or some other method?


Plastic tapers are NEVER a good thing. Never ever ever ever. You only want to go up 1mm-2mm increments MAXIMUM at a time and only when your lobes are loose enough that they fit in without hurting at all.

Tapers can turn your lobe ‘inside out’, causing a nasty blow out - especially when doing big jumps.

Patience is the key to healthy stretched lobes, don’t ever rush it! Go to your local professional studio and ask to see what jewellery they have in stock that would be best to stretch up with.

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hectic blowout

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 12:15 PM

Filed under: Ear

Not too sure if a similiar question has been posted, so apologies if it has !

Have 16mm in both ears, have not stretched up nor changed jewellery in about a year. Clean tunnels (stainless steel double flares) & ears everyday, moisturise ect.. & take jewellery out regularly.

Woke up 3 days ago, left ear swollen as all fuck! really sore + red & a hugeeee blowout that definetly wasnt there before. Took jewellery out to clean/moisturise whatever.. couldn’t get tunnel back in, so thought I’d just leave it for a little to try heal up. It seems to just be getting worse, shrunk down to 12mm within about a day and a half and as you can see from the picture, there’s a horrible crusty scabbing around the blowout :/ still very red and quite sore. So basically, my question is what gives ?! & what should I do for it ?

My suggestion would be to leave them naked, no jewellery AT ALL for a couple weeks at least. Massage the tissue with a fine quality oil, like jojoba oil/vitamin E oil/Emu oil. Moisturisers are okay, but thin oils are much healthier for your tissue.

If it is a blow out, it should go slowly back down over time and you will have to be very careful how you stretch in the future to stop it coming back again.

Oiling daily is a very important part of having stretched ears, it keeps them happy and healthy and lets them relax much quicker (letting you stretch quicker).

By the sounds of things, you may have slept on it funny and one of the flares may have embedded into your fistula causing the swelling and aggravation.

Try swapping to oiled wood, especially while you sleep, or even try and sleeping with them out.

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Ear stretching.

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 12:13 PM

Filed under: Ear


I have a question regarding the stretching process. When I was a kid, I had my ears pierced in a yucky mall. Later, one got infected and since I was a stubborn kid, I let the holes close. I never had any issues with scar tissue, lumps, bumps, nothing. So, at 16, I had my ears pierced again, and since I didn’t research, went to the mall again. I know better now. But I digress. I’ve just worn plain studs for seven years, and decided I wanted to stretch. I started with 16g circular barbells, no pain or problems. I “dead stretched” every time I stretched, though, and never experienced pain, burning, tenderness or anything, until this time. Now, let me explain. I bought 10g pinchers, and they went into the bottom holes with zero resistance. So, I put the 10g plugs in those holes, opting to put the pinchers in the top holes of my earlobes. Again, minimal discomfort, no real pain, nothing notable.

The other day, my right ear got caught in my hoodie. Now, a day later, my right earlobe is swollen and hard. I’ve been soaking my ears in a salt water solution using distilled water and sea salt. Is the hardness and slight tenderness normal? Did I maybe tear my earlobe? Should I downsize back to a 12?

I searched for an answer and concluded this is normal, but I’d like a better opinion.


I prefer to stretch people with color-front glass plugs they are cheap, really rounded so easy to stretch with and they also come in very small increments for smooth stretching. It will also heavily reduce any chance of snagging them, unlike pinchers which are all too easy to get caught and get aggravated.

My suggestion would be to go into a professional piercing studio and get your self some nice quality glass plugs or single-flared steel/titanium tunnels. You shouuld be able to leave your jewellery in and continue to do cold saline soaks to keep them clean, promote quick healing and most importantly reduce swelling.

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Downsizing Question ?

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 4:29 AM

Filed under: Ear

Hey, Ive recently decided to retire my 32mm stretched lobes for the sake of finding a job. Ive downsized before but never more then a size or two. Well its been about a week and a half without any plugs in and my ears are down to about 20mm, i know it hasn’t been to long but downsizing this much is new to me and a few questions have come up. My first question is regarding the size of my lobes, they have gotten reallyyyyyy thick like i literally cant really fit on 3/8ths wearable plugs. Im wondering if this is really all that normal, and im mainly curious to know if they will possibly thin down a bit in time or not. I was intending to let them close to about 16mm if possible and leave them at that but as of right now if my lobes stay at the current thickness they are then i doubt they will be able to fit any plugs i could get. My second question is are there any ways to promote healing other them oil massaging ? Im currently massing them with E oil 2 times a day and it seems to be helping a lot, i was just wondering if there was any other ways. Any advice would be much appreciated.

What you have accidentally done is actually a very way good to thicken up your lobes! As you stretch you build collagen and then when you downsize, that extra tissue stays. Oiling them daily also helps to build up tissue - I had to personally do this every couple months to get to 3.5″.

As far as them shrinking further goes, it all depends on your tissue elasticity. Personally I can shrink down around a 1/3 of my size in a couple weeks and then they don’t go any smaller.

Jojoba oil is also really good to oil your lobes with, I prefer it over Vitamin E oil (which I find is a bit too thick) or Emu oil if you can get it in your country.

Most jewellery manufacturers will make custom wearing surface pieces, one of my clients can only wear 5/8″ (or bigger) wearing surface tunnels to accommodate his freakishly thick (healthy) lobes.

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