Scrotal piercing keloids

Sunday October 18th, 2009 @ 3:12 PM

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Have you ever heard of a Hafada piercing that has created a keloid? My scarring process is quite bad, and most of my wounds end up creating keloids (real ones, according to my dermatologist), but I would think a scrotal piercing would not have those issues.


If you are prone to actual keloid scarring it doesn’t matter where on your body - if you wound the tissue, you are at risk of a keloid scar.

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Bad odure after scrotal piercing

Sunday October 18th, 2009 @ 2:22 PM

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Hi. I had 4 8G CBR’s in my scrotum done last month. Everything went fine and they are healing nicely. The problem is that there is a distinct bad odor coming from the piercings. It’s not “weeping” or anything. I first noticed it when it was still bleeding. Did I somehow get a scent gland pierced or something like that? I’d like to know if I’m stuck with this or if it will go away in awhile. Thanks!

Unfortunately my knowledge of human anatomy fails me when it comes to scrotal scent glands..
There could be a number a reasons your piercings have a foul odour:
The first would simply be personal hygiene. Balls hang out between sweaty thighs and in between a bumhole and a urethra all day. They often don’t smell very nice, but a nice shower with soap and water in all the surrounding areas usually does the trick.

Secondly, large gauge piercings create a larger surface area and, like stretched earlobes, can get what we so affectionately dub “cheesy”. That discharge and foul odour is literally a by-product of staph bacteria. It STINKS. You can rid yourself of it a few ways.
-Again with the personal hygiene. Have a shower, wash that! Rinse the piercing out with clean, warm water. When the piercings are healed enough that you can introduce a mild soap, that’ll be nice too.
-Wear implant grade jewelry. If you have a piece of tin “surgical steel” or mystery titanium CBR in there, your body is going to have all kinds of tissue stuck in the poor finish and it’s going to be fighting the foreign object. This will cause more smelly secretions and tissue decay.

Keeping the surrounding area and the actual piercing site fresh and clean should keep the problem under control.

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PA and IUD

Saturday October 17th, 2009 @ 5:30 PM

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My girlfriend wants to get an IUD. (

I have a Prince Albert at 2ga with a curved barball around 5/8″.

She’s concerned about the IUD string becoming tangled with my PA, which could potentially result in her uterus becoming perforated.

I am having trouble quantifying the risk. At face value, it seems unlikely. I’m aware of the attention in pop culture (Grays Anatomy) but do not believe it to be the source of the concern.

Clipped the string shorter is not very desirable, as verification of the device remaining in place is important.

Are you familiar with experiences either positive or negative? Can you refer me to documentation that would be applicable to the scenario?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

If your girlfriend’s IUD is placed properly and does routine checkups with her gyno nothing should really affect it after insertion. Having the strings clipped short (as in, sitting just inside the cervix, even!) is not detrimental the IUD in the least.

The “strings” that come off the bottom of an intrauterine device are not long and for the most part cannot be felt at all(by fingers, or penises alike!)I would be very impressed if you somehow managed to get your PA jewelry caught on that IUD in any way.

(Grey’s Anatomy is bullshit, for the record. Let me tell you that if ANYTHING caught and tugged on someone’s IUD, let alone dislodging it from the uterus, the white-hot agony that would ensue would not make for good watching for a silly segment of a television show. Even the thought of this makes my knees weak!)

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Thursday October 8th, 2009 @ 12:52 PM

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yes my question is whats better for an Apadrava. EMLA or Xylocaine Jelly, and yeah if anyone could shine a light on this for me would very helpful

An ap can be a painful piercing, but if done by an experienced pro, it should be quick enough that anesthetic is not needed. However, I am not of the belief that everyone must “earn” there mods, so if you insist on anesthetic I will give you a straight up answer. Emla, is a topical anesthetic that requires an occlusive dressing to be most effective and it is extremely effective on the glans tissue. Xylocaine jelly is best suited for inside of the urethra and is most commonly used (in our world at least) for sounding play. If you wanted to go all out you could combine the 2, using the jelly internally and the emla externally. However, I feel that would be extremely overkill. The emla alone as directed on the label should make the piercing damn near painless.

Standard warning, anesthetics like EMLA are legally regulated in some areas. Also, even though EMLA is fairy safe anytime you use anesthetic of any form you run several risk including the possibility of anaphylactic shock. If you insist on using it, do your homework and weigh out the pros and cons. Like I said an ap done properly only hurts for a second or two.

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Apadravya Stretch

Wednesday September 23rd, 2009 @ 10:53 PM

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I just got my apadravya placed last week (14g). How long should I wait before I step up to a 10g or 8g?

Generally speaking, starting at a larger size than 14g would be much more practical for an apadravya piercing. This piercing is meant to take abuse, so piercing it at a larger size would give it more stability.

If you would prefer to stretch it rather than have it re-pierced at a larger size, let your piercing tell you when it is ready to upsize. Your jewellery will be tight initially, but will loosen up over time (usually a couple months or so). When you notice that your jewellery has loosened up, this is when you can taper in a slightly larger piece of jewellery. Be sure not to take drastic jumps, as this will likely damage your piercing and cause unsightly scarring as well as creating tough scar tissue that will be difficult to stretch in the future.

You can do this yourself without a taper, but it is safest to have it done for you professionally.

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Prince Albert Piercing

Monday August 10th, 2009 @ 5:11 PM

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How long after getting a Prince Albert is it safe to masturbate?

The longer you can wait it out, the better…
That said, if you must, just be mindful of the piercing. Obviously tugging at the jewelry in a fresh wound is something you’d want to avoid doing until the piercing is healed. If you can rub one out without snagging the jewelry, have at ‘er! If it hurts, stop doing it.

Avoid using lubricants that can get into the piercing and irritate it and it’s probably not a good idea to get any saliva around the piercing either.
Give it a good rinse out with warm water when you’re…erm…finished.

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Frenum Issue

Monday August 10th, 2009 @ 2:41 PM

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I pierced my own frenum last weekend. It went in no real pain, no blood, but it was crooked. It started in the center and came out the side. I noticed the capture bead was too small and then after about 36 hours it got snagged on something (no Damage) so I removed it.

Now it has been a week and the swelling on the side has not reduced much and the appears to be a halh inch hard long noodle above the exit hole. Are these normal symptoms? When can I expect them to go away? I have no real pain, occaisional light discomfort, but most of the time it feels normal. Can you help?

You pierced yourself, it was crooked, you put in inappropriate jewelry and then snagged the piercing and removed it.

Now a week later there’s swelling and pain and a half inch long, hard noodle by it that wasn’t there before?? I don’t know what that is… Your doctor might! I suggest you ask him/her.
Piercing yourself isn’t always the best idea as it can cause some pretty negative results if you don’t know what you’re doing. Including crooked piercings and abnormal irritation and even awful infections later on. I don’t suggest it.

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Frenum Piercing

Wednesday June 10th, 2009 @ 7:15 PM

Filed under: Male Genital

I recently got a frenum piercing done, and have been since told that such piercings need to be stretched or they tend to reject. Is this a known issue with these types of piercings?

You can reduce the risk of your piercing rejecting if you:
-Find a piercer with experience in the procedure, wear and aftercare.
-are using implant grade jewelry (I do frenum piercings 10g and up)
-taking it easy on the piercing site (Hands, mouths, etc off of it for the first several weeks)
-practising diligent personal hygeine and care.

Some people find that piercings become more stable if they’re worn at a larger gauge so if you’ve got a weeny little 14g barbell in there, I’d suggest stretching it up…

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Foreskin mods

Thursday June 4th, 2009 @ 3:13 PM

Filed under: Male Genital

Is it possible to deral punch a foreskin say at a 2g or larger?

Possible? Yes. Good idea? Not so much.

As a general rule of thumb, punches aren’t recommended for soft tissue. Why remove tissue when it is not necessary, especially if that tissue if of the sensitive nature? A 4 ga needle followed by a 2 ga taper would be a far better idea. Whether your foreskin could support such a piercing is anatomically dependent though, so consult with a piercer experienced in male genital piercings, especially foreskin piercings which are fairly rare (in the US at least).

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Thursday May 14th, 2009 @ 4:21 PM

Filed under: Male Genital

I am interested in getting an apadravya, but don’t want to get it through the glans, instead pushing it back a bit and coming out either right behind the head, or maybe a bit farther in. Is there a problem with doing this, and can it be done at most piercing shops? Also, what is the standard procedure for getting it done? Is any numbing involved, or is it just prepped then pierced? Thanks of any information you can give me.

It’s definitely possible to have an apadravya placed further back.
Can it be done at “most” piercing shops? I wouldn’t count on it being done well. There’s a fair bit of measuring and manipulation to take into consideration to place a piercing like that. You’ll want to seek out a piercer who has experience.

For the most part, no numbing is involved for apadravya piercings. Even a topical cream would not be enough to effectively numb all the way through.
They’re not known for being particularly comfortable piercings to have done. Find a piercer you trust, go in to your appointment with a clear head and a relaxed, well rested, well fed, healthy body :)

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