eyebrow peircing ring/barbell

Tuesday May 8th, 2012 @ 2:27 AM

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ive had my eyebrow peircing for a little over 2 months and its never really bothered much (ive had a curved barbell in the entire time, and havent taken it out at all) but lately it seems like i can see more of the bar than when i got it and im afraid it is migrating/regecting. so i was wondering if getting a ring instead would maybe help it not migrate, or would it stay the same or make it worse? thanks

This is very common with surface-to-surface piercings (eyebrows, navels, etc), all that it means is that you should get a slightly shorter curved bar in there. Sometimes a piercer will give a little bit of swelling room on an eyebrow, sometimes they do wriggle their way out a little bit during the healing.

Rings will most definitively get caught more, put more pressure (and weight) on the piercing and will make it want to move out further. I love the jewellery you have in, you should go back to the piercer that did it and let them put in a slightly shorter barbell.

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can a bridge really lead to an infection in the brain?

Sunday May 6th, 2012 @ 7:34 PM

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So, I’ve been wanting to get a bridge for a while now. it wasn’t on my usual piercers price list, so I called and asked if he performed the piercing. He told me that he doesn’t because a surgeon told him it could lead to a brain-infection! I’m usually very pleased with his work, so I’m kinda confused and not sure if I want the piercing or not. I’ve checked with other piercers in my area and they all do the piercing. I’m starting to think that my piercer just paranoid. What should I do?

I’ve heard some good ones before, but this is a new favorite.

While technically your piercer is correct, this would also make it true for any body piercing. A body piercing is a hole into your body, this is a nice big welcoming invitation for bacteria. Bacteria entering your body through a cut or wound is what creates an infection. An infection that is left untreated can spread to the surrounding areas as well as travel through your bloodstream and ending up anywhere in your body.

That being said the likely hood of such an infection is minimal at best. As long as you follow the aftercare instructions set forth by your piercer you should be just fine.

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Bridg Piercing burn

Sunday May 6th, 2012 @ 12:06 PM

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So, I’m on week three of the healing process. So far I think I’m doing ok. But my skin around the piercing appears to have been burned, likely due to the hot water from the tea/salt water soaks. Behind one of the balls it looks like a blister might form. Has anyone experienced the same? Also, what can I do to sooth the burn?

I heat the water via microwave for about a minute and ten seconds.

You should never do your saline soaks hot enough to burn the skin, you only want it to be warm (not hot!). You could also be doing your salt soaks with too much salinity, I always suggest to buy your salt water as eye contact cleaner from the chemist.

The lumps sound like hypertropic scar tissue and is quite common with bridge piercings as they are very easy to bump and knock. Make sure you aren’t catching it on glasses, hair or while getting changed. Also make sure you sleep on your back or side, as even the smallest knocks during healing can make these bumps bigger.

Happy healings and remember, baby that bridge while it heals!

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Bridge piercing help??

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 9:12 AM

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Hey guys!

I got my bridge pierced about 7/8 years ago.. I’ve had trouble with it on and off, due to knocks and probably makeup.

I’ve always used sss or pre made up saline and it usually helps but this time its not helping at all.

I’ve two, of what I think are hypertrophic scars, and now I’m starting to panic incase I end up losing it.

Thanks :)

I would suggest to do warm chamomile herbal tea bag soaks as part of your daily cleaning routine to help them go down and back to normal, but that will only fix the scar tissue - not stop it from forming again.

Bridges can be tricky little suckers to heal! Leave the area totally free of make-up, even when they look perfect. Try your hardest to sleep flat on your back, try sleeping with sunglasses on (seriously, it stops you from turning over) or positioning hard pillows (or cushions) to either side so you physically are unable to roll over.

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My bridge piercing has never healed.

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 5:11 AM

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Despite the fact that I’ve had my bridge piercing for over 3 years, it has never truly healed. The initial swelling and bruising only lasted a few days, but I have always had a small amount of crust and clearish/yellow/white discharge. There is no smell, it isn’t sore, inflamed, or red at all, and it never bleeds. The entrances of the piercing appear healed. Do you have any tips on what I can do to coax it into healing on the inside or is this just one of the possible outcomes associated with this piercing?

Thanks so much for your time!


Often ’surface to surface’ piercings (such as the bridge, navel, etc) will stay in a pepetual crusty state like this, some peoples bodies just like to crust! It isn’t necessarly a sign that it isn’t healing, it could just be taking its sweet time.

My first suggestion would be to go to your piercer and get them to make sure the bar is the correct length.  Too short will trap dead skin in there and too long will likely get snagged and bumped more frequently. Secondly I would try swapping it to internal thread titanium, sometimes great quality jewellery can make all the difference. If you even have a small scratch on the bar, it can be causing a constant break of the fistula inside.

If it still crusts on you, try doing daily WARM (not hot) saline compression soaks with a cotton disc (also called a make-up remover pad). Sometimes you can get a tiny bit of fistula that just doesn’t want to heal and heat promotes blood circulation to that area and can speed it right up!

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Eyebrow piercing abscess?

Sunday December 27th, 2009 @ 3:08 PM

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I got my eyebrow pierced November 1st of this year. I recently (maybe a week ago) noticed this lump/bump thing forming on/in the piercing. It feels fairly large and a bit hard but I cannot actually see it. It is slightly painful to the touch. There is no redness. The skin looks grayish where the barbell is under the skin (from what I can see through the hairs of my eyebrow). I have been soaking the piercing with a solution of sea salt and hot water. It did release some white pus at first but now I can’t get anything to drain out of it.

I have 12 other piercings and have not had any infections or rejections before. I am worried that it is infected and that the infection will spread to the rest of my body. I’m not sure if I should see my piercer or my doctor. The weather is bad and the roads are icy so I’m hesitant to go anywhere unless it’s absolutely necessary. What could this problem be and what can I do about it?

Thank you kindly (and happy holidays)!

If Eyebrow piercings aren’t maintained with regular gentle hot compresses they can develop pockets of fluid around the piercing.
Continue with hot compresses (Hot water, clean cloth, gentle pressure applied to the area) twice a day for at least 5 minutes at a time until you can have a piercer or doctor look at it.
In my opinion, it’s best to consult a medical professional if you suspect an infection for appropriate diagnoses and treatment.

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Monday August 10th, 2009 @ 6:59 PM

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I got my eyebrow pierced about a week ago and it seems to be healing great, i haven’t been getting crusties and it hasn’t been sore at all. My only concern is that there’s a light blue bruise underneath my eyebrow. Is that normal?

Yep! Pretty normal!

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Bridge Microdermals?

Monday August 10th, 2009 @ 2:29 PM

Filed under: Eyebrow/Bridge

Two years ago I got my bridge pierced, I think it was fated to reject eventually. It was crooked from the start but I still loved it, had it professionally done at a studio in Kansas City.

Would microdermals work in the bridge area so that I could get the same effect as a bridge piercing but less chance of rejection? Would giving the bridge piercing a second try when the scar tissue settles down be a better option? Do you know of anyone in Kansas City who even does microdermals?

Thank you.

I’m not familiar with piercers in Kansas City but I’m sure someone here could make suggestions.

I wouldn’t put anchors in a bridge piercing placement. The way the bridge of the nose is shaped and the way surface anchors need to be positioned would make the final result look pretty wonky in my opinion.
Your best bet would be to seek out a piercer who can do a straight bridge piercing with appropriate jewely (I do these piercings at 12g+ with straight barbells) and try it again.
Unfortunately, depending on the anatomy, these piercings are prone to migrating throughout their life and looking a bit crooked.

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Bridge Retainer

Wednesday June 10th, 2009 @ 2:47 PM

Filed under: Eyebrow/Bridge

hey guys,

i’m wanting to get my bridge pierced next but I cant seem to find any retainers for it that will hide it completely

because i work on checkouts in a shop so it will be easy to notice for other people.

i have these for my lips & monroe & you can barely see them at all;


does anyone have any links or things of retainers to hide bridge piercings then?

I was thinking about a O-ring but i heard in light they look a bit dark and I cant even wear a clear ball on my lip its that noticeable lol.

thank you VERY much! :)

(oh and im from UK so USA links wouldn’t help much)


I have never seen a retainer made specifically for bridge piercings. You could use a glass eyebrow retainer with a clear o-ring, but if that is not discrete enough for you, you may be better off hiding it. If you buy a pair of “fashion” (or prescription if you need them) glasses with thick frames and take them in when you get pierced your piercer can place the piercing so it is hidden by the glasses frames. This also means that when you are not working you can show off your fancy new bridge without having to constantly swap jewelry (and thereby irritate the new piercing).

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Eyebrow Healing

Tuesday November 11th, 2008 @ 3:02 AM

Filed under: Eyebrow/Bridge

I just had a horizontal eyebrow piercing 2 days ago with a curved flexi barbell. My question is that during the initial piercing I only had a small drop of blood and since have not had any discharge at all. I only have a small bit of swelling that isn’t really noticeable unless you know to look for it. I’ve soaked and cleaned it but, my concern is since I have had no discharge should I be looking for a future problem or is this normal?

It’s great that you’re not having any discharge (and you really shouldn’t be after only a couple days) However, with whatever the “flexi barbell” is made of, you can probably look forward to some crusties in the near future and possibly the rejection of the jewelry entirely.
Wearing implant grade jewelry is imperative. I think that the flexi-barbell will cause you more harm than good eventually.

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