Tender VCH

Tuesday April 29th, 2008 @ 6:16 AM

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I’ve got a 4 week old VCH (that I adore) and over the past couple days I’ve started to notice tenderness around the top hole only of the piercing. I can’t tell if the skin looks aggravated as its always pink.. And im not sure what’s going in. Im a little worried as I was barely suited to get it in the first place. I love it and I don’t wanna loose it. What could be causing this? There was no tenderness until a few days ago and I have changed nothing in my routine. Could it be rejecting?

A month old vertical clitoral hood piercing shouldn’t really be giving you problems. I’m thinking it could be a jewellery issue. You didn’t state what jewellery you have in there. It could be that the jewellery is too small for the piercing and the excess pressure this causes could be responsible for your discomfort. It might also be worth checking that the balls (in the case of a bar) haven’t come loose because if there is contact between the thread and your skin this would most definately cause discomfort. It could even be a material issue or a scratch on the surface of the jewellery. Try popping in some new jewellery and seeing if that helps. A decent piercer will be able to make sure you get the correct length and type for your particular piercing.

Being a little over-zealous with play can also result in tenderness!

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Flat-backed labret studs for outer labia

Sunday April 27th, 2008 @ 11:53 PM

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I’m not so keen on the idea of using CBRs for outer labia piercings, but would it be possible to use flat-backed labret studs for outer labia piercings? Would that style of stud be more comfortable than normal barbells?

I’ve always used barbells as the non-ring option for labia piercings, mostly just because my own personal experiments with wearing labret-type studs in my own labia piercings never ended well (I just found the disc REALLY pinchy and uncomfortable), and I had a client once who special ordered some large-gauge labrets for her own stretched outer labia piercings, and she got all kinds of weird ulceration/scarring from the rubbing of the edge of the disc and had to replace the discs with balls, ultimately. So together, those experiences have just made me really hinky about labret studs, heh. That being said, I know a LOT of women do wear labret studs in their genital piercings and are just fine with them, so if any labia-piercing-enhanced readers want to throw their two cents in with jewellery experiences, I’m all ears!

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Bleeding Horizontal Hood

Tuesday March 11th, 2008 @ 6:37 PM

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I just got my piercing yesterday and it hurt and it still hurts and it’s bleeding. Not a crazy blood flow it’s a very small amount of blood. But everywhere I’m reading on the internet alot of women didn’t bleed or it didn’t hurt much. I got it done by a reputable place the woman is a nursee.

I’m walking around like I just got off a horse. I love it and I think it was worth it and don’t want to take it out but how long should I expect it to hurt and bleed for?

I’m not even going to get into my feelings about medical professionals offering piercings - ok, I’ll briefly get into it, my experiences with medical professionals who pierce have been overwhelmingly negative, body piercing is certainly NOT taught in medical school or nursing college, and while there may be a few doctors and nurses doing a good job at it, the vast majority are almost certainly NOT doing it well, and generally have no clue about placement or jewellery selection, either. Ahem.

It’s normal for a genital piercing to spot-bleed in the first few days to a week after having it done, it shouldn’t more than a pantiliner could handle. Don’t start soaking the piercing while it’s still bleeding, obviously, as that will exacerbate the bleeding considerably! If it continues to hurt (and that is kind of unusual, most women find hood piercings to be fairly straightforward), I’d strongly advise you to find a reputable BODY PIERCER in your area and have a consult with them on the matter, they may be able to give you a lot more insight about the placement and jewellery choice than I can over the internet. And good luck with it. :)

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clitoris hood piercing

Monday February 25th, 2008 @ 9:58 AM

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I want to get a clitoris hood piercings, and I don’t like to shave because I usually get bumps when the hair starts growing back. I don’t have a lot of hair down there anyways but I wanted to know if I don’t shave will that be ok? Can they pierce my hood if I don’t shave ?

I also wanted to know why people keep saying that this piercing is not for everyone, how do I know if its not for me? Why do they have to check your vein pattern? Please some one answer these questions for me …I’m kind of nervous but I want it so bad!

First off, it’s really normal to be nervous before any piercing, especially a genital piercing, so don’t fret, it’s ok! :) No, you definitely don’t have to shave your pubic hair to get a hood piercing, so don’t worry about it if it’s not part of your normal routine. Technically speaking, you don’t have to shave before getting ANY genital piercings, although it does make placements like an outer labia or a christina a lot easier to scrub and mark up for your piercer. If it’s a bit TOO wild and jungle-y to work around, a piercer might trim some hair back with sterile scissors, but for a VCH that’s really not even necessary.

As for anatomical concerns, probably the easiest way to check at home if you’re suited for a hood piercing is to do the Q-tip test and make sure you have enough room down there to accommodate the piercing. Don’t worry about the veins/vasculature, your piercer will check to make sure that there’s nothing massive in the way, but it’s a very, very vascular part of the body and at least some bleeding is normal and expected. Again, don’t worry about it! Go to a piercer who makes you feel at ease and answers your questions calmly and confidently, someone with experience with genital work, and you will be just fine, I promise. :)

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Wednesday February 13th, 2008 @ 2:54 PM

Filed under: Female Genital

When is the best time of the month to get this done? Will having your period affect it in any way?

It would be the more hygienic and practical choice to have a VCH piercing done shortly after your period has finished for the month. This will allow your body some time to heal without any excess discharge getting in the way and contaminating your fresh piercing. If your period kicks in during the initial healing, it is advisable to use tampons as opposed to pads and shower frequently (twice a day should suffice).

Stick to your proper piercing aftercare regime in accordance with these tips and you shouldn’t have any ambiguous complications due to your period.

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suggestions or warnings?

Wednesday January 23rd, 2008 @ 10:03 PM

Filed under: Female Genital

I am a dance major and I do ballet and modern dance. This means lots of rolling around, lifting other people(with my legs and upper body), and other wacky not day-to-day movements. I want to have my vertical hood done but I’m not sure what the best type of jewelery would be and if that is the same kind I can be pierced with. Any thoughts, or helpful hints would be wonderful! Thanks so much!


Rock on with being a dance major! Sounds like fun, although at the same time…exhausting haha!

Personally I find the best jewelry option for Vertical Hood piercings is a Curved Barbell. Depending on your anatomy (the shape of your hood, how much hood you have,etc) will dictate the thickness and the length required.

A qualified piercer should have a wide range of options to choose from and upon analyzing the location to be pierced, will discuss with you the jewelry options available for your specific anatomy.

As for your training, ie: dancing, I’d really suggest finding at least a week of time where you can just relax and not stress/over exert your body out too much. Giving it some time to heal with definitely be helpful as usually after about a week you won’t even know its there. Sometimes women say they don’t even know its there from day one, others experience a little bit of discomfort for the first week or so…So yeah just better to give yourself some time to rest and heal before going full on back to dancing,etc.

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To Shave or Wax?

Monday January 14th, 2008 @ 9:03 PM

Filed under: Female Genital

Hey, I’m thinking about getting a christina piercing within the next few weeks or so. I usually shave that area completely everyday, but during healing time I probably couldn’t. Also, I’m afraid of having hair grow in places it shouldn’t and halt the healing process. So my question is: What do you suggest? Keep shaving or get a full wax? If I get waxed, how long should I wait before getting it done? I know everything is super-sensitive 24 hours after. Thanks!

In my experience, clients don’t generally need to alter their shaving/trimming/waxing routines all that much with a new genital piercing. Hair re-growth doesn’t tend to affect a piercing much, unless you shave for the piercing when you don’t normally shave…which doesn’t sound like it’s an issue for you. If been clean-shaven is important to the point that a week or so of not shaving is going to be aggravating, a waxing is a good alternative that shouldn’t cause any issue as long as you give it 4 or 5 days before the piercing.

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labia piercing

Tuesday January 8th, 2008 @ 2:11 PM

Filed under: Female Genital


I am thinking about getting my inner labia peirced, but i do not like the look of rings. i was wondering if labret studs as jewelry would be a viable option.


There is no reason this type of jewelry couldn’t be done. The shaft of the jewelry will need to be long enough to accommodate some initial swelling, and the ball and disk on the end of the shaft will have to be large enough to prevent them from pulling through the piercings. If those factors are accounted for, it shouldn’t be an issue.

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Yeast infection

Thursday November 15th, 2007 @ 1:59 PM

Filed under: Female Genital

Alright, this is really embarrassing, but I’m not exactly sure what to search for in engines and querying “yeast” in this AskBME search didn’t do anything, but I really want to know. I’m on antibiotics and I have a fully healed vertical clitoral hood piercing. Whenever I take antibiotics, I developed a mild-to-moderate yeast infection. Usually I don’t treat it as it goes away by itself when I eat a lot of yogurt and whatnot, but this is my first one since getting the piercing. I know that the tissue gets irritated and it has bled minimally before, but now that it’s pierced I’m not sure if it is going to seriously affect it. I keep imagining the skin around the CBR rotting away and I get a sinking feeling whenever I go to check on its condition. I feel like the area covering the CBR is shrinking, but that could be my own paranoia. Do I have anything to worry about? Thanks so much!

A yeast infection should not negatively affect your piercing in the long term. If the yeast infection normally affects the “quality” of the tissue, you will probably still experience that, but it shouldn’t have any long-term effects on your piercing.

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large gauge hood piercing

Friday November 2nd, 2007 @ 3:29 PM

Filed under: Female Genital

Can I wear the kaos silicone tunnels in my 4 gauge vertical hood piercing? If not, then what is suitable jewelry? I currently wear a captive ring, but it twists and pinches, and is rather large and heavy. I’m getting sick of this piece of jewelry, but i don’t know what to switch to.

I have seen silicone eyelets worn in a variety of non-ear piercings, including genital piercings. You probably won’t know for sure if that particular style and material will be comfortable for you until you actually try it. You may want to consider getting the “parylene coated” version for use in a hood piercing, as it has a less tacky surface.

Other options to reduce size would be a straight or curved barbell. In addition to being “small”, a barbell is going to tend to sit/hang different than a ring and should help increase your comfort level. To reduce weight, you could consider titanium jewelry.

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