Allergic Reaction?

Wednesday January 6th, 2010 @ 4:19 PM

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I’ve had my helix piercings happily stretched to 0g for over a year. Last night I changed from acrylic plugs to single-flare stainless steel tunnels with black rubber O-rings on the back. This morning the left ear was fine but the whole posterior part of my right ear was very, VERY itchy and the area directly around the piercing was red, hard, slightly swollen, and the O ring left a sore indent in my skin. I removed the right tunnel, cleaned the piercing, and put my old plug back in which made it stop itching very quickly.

I would assume this is some sort of reaction to the new jewelry, but wouldn’t I have the same problem on the other ear as well? I bought both tunnels together so they should be the same material. Should I attempt the switch again in a week or so? Is it possible for only a portion of the body to have a sensitivity to rubber?

Thank you!

It would be pretty unlikely to have just one of your ears freak out due to a reaction to the o-ring, but anything is possible. It’s also possible that one o-ring was a slightly better grade than the other, thereby making the problem not as a apparent on the other side. I would assume that your acrylic plugs use o-rings to keep them in place. If so, perhaps you could try wearing the steel eyelets with those o-rings. Or, even better, try switching to clear (silicone) o-rings and see if that helps.

If switching o-rings doesn’t help, then you may be having a problem with the tunnel itself. It could be a sensitivity to the material, although again, a reaction on one side, but not the other, isn’t likely. There is also the chance that the eyelet on one side has a polishing or manufacturing defect which is causing the problem.

Unfortunately, you may have to try a couple of different things in order to effectively troubleshoot the problem.

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tragus + labret stud

Sunday January 3rd, 2010 @ 9:47 AM

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I’ve had my tragus pierced for several months, and after a few battles with infections and bumps, I think I’m ready to change out the barbell. Because I want to be able to listen to earbuds again, I’d like to try a labret stud in it, to allow more room. Are they commonly used in tragus piercings?

Since the tragus is such a tricky spot, I’m not sure about putting the labret stud in, especially since it has to go in through the back. Would it just be easier to go to a piercer to have it put in?

I use labret studs in tragus piercings pretty standardly, they are a lot easier to live with than a barbell, in my opinion! They can be a bit fiddly to change yourself, for sure, you might find easier to have your piercer put it in for you, and I’m sure they’d be happy to do so. Some people can easily change their own tragus jewellery, some people are as good at it, it’s no big deal to have a piercer help you out, we do it all the time. :)

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What is the best way to shrink 20mm lobes?

Sunday December 27th, 2009 @ 3:11 PM

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Hi,for the past 5 years I have had 20mm stretchings in both earlobes. I have now grown tired of them and wish them to heal up,although everytime iv tried this is in the past,they never seem to get smaller than a 10/12mm. I have friends that have gone from 25mm back to a 3mm,and I know everyones different,but surely there’s some way I can get mine back. I have searched the internet but nothing seems to be helpfull or sound safe,although I am willing to give most things a go. I have read about wearing acrylic and downsizing as slowly as I stretched as it will irritate the skin and give it something to heal,massaging it with vitamin e oil,even getting a scalpol and cutting the insides of the hole until it heals that,and then repeating the process! The last one which sounds most sensible is getting it stitched up on the nhs (britains free health service). Does anyone know if they do such a procedure and if they do it well? And what is my best option to get my ears back down below a 5mm?

While I don’t know how the final results of any of Britain’s plastic surgeons’ lobe reconstructions, that’s probably your best option.
When people choose to retired their stretched lobes, they’ll often simply leave the jewelry and vigorously massage the tissue a few times a day with vitamin e/jojoba oil, etc. This will stimulate the circulation and help them shrink up a bit.
I don’t think that cutting the insides of your lobes up would help them shrink up very much. It will cause extra unnecessary scar tissue as well.
At your size, you’re likely looking at surgery as the best option for reconstruction.

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blow removal

Sunday December 27th, 2009 @ 3:03 PM

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I’ve had my lobes stretched to 3/4’s for a few years now, I’ve made several attempts to stretch further, but i have a rather large blowout on my left ear which makes it difficult to heal properly. basically the blowout itself swells and i have to downsize back to 3/4’s. My questions are: When getting the blowout removed. Is there any type of injections (for pain) when the blowout Scalpelled off? I seen photos but would like to know a bit more about the procedure. Also, would I be able to stretch after the fresh new lobe heals up? Thank you in advance.

After the tissue from a blowout is removed, the ear can stretch quite quickly after it heals up.
Some practitioners will use an injectable anesthetic mainly to control bleeding. Others can work quickly enough to remove the blowout without the need for any anesthetic at all.
Depending on the structure of the blowout, it can also be tied off to restrict bloodflow for a short time to make removal clean and easy.

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Earlobe Reconstruction/Stretching

Saturday December 26th, 2009 @ 7:25 PM

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My girlfriend has been stretching her lobes for the last few years (very slowly). As of this summer, she was at a half inch, and while she wants to go bigger she’s worried about the thinness of her left lobe in particular. Both ears are super healthy, but they were pierced low to begin with and she never anticipated wanting to go higher than 8ga, so when she began it wasn’t an issue. After removing her jewelry, she’s currently at a 0ga that is no longer shrinking.

So now the questions-

1. If she has her lobes surgically closed, can she have them re-pierced and begin stretching them again?

2. Also, what gauge would be optimal for re-piercing lobes with the intent to stretch?

3. How long should she wait to start to get them pierced/start stretching? (She and I think about a year would be good)

4. If all of this IS possible- is there anything she should do to make sure her repaired lobes stretch well and comfortably? In the past, she’s used tape and time to stretch, and it seems to work for her.

She hopes to go up to 3/4″, and she really wants them to be done “right”. Thanks for any help! And I hope this hasn’t been asked before (I tried to search but didn’t find anything, and I looked through several pages before posting).

Thanks, sorry for such a long query!

To answer your question individually:

1. If she has them surgically closed and they were done right and heal well, they should be fine for piercing and re-stretching. This has been done successfully many times. However, if for whatever reason they scar up too much, future stretching could be greatly limited because scar tissue is generally far less elastic than healthy tissue.

2. The best gauge for piercing with plans to stretch further is, IMHO, the largest gauge possible. Often times I will use a 4 gauge needle followed by a 2 gauge taper as the initial size for someone wanting to stretch to a fairly large gauge. Since needles SHOULD NOT remove tissue, there is no reason to start small.

3. Consult with the practitioner responsible for the reconstruction for the recommended time to start stretching. If possible having them check them out in person before stretching would be a good idea.

4. As far as what to do to stretch them properly, the first step is dealing with the lobe closure. Massaging the tissue with vitamin E is a good way to help break up the scar tissue. After that stretch SLOW and in small increments. Teflon tape is a good way to do this but an even better way is just waiting for your body to stretch on it’s own and then getting “between size” jewelry to stretch in small increments.

One thing you didn’t ask is other possible solutions. I haven’t seen you ears but it is quite possible you can fix this placement problem with scalpelling or other options and not necessarily need the closure procedure. My ears are FAR thicker and healthier at 1 3/4″ after scalpelling and stretching than they ever were at 3/4″. So there MIGHT be other hope. Find a good practitioner that you trust, get an in person consultation, then trust there recommendation.

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Downsizing for a bit.

Monday October 19th, 2009 @ 3:21 PM

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I’ve had my ears at 3/4ths for over a year and decided to downsize for a little while.

I took my plugs out 4 days ago and my ears have stayed swollen/red/secreting clear gunk.

Do you guys have any idea as to why this would happen?

Also, I’ve never had a blowout because I took my time stretching, but the backs of my ears look really blown out from the swelling, is there a way to stop that?

Your ears are probably feeling pretty thankful for the opportunity to get some good blood flow back to the tissue and to plump up.
When I remove my 1-1/8″ lobe jewelry for more than 24 I find my lobes get kind of sore from the increased circulation.

I’m unsure as to why you’d be having fluid secretions, but I’d leave the jewelry out for a while and keep the lobes clean and dry.
If you’d like to make them feel even better, do some massages with some Holey Butt’r or some Jojoba or Vitamin E oil!

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Nose jewelry in the earlobea

Sunday October 18th, 2009 @ 3:17 PM

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I have three standard lobe piercings in each ear; two sets were gunned and one set was needles. They are the usual 20ga holes you wear regular “fashion” earrings in.

I want to get high-quality jewelry to wear in these holes full-time. I prefer stud-type, not hoops, and I would like it to be a good-quality metal. My absolute ideal would be 20ga titanium labret studs, but such a thing either doesn’t exist or is extremely hard to find. I have found 20ga CBRs, including titanium ones, but I just cannot find anything remotely stud-like.

Would any type of nose jewelry, which is often found in a small size like 20ga, be suitable for ear piercings? I prefer not to size up because I want to be able to wear “fashion” jewelry on special occasions. I’m actually thinking about nose bones - is there any possibility they could be worn securely in earlobes? What do you recommend?

There are several jewelry companies who make tiny-gauge implant grade jewelry for earlobes!
Check out Neometal!

You may also consider stretching your ears up to a 16g - which is still plenty small enough to wear costume jewelry in (many gold butterfly back studs are 16-14g)
at a 16g you’ll have all kinds of options for gemmed labret barbells, cbrs, circular barbells without stretching your ears up too much that costume jewelry would just hang out of.

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Itchy Daith

Sunday October 18th, 2009 @ 3:13 PM

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-(im american so they didnt use a catheter needle)

-and FREAKIN’ ITCHY (well off and on, like it randomly decides to get itchy then it goes away then it comes back.

im using a spray-on saline solution to clean it.

- i got a true daith so its kinda hard to see the entry and exit but theres no inflammation or any visible irritation from what i can tell (with two mirrors and a flashlight)

-one little wierd thing:

when i got it i didnt feel any pain. just a little pressure, thats it. (is this a problem? because i hear theyre supposed to actually hurt.)






Pain is personal to everyone. Chances are you have a higher pain tolerance and this piercing just didn’t cause you a lot of discomfort.

Fresh piercings are often kinda itchy while your piercing begins to heal. With swelling coming up and down it causes changes in the skin - stretching it up and relaxing it - and that can cause a prickly, tingly feeling. The salt in the saline can be a tad drying and lead to some itchiness as well.

Do not move the CBR around. That will irritate the crap out if it. If it itches, give it a little rinse off in warm water.

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scalpelled lobe issues and questions!

Sunday October 18th, 2009 @ 3:00 PM

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Okay well first things first, excuse me for the bad picture quality, I don’t have a camera!

So, I got my ears cut from 3/4 to 1 1/8 about a month ago, and yes we did end up removing a bit of skin that we didn’t plan on removing but as far as I know, that hasn’t done too much damage. I got them cut to redirect, blah blah, I’m sure whoever answers this will know why people get their lobes scalpelled.

Anyways my left lobe, the one in the picture, ended up a little overcut so my artist put in a suture that night.

Well, since about the first week after I had them cut, both have developed blowouts. I talked to my artist about it and he says it’s from the thicker part of my ear getting stretched and sort of turned inside out and will go away once I start up doing massages again. I believe him and trust him but just want to make sure that makes sense to you guys! Do you agree that it will go away with time and massages?

Also, as you can see in the picture there is a white spot in the top of my lobe. I’m scared it’s cartilage! My piercer hasn’t really given me a straight answer as to what it is but says it will go away.. I can hardly see it when I take my plugs out for cleaning, and it doesn’t seem any more sensitive than the rest of the still open area of my lobe. What do you think it could be?

And my third concern, the stuff that I believe is lymph that’s coming from them smells so god damn awful. Literally I took my plugs out and cleaned them (the plugs, not my lobes) 25 minutes ago and they smelled already RIGHT away. I’m not really sure if the lymph and dead cells and all that good stuff that always comes from piercings is always this stinky or if I’m only noticing it because it’s in a larger concentration so close to my nose? and it isn’t like normal plug funk buildup but has the same smell. Is this normal for cut lobes?

I’ve been on a strictly sea salt soaks only aftercare routine, other than taking out the plugs and cleaning those(the plugs, NOT my ears) with dye free and fragrance f

oooh…that ear does not look very happy.
If the piercer who cut your lobes just cut a slit straight up, or back without removing any tissue - they did it wrong.
You need to remove a tiny piece (especially with as large a jump as 11/16 - 1-1/18″!!)
If that’s the way it was done (just cut straight up or back in a single slice) then it’s highly likely that you’d have large pieces of tissue blowouts. Those will have to be removed as well.

There’s a very good chance that that white bit is exposed cartilage. If it is, you’ll probably want to have a professional (not the guy you saw initially) to have that patched up. That will cause you serious discomfort. I have no idea how a single suture to close up a length of cut would work… I have a bad taste in my mouth about all of this.

As for the smell - pretty normal with large healing wounds. Make sure you’re keeping the area very clean and keeping your hands off it.

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Stretching second lobe piercing

Sunday October 18th, 2009 @ 2:50 PM

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Sorry if this question has already been answered somewhere else, I have tried looking for advice but cant seem to find much.

Basically I have my lobes pierced twice (gunned in my early teens, yuck). I have kept my first set unstretched so I can wear normal earrings in them for girlie days and the like, and am stretching the second set.

I was wondering if there is any specific advice about stretching the second hole, with it not being in so much flesh? Im currently only at 8g, not intending to go massive, but was after an idea of things I should look out for so as not to damage the lobe irrepairably? Im assuming the higher up the lobe, the more likely the chance of thinning is. How large is it relatively safe to go? Or maybe how thick should the lobe flesh be round the piercing to be in good condition?

Any advice would be great, thanks for your help.

This is very hard to answer without seeing how much tissue your lobes actually have.
You should be able to stretch your lobes just fine in any area as long as you’re not running into issues with the jewelry rubbing on the cartilage or the lobe thinning out the bottom or pinching off the other piercing.

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