Reverse pa

Sunday May 6th, 2012 @ 5:11 AM

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I took out my reverse pa as it loomed like the skin had come away with it from the inside ( a white tough coatin on the bar ) now the piercing site is white and firm and hurts from time to time is this normal

Sounds like you may have taken out some of your fistula when removing the jewellery - this is VERY unlikely to happen without aggravation (as the jewellery shouldn’t normally be that tight). If you forcefully removed it or had an external thread piece in there, it is more likely.

I would suggest to make sure you keep implant grade jewellery in there and treat it as if its brand new, do your 2x daily warm saline soaks to promote skin regeneration and blood circulation. It should settle down quickly and be totally healed in a couple weeks.

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1st piercing is beginning of a ladder

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 10:14 AM

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Yesterday, I just got a frenum/frenulum piercing. I have a couple questions. 1st, it appears that the hardware is too long for where the piercer pierced the skin, I thought the balls were supposed to be relatively close to, or snug against, the penile shaft. Clearly that is not the case with mine, so if that is true, how long before I can take this hardware out and insert a shorter barbell.

2nd, I got a 12ga piercing and it seems as if it will not be thick enough. aside from the migration/rejection issues I feel like a larger gauge would provide better stimulation for both parties. I was thinking that an 8ga or 10ga would be a good place to start, however I do not know if that is true or if they even have needles that size to be able to just pierce at the larger gauge. Also, how long should I wait before I stretch out the piercing I just got?

3rd, because I’m getting a ladder done, or a “step-ladder” I have to decide on the gap between piercings. I do not intend on going all the way down to the base, imaybe like half way. What do you, or anyone, think about a decent spacing of four frenum/frenulum piercings? and I’m sure it depends on gauge of the piercing, but I’m just looking for advice, the choice is ultimately my decision.

4th, I realize you are not a doctor, and I will not hold you liable for any misinfo, but I currently have anti-biotics that I never actually took. If I take them during the healing process, would it have any negative effects or would it just help prevent infection?

Lastly, what about the balls? I know they come in different sizes, but what is a good guideline for larger than standard balls. (and I’m talking about the balls on the barbell lol)

1) You do want to give a bit of extra room on any piercing, to allow for swelling and easy cleaning. Every body is very different (especially with genital piercings) and it is better to have a bar too long than too short.

2) I personally prefer to do most male genital piercings at 8g as I find that they heal faster and are more comfortable during sexual intercourse. Every piercer is different when it comes to thickness’s, I can only talk from my personal experiences. Shaft piercings (being super soft tissue) is easy to stretch, so u can always get it up later!

3) This all depends on how many you want done. I would think 4 would be a good number for the length that you want to do. The exact distance would depend on the length of your shaft and exactly how far you want to go down. When you get your next one done, ask the piercer politely to roughly measure up the others so you can get a feel for the placements and go from there.

4) Antibiotics are only really good if you have an infection, they will help to stop you getting an infection. If everything was done sterile and clean, then it isn’t necessary to have them unless your piercer thinks you may have an infection. I suggest to not consult the advice of a doctor in regards to antibiotics, as they are NOT trained in how your body heals with an acute wound with a foreign object - such as a piercing.

5) You can get all different sized balls for different gauged piercings, however you don’t want to add too much weight to a thin bar. I would suggest to either only use titanium balls (they are lighter) or just go up in thickness (if you want to go thicker anyway) to achieve the larger ball size.

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hygiene on genital modifications

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 9:29 AM

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I’m pretty much a newbie, and probably very vanilla compared to what most of you are into… but this is the only place I could think of where I would not be judged based on what I want to do.

I recently found out that my foreskin retraction problems during an erection aren’t normal, they’re caused by a condition, frenulum breve. Again, probably well known info, but I grew up kinda sheltered.

Anyways. What I want to do is fix it myself, since I don’t have much money and don’t feel like having someone else hacking on my penis. I also prefer to handle everything I can myself as I am extremely DIY and love to learn everything. I found out that there is a very simple way to fix this, which is tying - put a suture through the frenulum and tie it tightly, then leave it alone. After about a week it’s supposed to cut through by itself and the suture will fall out.

Now, I did this last night, it really wasn’t as painful as I was expecting to put a needle through there. Hell, I’ve hurt myself worse accidentally, it almost felt good… even tying it tightly didn’t really hurt that badly.

What I’m really wondering about is hygiene - what should I use to keep it from getting infected? I have a very strong immune system and used peroxide to clean my fingers and the suture before doing it, and applied neosporin, but I really want this to go smoothly for all the obvious reasons!

I’m leaning towards neosporin, peroxide, or prescription antibiotics, hoping to avoid the latter. I have a dozen 500mg cephalexin capsules left from a course of antibiotics I got due to a work accident if things REALLY get out of hand.

Input? If I am being really stupid here, someone let me know!

I actually had the same problem when I was younger and without really any research into it, performed a similar procedure on myself. I did it in a clean manner, as my mother is a registered nurse and taught me at a young age about preparation and after-care of wounds.

I did mine with a pair of sterilized surgical scissors by holding the foreskin upwards and snipping along the glans (head). I made sure I was wearing gloves and cleaned the area really well with antibacterial soap. It did sting a bit and bleed for about 15-20minutes, however holding mild pressure with some gauze stopped it pretty fast.

I cleaned my head with half a cup of normal saline solution (salt water) and placing the end of my shaft into the cup for 2-3 minutes twice a day. This method promotes fast healing without aggravation from any stronger chemicals. Taking antibiotics won’t necessarily make it heal quicker, but you can never be too safe.

As always, I would suggest to see a doctor about it. They will be able to do it better, less painful and cleaner than you will ever be able to - saying that I understand the fear of a doctor seeing your junk. Just make sure you are doing it safely and cleanly.

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Piercings and Pregnancy

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 7:43 PM

Filed under: Male Genital

I got an apadravya and frenum long time ago, but recently found out me and my wife are to be expecting a little one. We were just wanting to double check if sex with the apadravya will be ok and not cause any problems with the pregnancy? We’ve tried searching but really couldn’t find a definite answer about this particular circumstance with apadravya + pregnancy. Thank you for any help.

I can not see any problem with a healed piercing interfering with
pregnancy. The only possible problem would be comfort. As long as the
piercings are comfortable for your wife then you have nothing to worry

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Removed and Healed Ampallang Pain

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 12:13 PM

Filed under: Male Genital

So I had an ampallang for about 5 months and it felt 100% healed.

No pain when I pulled on it or got rough with it.

But I decided to remove it about 2 months ago, now its just a scar tube (ggrrr) but there is pain on the right side. I dont think its infection. It has gotten worse when I pee. I hardly ever feel it other than that. And ever since i got the piercing I have had discolored tissue, well really just different shades, they remain even after removing the jewelry.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

It sounds like a bit of scar tissue build-up, its quite common with head piercings as it passes through very porous dense tissue. This tissue (especially transurethrally) is very sensitive and even a small amount of scar can cause discomfort. I would massage it daily with Vitamin E oil on the outsides to relax the scar tissue and help your body ‘absorb’ it back to normal - hopefully reducing your discomfort.

I doubt its an infection, as you said its healed and it would normally give you MUCH more than just while you urinate.

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First Ampallang and Apadravya

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 5:11 AM

Filed under: Male Genital

I got my first Ampallang and Apadravya in one session a few days ago. So far I’m liking it, my only concern is that later on I might want to go up from the current gauge (12) to a 10 or 8. How long should I wait before I go up, and is it possible to skip a gauge

You gotta be patiente, especially with genital work. Never ever skip a gauge! I often pierce these at 6g+ if a client requests them thicker.

How long it takes to go up really depends on your body and exactly how its been piereced. Trans-urethral Ampallangs tend to stretch quicker than ones just going through the head. I would personally say to wait a good 2-3 months to go up to 10 and then a month minimum between stretches.

As always, get your local professional piercer to stretch them for you - they will ensure you have the correct length jewellery and will be able to do it safely and as painless as possible.

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Carved Horseshoe

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 5:10 AM

Filed under: Male Genital

I was shopping online for new jewelry for my PA and I noticed a carved horseshoe. Is this for a PA?

I’m guessing that you are referring to a curved barbell which are commonly used for (healed) PA piercings. Just make sure that the front ball is a decent size, so it doesn’t ever want to go inside of the urethra.

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PA piercing healing

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 2:50 PM

Filed under: Male Genital

You will no doubt rate this the stupidest question of all time, but:

What does healing of a piercing actually mean?

I read that such and such a piercing takes X months to heal. But what does being healed entail? Remaining open? (i.e. not closing up in minutes of removal of the ring like my recent (5-week-old) stretch to 4ga.)

This is a tricky question. While most piercers will tell you its X amount of weeks/months till a piercing is healed what they generally mean is until a piercing is healed enough to change the jewelry/stop aftercare. Even after a piercing is done with the first stage of healing there is a second stage which varies from person to person. Some piercings will remain open for years and some for minutes. So my suggestion to anyone who loves their piercing, keep jewelry in at all times. If jewelry has to be removed to be changed then it should be done immediately.

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Prince Albert with 6 guage or larger

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 9:36 AM

Filed under: Male Genital

I currently have a 3/4 inch 6 gauge horseshoe in my prince albert piercing. I am concerned that the weight of the jewelry will stretch the urethral opening. Is it best to use different jewelry to avoid this problem? If so what are the best alternatives?

Thank you

I would suggest to invest in some titanium jewellery, it is (a small amount) more expensive however is half the weight of surgical steel and is fully bio-compatible (no nickel). You can also get it anodized in heaps of funky colours!

You can still find that your urethral opening can stretch as you stretch, even with light jewellery, however it will drastically reduce it.  You can also wear large gauged curved barbells, but I personally don’t think they look as cool and can be more difficult to find in your correct size.

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Off Center Apadravya

Tuesday December 14th, 2010 @ 4:13 PM

Filed under: Male Genital

I recently got my Apadravya done and I noticed that it was off-center by just a bit. Now the reason it is off is because I had a Prince Albert before and decided to get the Apadravya done.

My question is this, will natural stretching eventually lead to the piercing to being centered, I will stretch to at most a 2-0ga. If it cannot be fixed by stretching, is there another way to fix it other than waiting for it heal, and having it redone?

Stretching the piercing will not center it, because you are stretching it equally in all directions. However, it may very well make it appear to be more centered aesthetically.

Your other option, is scalpelling it a bit to redirect the stretch more towards the center. This might be a good option if the off center part is ONLY on the lower side (where the PA was), if it’s off center on the top as well I wouldn’t suggest the scalpelling.

Your best bet (as usual) is to find a reputable experienced piercer and get yourself a personal consultation.

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