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I really want the center of my bottom lip pierced. I have done LOTS of reasearch. & I have talked to lots of people about their lip piercings. Well, I asked my mom if I could get it pierced and she said “Abosolutely no. You’re too young.” I dont see how I’m too young when I’ll be 17 this year…

So, my question is, about how old are people when they get their lip pierced?



Hi Sidra,

The age old question of: “How old do you have to be?

This question is highly subjective and open to a lot of controversy. Certain States in the US prohibit any piercings done on anyone under the age of 18, yet others say its ok so long as they have parents permission. Meanwhile there ARE States where the age limits are a bit more lenient and your technically allowed to sign for yourself at 16 years of age. These rules are put in place for shops via either city/state laws or they are put in place because that’s the age the insurance companies advised the shop to work on,etc.

When I was working in Canada, and even still here in Australia (Here in the Northern Territory), there is no labeled age of consent laws for body piercing. Some people will establish their shops age laws based on the “Age Of Consent Laws” while some shops will make their own laws ie: don’t care about age, or they care a lot about age,etc. The fact is in these countries it is commonly viewed that at 16 you are legally of sound mind and body to say what you want and what you don’t want. Therefore you should be legally able to obtain a piercing so long as you can prove you’re 16 years of age or older.

However with that being said at the end of the day, you still have to go home to your parents. Personally not being a person who at the age of 16-17, wanted to incur the wraith of my parents, I simply waited until I was older to get my mods done. But I will say this dealing with parents on a constant basis, whom aren’t keen on their kids getting pierced. I can definitely say there is ALWAYS a way to get them to come around to allow you to be pierced.

1st: Documentation - Contact shops and find their age policies, as well as city/state laws involving age for body piercings. If it states people under the age of 18 can be pierced, that’s a fact you can point out to your parents.

2nd: School Work - Are you a straight A student or are there any subjects you’re slacking off in? If you aren’t doing well in certain classes why not work on bumping your grades up in those classes while maintaining the other classes. Most kids only have their school grades to fall back on, so that’s what the parents point out. If you have increased the grades in your classes, what can they possibly hold over your head?

3rd: House Work - Do you sit around all day everyday at the house and don’t contribute? A good way to get into their good graces is to start. Vacuum, Dust, Clean, Mop, Re-arrange furniture with them as it will get you into their good books that way.

4th: Maturity - When they shoot you down are you always causing a fuss and crying and screaming like an irrational person? Or do you come at them calmly and rationally and produce solid sound logical facts and questions? Often I find when parents act this way, they are the ones who are being the immature ones…I know I used to LOVE catching my parents acting less mature than I and I reveled in that fact by pointing out questions that make me look like the one acting more mature then my parents.

Also with these things will often come a verbal agreement between parent and child that if they work on all these things, that they can get pierced. “Mom I promise that I will do 1-2-3-4 if you allow me to get pierced.

And also finally there is the 5th option, getting your own part-time job. That is usually the BIGGEST resolution to the matter because the fact is usually its the parents money going towards kids piercing funds. So if they aren’t pleased with you getting pierced, why should they be spending their hard earned dollar on you getting piercings? Whereas if you get a part-time job and earn your own money, who are they to tell you how to spend your own money?

That was my personal experience with the situation, my parents were really unhappy about me getting pierced at first. But as soon as I obtained a full time job and saved my money, rented my own apartment, paid for my own vacations,etc. My father simply said one day: “He is a man and he earns his own money, what he does with that money is his own business. I may not like it but its his choice on how he spends his money.

So definitely look into these things I suggested and perhaps sit down and rationally talk to your mother about the situation. Make sure you think about everything she might say and make sure you have a rational and logical retort to her statements of: “You’re too young!” And hopefully that way you might manage to work together with your parent to obtain the piercing you desire.

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Lip Ring = Bad Teeth?

Saturday January 26th, 2008 @ 10:48 AM

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I want to get a off center lip ring. but my mom says it is going to kill all my teeth and mess up all my dental stuff. do lip rings even do that as long as they are the right size and placed correctly?

A properly-placed lip piercing with appropriately-sized jewelry has a low risk of doing damage to your teeth or gums. However, any type of oral piercing has the potential to damage to your oral tissues. Again, the chances may be low, but there is no way to eliminate all the risk.

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Thursday January 24th, 2008 @ 12:33 PM

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4 days ago I have labret in the middle lip, but it turns out that for the inflammation the part inside of the piercing the inflamed lip gets lost, that is to say, covers it almost in its entirety, I must change the jewel? Or do I wait to that this deflate me?. I am afraid of that it is buried.

If I understand the issue, the disk on the inside of your labret stud is sinking into the inside hole. If that’s the case, you need to return to your piercer and get a longer labret stud. It sounds as though the piece that was put in initially was not long enough to accommodate the swelling you are having. If you don’t get a longer piece put in, the disk will likely embed into your lip to the point that it’s impossible to get it out without cutting it out.

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how much time?

Friday January 18th, 2008 @ 12:05 AM

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I’ve had my lip rings out for almost a year. I recently decided to put them back in. is tapering them up to a 16g an option, or should I should just repierce them?

Depending on how long you had your piercings, before you took them out, yes you might be able to taper them back up to a 16ga. Of course the only way to see is by visiting a piercer and have them analyze the area and attempt to pass the taper through. The taper should not be literally forced through, it should just slide through easily.

If this is potentially an option expect a bit of tightness and treat the piercing as if it was a fresh piercing for a little while, normally 3-4 weeks

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New Lip Piercing

Sunday January 13th, 2008 @ 3:10 PM

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Okay so dumb story but I pierced my lip.. i was clean about it and all that but then the next morning I realized it was stupid and needed to come out… so I took it out.

no pain or anything when I was piercing it, putting it in, or taking it out.

the swelling of the actual lip only lasted a day but it feels like its swollen between my lips (I think its just forming scar tissue)… like the outside isn’t swollen and on the inside of my lip is just a little white circle where the hole was.

Is that normal? Everyone I’ve talked to has says yes and it will go down in due time, I mean its only been 3 nights since I did it but I’m a worrier and I just wanna double check with people who might know a little more.

and every night I wash the outside and i rinse with mouthwash or warm salt water any chance I get….

but I just wanna make sure that kind of swelling is normal and will go down?

and if its scar tissue what is the quickest way to make it go down because i plan on re piercing it when I don’t have to worry about my job and my sports coaches and parents breathing down my neck, and its really kinda annoying

Putting a hole in your face = swelling.

If it’s only been 3 days, I wouldn’t worry about it. Give it some time and everything should return to normal.

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How low can you go?

Friday January 11th, 2008 @ 9:57 PM

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Would it be possible to perform a piercing right at the bottom of the lip where it meets the gum, and if so, would there be any likely issues? Would a standard labret post be suitable?

Thanks [=

I go as low as I need to go thank you very much, but only with the right person ;P

In seriousness to answer your question yes you can pierce where you are essentially looking to get them. If you search for Lowbrets on BMEZine, you’ll see a plethora of various different options.

Yes a labret stud would be ideal and I’d personally advise using a 3-piece internally threaded labret. As depending on how your lips and gums are you might require a smaller disc on the inside so not to rub against where the lip and gums meet,etc.

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Jewelery Gauges

Friday January 11th, 2008 @ 9:45 PM

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Alrighty. I have a healed labret piercing(14ga) and a healed Monroe piercing(16ga). I recently moved out of the province so I had to find a new place to buy jewelery. When I did I bought two studs, one supposed to be a 14ga and the other supposed to be a 16ga. I came home, cleaned them and went to put them in when I discovered that both of them were the wrong size! The stud that was supposed to be a 16ga was slightly larger than the one I had in. That wasn’t a huge problem so I put it in and the piercing was a little sore and red for about a day. But the other one that was supposed to be a 14ga was the same size! Way smaller than the one I had in my labret before! So, both of them were bigger than a 16ga, but smaller than a 14ga. What’s up with that? Is there such thing as a 15ga?

In essence, yes there IS a 15ga, but most jewelry suppliers never make the in between gauge size. This is often a result of inconsistent polishing techniques, either they mass tumble polish or even if it’s polished by hand, they can either over polish or under polish the jewelry. Thus giving the jewelry a inconsistent size, which ethically the jewelry suppliers should be checking to ensure its the proper gauge and length before sending them out to the wholesale buyers.

This is why I personally prefer dealing with only the best (highest quality) jewelry manufacturers nowadays, as they guarantee the correct gauge, length, diameter,etc that is ordered.

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Cheek Piercing

Friday January 11th, 2008 @ 9:34 PM

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i had gotten my cheeks pierced almost 3 weeks ago and had some trouble with them they had to put 5/8 inch barbells in from the swelling then they had to change the left one to 3/4 inch and it doesnt really hurt but it keeps getting like this really nasty stuff in it that leaks out like not just the lymph secretions but like thick stuff and where the ball had went inside my cheek it had made the skin rather loose ive been brushing every time i eat as well as doing sea salt soaks and H2Ocean spray on the outside of the cheeks and the skin inside is turning white and the ball is still wanting to go inside my cheek but not from the swelling just from where it had went in before like the hole wont close is it infected and what would u say the best thing to do is?


To be honest 5/8″ and quite often even 3/4″ is just a bit too short for initial cheek piercings. Most piercers I know will use jewelry that is close to 1″ or longer in length initially, to accomodate for the cheeks swelling allowance, which is a lot.

Also depending on where the placement was done, complications could definitely be occuring. If they pierced through the parotid glands or some of its ducts, problems can become quite serious.

Also brushing teeth should be kept to 2-3 times a day. As for the sea salt soaks, how are you mixing the sea salt and water together? Also how are you doing them (ie: washing your mouth out with it, soaking the outside of the piercing,etc) and how long are you doing this for?

Also depending on the bead size, you might require a little bit larger bead size, to prevent it from being sucked into your cheek. However a lot of this is just speculation, a proper in person assessment would be ideal, to troubleshoot the situation effectively.

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infected lip

Wednesday December 19th, 2007 @ 1:41 AM

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I pierced my lip a little over a week ago. The swelling has gone down, and now it feels like my other lip piercing (that’s now 2 years old) did, except I’m pretty sure it’s infected. The outside hole has a big sore around it that scabs up and makes moving the ring hell (even after I soak it to try to losen it up beforehand) and there has been copious amounts of pus. I’ve been doing sea salt soaks and trying to leave it alone, but I suppose my question is, is it better to “squeeze” the pus out (I tend to put pressure on the ring by stretching my lip out to make it come out) or leave it alone to clear up on it’s own?

Plain and simple, change the ring out to a implant grade steel or titanium internally threaded labret stud. Honestly I often ask myself why the hell are piercers still using rings/CBR’s for lips, when anyone with an iota of logic and intelligence will know that a labret stud offers a more effective and efficient healing process. Anyways sorry for that lil rant, teehee.

The fact is that the pus is still occurring because of the constant rotation of the ring. This rotation of the ring in and out of the piercing often irritates it and prolongs the healing time. With rings you should never be turning/spinning the jewelry around and the more you “squeeze” and touch and play with the piercing, the more you’re just going to irritate it.

So as I said above get a high quality labret stud inserted into the piercing and leave that thing along, at least for a good 8 weeks or so. If you decide you want a ring, then you can do so, once the problems are troubleshooted and gone. But still you want to wait a lil bit before changing the labret stud out to a ring, be patient and don’t rush…Else this problem will just keep occurring.

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Teeth Whitening Products

Thursday November 8th, 2007 @ 8:50 PM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

I drink a lot of coffee and tea, and I’ve just re-quit smoking for the 50th time, so my teeth aren’t as white as I’d like them to be. Are teeth whitening products, like the strips you put on your teeth ok to use with oral piercings? I have a new-ish (about a month old) inverse vertical labret. I was of course going to wait until it was much more healed to stick any harsh chemicals like whitening products in my mouth; I just wanted to know if they would be ok to use once I was healed up.

Thanks! :)

I’ve used teeth whitening systems myself, and they’ve never affected my healed oral piercings negatively - but I’ve only ever used the professional sort that one has done by a dentist, and I honestly don’t know if the supermarket ones are any different. I’ve always been told that the supermarket teeth whiteners are much weaker and take longer to be effective, so I can see it going one of two ways: A. It’s not as harsh and doesn’t irritate the piercings; or B. The multiple treatments and extended exposure will be more irritating. Of course, if the strips start irritating your piercings, you can always just stop using them!

Also, it just occurred to me that the kind of whitening I had done involved the bleaching gel put into fitted mouth trays, which pretty much kept the gel off my gums, let alone my lips or cheeks, so that’d be something to think about, too. Readers, feel free to weigh in with your experiences in the comments!

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