Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 12:32 AM

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I’m currently looking into strecthing my ear up to a 10ga. And I have a couple of questions. I’m sorry if they’ve been asked before.

1) I’m at a standard earlobe size, but the smallest guage jewerly I’ve found online is 14ga. I could put a couple of standard studs in my holes over night to strech them a bit. What should I do?

2)Should I use tapers to get them to this size? Or when should I start useing them?

Thank you. :)

I always think your best is to always get a piercer to stretch up your lobes. They will be able to sterilize the jewellery (correctly) and give you good advice as you are going up.

You have two options really. You could go straight to 10g (with a needle) and just get it all over and done with - this will be quicker and easier, but will take longer to heal.

Your second option would be to go to 14g, wait 3-4 weeks, go to 12g, wait 3-4 weeks and then finally go to 10g. You should only go up in size as your lobe is ‘ready’ for it, so not too tight and it should NEVER hurt.

As a general rule, stay the hell away from plastic tapers. They are not good for stretching, are bad material and you can cause a blow-out WAY too easily. I prefer to stretch with color-front glass plugs they are cheap, really rounded so easy to stretch with and they also come in very small increments for smooth stretching.

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Ear lobe blow out

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 12:32 AM

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I stretched my left ear lobe on January 21st from 7/16 to 1/2 inch. It’s been at 7/16 for over 5 years but had a lot of scar tissue around it from making a dumb stretching attempt 11 years ago. After the stretching, my ear was swollen for a few days but then I must have rolled onto it in my sleep because I woke up one morning with a blow out and a lot of discharge. I’ve kept the 1/2 inch plug in and have been doing salt soaks and cleaning it with antibacterial soap in the shower. It has been over a month and the inside of the lobe is still bright red and has discharge. I’m wondering if there is any hope that the tissue will heal (I don’t care if it heals with the blow out) or if the only way to heal the tissue is to downsize.

My suggestion would be to leave them naked, no jewellery AT ALL for a couple months. Massage the tissue with a fine quality oil, like jojoba oil/vitamin E oil/Emu oil.

If it is a blow out, it should go slowly back down over time and you will have to be very careful how you stretch in the future to stop it coming back again.

Oiling daily is a very important part of having stretched ears, it keeps them happy and healthy and lets them relax much quicker (letting you stretch quicker).

You could also try stretching smaller increments, either by getting 1mm step single flare tunnels - or using PTFE tape (plumbers tape). Wrap around 1/4-1/2mm over your tunnels, oil em up and pop em in. It should never EVER hurt to go in and will let you go up over a couple weeks nice and slow.

Good luck with your stretching and remember, if they get pissy - take em out! Don’t risk creating a nasty blow out.

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Streching ears past 25mm

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 2:50 PM

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Hey guys,

Does anyone have any advice about stretching ears up past 25mm? I can’t seem to find tapers past 25mm size, and I’d like to stretch my ears up to probably about 30mm. What do you use to do this exactly, just pull on your ears a lot jewellry in, or use some implements around the house??

Thanks a lot

While stretching to 50mm I used a combination of weights, pulling on them and teflon tape. You dont need a lot of weight to make a difference. I just wore a set of eyelets and had a couple of large circular barbells that i would hang in them. When i was almost ready for my next stretch I would wrap some teflon tape(white plumbers tape) around my plugs and that would get me that extra fraction of a MM i needed to get me there.

Remember always take your time, never force the stretch.

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Industrial Piercing - best initial jewelry

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 2:30 PM

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My daughter would like to have an industrial/scaffold (ear cartilage) piercing. A friend who was trained in piercing said the best jewelry for her to wear while healing would be two separate pieces, vs the one barbell through both. Is this true? Should I have her wear two captive bead hoops until healed and then allow her to put in the one, long barbell?

For years I would only use two separate pieces to do this piercing and it worked well. Now I almost always use the actual industrial barbell itself for the initial piercing and have great results.

I would say you should leave it up to your piercer, they will know best what they are comfortable with and you will get the best results trusting them.

Its good to see parents taking an active interest in their child’s piercings, keep it up.

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Rook Piercing

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 3:46 AM

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I’ve been reading quite a few of the questions previously asked and have not found anything related to my question, but if I missed it by all means refer me there =).

I have had my left rook pierced for just over a year now and it has not healed yet. I clean it regularily and have tried just about everything to make it happy. I”ve tried changing the jewellery in it to see if that’s the problem (i’ve tied straight bars, curved bars, and circular ones).

Mostly I’m wondering what’s the general healing time for this type of piercing, and what type of jewellery is best for it to cause less irritation.

Thanks for your help!

I professionally very rarely put ANYTHING in a rook except a 14g (or 16g is fine also) curved internal thread titanium barbell. It ensures the least amount of pressure (especially on the top) and lets you clean it easily without aggravation (like a ring turning).

Make sure you aren’t sleeping on the piercing and you are cleaning it with normal saline solution (eye contact cleaner) as many other aftercare solutions can aggravate even a fully healed piercing.

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Swelling Aftercare…

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 3:46 AM

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sooo with time I found out that I’m allergic to Silicon, Nitrile and NOW Acyclic…

My ears are 5/8 in size and I always wear wood, stone or glass plugs.

I got these hot pink acrylic plugs on my recent trip to LA. I put them in annnd my ears blew up like a balloon.

that was two days ago and I left my ears naked and took some advil. It’s been a busy 2 days so I didn’t have time to ice them down or anything - cause It’s been rush rush rush due to my life job.

Today I have my day off and one of them is still chunky and peeling now :s ( not as horrible as before)

any tips on how to help it go down some more?

also, incase I have another reaction to something, what are the best tips I can have to treat my ears ASAP.

thanks :)

I feel that nearly everyone has a form of allergy to silicon and acyclic, as they are both porous materials. Some people can get away with them for years and then have serious problems, some people can’t even wear them for an hour (like myself) without them swelling up and going crazy.

Just like any allergy, stay away from what your body doesn’t like - stick to surgical steel, titanium, glass or organics (wood and stone)  jewellery to be safe. If you do get a reaction (like you mentioned) the best thing to do is just take them out and leave them ‘naked’ for a week or two (until it fully clears up).

You can do cold saline soaks to help dry out the pissed off fistula, but make sure you never ever pick at any scabs or wear jewellery before they are 110% settled in.

Oiling your ears with jojoba oil (or Emu oil, if available in your country) daily will also help them to not flare up like that (sometimes even with jewellery that you have previously reacted to). I would still stay the hell away from ANYTHING that reacts with your body, just to be on the safe side.

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Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 11:26 PM

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My lobes are currently at 5/8″. I’ve been very bad and stretched fast. I started stretching 7 months ago. I tried to go to 3/4″ with thin silicone 2 weeks ago. I managed to get one tunnel in, but I was too scared to put the other one in. I need to know how thin is TOO thin? How can I tell if my lobe is about to rip in half?

I have tapers now, I just need to know if it’s safe.

Couple quick things here first, stretching your ears requires patience and care. Going for the cheapest option is never a good idea, especially when it involves tapers or silicone.

I would strongly suggest to go into a professional piercing studio and chat to them about your thin spot - without pictures, its too hard to tell.

Slow and steady wins the race and always go into a professional studio for jewellery and stretching, if you are not familiar with the processes you might damage your ears more.

Basically you should only stick to surgical steel/titanium/glass for stretching and only go up when your body is ready for the next size. Jumping too big or going up to quickly will most likely ruin your ears.

Saying that - you can thicken up your tissue, again with more patience. By taking out your jewellery for a week or two (letting them shrink up) and massing them every day with jojoba oil (or Emu Oil if you can get it) will promote more blood circulation to the area and in turn thicken them up. As you SLOWLY stretch back up to the size you were at, you will notice that your lobes will feel thicker and healthier - this is because you are promoting the natural growth of collagen in your lobes.

Do the yo-yo stretching technique (up and down, while oiling) over a number of months before you decide to try and get to your goal size.

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Search Earring!

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 7:48 PM

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Hey there!

I search this earring. Found that picture on a tumblr account and I’m totally in love with this exemplar. BUT I can’t find it on your online shop :(

Do you’ve an idea where I can find a earring like this one?

Hope you can help! :)

Heres a link to it right here in our shop

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two holes in the back of my first ear piercing?

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 3:00 PM

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I really hope I can explain this clearly enough. Okay, so waaaay back in 5th grade I had my second ear lobe piercings done with a piercing gun at Claire’s (bad, I know). I was scared at the time so I jerked when they did my ear and it caused a second hole in the back of my FIRST (right) ear piercing which was completed healed. I didn’t use that second accidental hole for years.

Now onto the problem - I am stretching my first ear piercings. I am currently at 4g, but I am afraid about going up at 2g because that second hole I was talking about above is literally right by the stretched hole. I don’t know if it’d curl into the stretched hole if I went up to 2g or it would tear? I really don’t know how to solve this problem. Google wasn’t much help.

Hope this all makes sense :\

I personally had 3 piercings in each lobe and took them out when i started stretching. Years later at 2 inches and the old piercings never gave me any problems. The 2nd hole even moved closer to my stretched piercing and did nothing but warp ever so slightly vertically.

Even if the two holes do end up combining, the old hole isn’t much bigger then 18g so it shouldn’t curl or warp your newly stretched piercing.

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vertical industrial

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 8:38 AM

Filed under: Ear

6 days ago I got a vertical industrial through my inner conch and under the rook. Each cleaning I notice that it hurts more. After this last cleaning (I am lucky to have my boyfriend clean it) I was in tears. It is so sensitive and aches and throbs constantly. IB proufin lasts an hour if I am lucky. It is still pretty swollen and bruised. I have had several other piercings, and I dont think any of them were this bad afterward, especially at almost a week. I have also noticed slight pains in my jaw, near my ear. I know the signs of infection and such, and it appears to be doing fine. I am just wondering how long the pain is going to be so intense. I know it is different for everyone, and I am a bit of a wussy, but this is seriously the most painful piercing I have gotten. My piercer recommended against salt soaks because he found people were drying out their piercings. But I wonder if they would help for now…..

Everybody swells and heals very differently, so its hard to tell. Swelling in the ear (really anything on your face) can cause swelling of the lymph nodes and jaw and is quite normal. It can also be a sign that your jewellery may be too short (the top one looks a little snug in the picture).

I very strongly suggest you only do saline soaks on your new piercings, however make sure that you rinse off the excess saline after a soak (showering after works great). Keeping your saline in the fridge during your inflammation cycle can really help with the discomfort also.

Make sure that once your two seperate piercings are fully healed and you are ready to get one long bar in there, that it is slightly curved (to comopensate for the natural curve of your ear and the piercings) to ensure they don’t get angry and possibly scar up.

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