PA scar

Thursday May 14th, 2009 @ 4:08 PM

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Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I have a prince albert piercing which is coming up to seven years old. It was pierced at 10ga and stretched up to 8ga about a year later. I decided about a month ago to stretch up to 6ga. I had no problem getting the jewellery in and I’ve been wearing a 6ga circular barbell with 16ml internal diameter since then. The jewellery is from Wildcat in the UK and is made from surgical stainless steel which I’ve worn in the past without any trouble.

Since the stretch the piercing has been quite tender, particulary when the jewellery moves. Also some raised scar tissue seems to have built up around the hole in the last couple of days. It is paler than the surrounding skin and feels fairly hard. It is not painful to put pressure on, rather the pain feels as though it comes from deeper within the fistula.

Please can you advise me on what to do? Will it help to downsize the jewellery at this stage? Ideally I’d rather not downsize having made the stretch but my priority is really to prevent the scar developing any further and reduce it as much as possible.

Many thanks,


I think it’s safe to say you may have stretched the piercing further than what it was ready for.
With any injured piercings after a stretch it’s a good idea to downsize back to (at least) the last worn size to allow for swelling and draining. Leaving an over stretched piercing angry with the jewelry that’s too big can cause a blow out and give you problems should you decide you’d like to stretch further down the road.

Be mindful of jewelry quality as well. “Surgical Steel” doesn’t mean anything as far as what your jewelry is made up of. It could be that you’re having a reaction to something in the metal. Does the barbell have have a nicely rounded edge to insert into the piercing or is it sharp? Did you use a taper to help guide the jewelry through without damaging the piercing? Is it internally threaded?
These are all things to take into consideration.

Seeing as it’s coming on a month since it’s started to bother you, I would trace my steps back to the last time it felt okay and put the old jewelry back in until it settles down.
In the meantime, mind you’re keeping it wrapped up and rinsed off before and after any play.

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PA permanent reversal procedure?

Tuesday February 3rd, 2009 @ 3:07 PM

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I have a number of old piercings, including a PA that was once stretched to 4ga but I no longer wear the jewelry. The only one that bothers me is the PA since it won’t close on it’s own and it can be messy still.

What is the procedure of reversing an unwanted PA permanently?


Reopening the wound and then closing it. Some people punch out the hole in hopes it will heal closed on it’s own. A better method would be minor surgery to reopen the hole and then suturing it closed. Definitely seek out an experienced practitioner and have them evaluate your individual case for you.

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About the size and stretching of a Prince Albert curved barbell

Tuesday January 13th, 2009 @ 10:51 PM

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Dear BMEzine,

I am eager to get myself a Prince Albert pierced and would like to use a curved barbell as piercing. In your FAQ I read:

“Initially the piercing is done with a ball closure ring which is 2mm thick with an internal diameter of approximately 13-18mm. After 2 months it’s best to increase the ring to one of 2.4mm thickness, this is far more comfortable during sex. Other forms of jewelery i.e. circular barbells, banana barbells, and prince wands may be worn.”

What I would like to know:

1) Does the thickness that is stated here also apply for curved barbells? If not, what would be the ideal curved barbell starter and final size?

2) Is it easy to switch between sorts of piercings without having to go through a whole procedure of stretching and caring or is it recommended to stick with one type of piercing?

3) How does the stretching of Prince Alberts in general and especially curved barbells work? I can imagine this might be a painful procedure.

I am asking all these question here because I feel safer to ask here than to a “random” piercer.

Thanks in advance,

- Al

The information contained in the F.A.Q., while accurate, could be a little misleading/outdated.

While captive bead rings are very common for PA piercings, there is no reason to not use a curved barbell or a circular barbell as well. In face, many men find a curved barbell to more comfortable during the healing as there is less jewelry to get knocked/moved about.

As for the sizing, 2mm, as mentioned in the F.A.Q. is only about a 12ga. In my opinion, a “good” piercer won’t be willing to do a PA on you any less than 10ga (2.4mm) and would likely encourage you to go with 8ga or perhaps even 6ga. The diameter, or length in the case of a curved barbell, would be determined by the piercer based upon what is going to fit your body the best.

When using a curved barbell, the length often has to be slightly longer than when using a captive bead ring or circular barbell. Curved barbells don’t tend to “drop” into the bottom of the urethra as much as CBR’s or CIBB’s and therefore require a bit of extra length. For example, if a 5/8″ diameter CBR would fit well, most likely you would need something closer to 3/4″ in a curved barbell.

As long as the jewelry is sized appropriately, you shouldn’t have any problems switching between different styles of jewelry.

Stretching a PA piercing is often very easy for man men. The tissue tends to be fairly loose in that part of the body so it often stretches easier. As you go up in size, you may find the stretches to be a bit tougher. However, the increased weight of the larger jewelry can also lead to easier stretches for some people.

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frenum ring

Thursday January 8th, 2009 @ 6:19 PM

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I love the idea of having a frenum piercing but then adding a ring and flipping it up over the head to create a basic cock ring but I want to do something a bit different. I want to go with the traditional frenum but also two to three others around the shaft and I wondered if it would be possible to join them with something like a segment ring. This would thus create a semi permenant cock ring as it would not be as simple as flipping it over the head to remove. I have been searching all over for pictures of something like this but have been unable to find anything to date. Also most segment rings are only one inch in diameter and I need about 1 3/8 inches. Any help you could give me with this I would greatly appriciate.

Getting the jewelry custom made is easy, but your idea isn’t likely to be too functional. The fluctuation of girth during different states of arousal would make healing it almost impossible and even if you did manage to heal it, say with individual pieces of jewelry, I don’t think it would be too functional. Neat concept though, just needs some revision.

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genital worries

Tuesday December 23rd, 2008 @ 12:55 PM

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Hey, I dont remember where I heard it but is it possible to become impotent from piercing your penis through the corpus cavenous(sorry about the spelling)?

The corpus cavernosum is one of two ‘chambers’ made from erectile tissue that fill with blood to help create an erection. Piercing through it is highly unlikely to make you impotent but can create an interesting bleed out situation if you get excited as they do contain arterial blood.

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Metal + Condoms = ???

Thursday November 20th, 2008 @ 12:53 AM

Filed under: Male Genital

I remember from a human sexuality class that “double-bagging” condoms (wearing 2 at once) defeats the purpose, that they rub holes in each other. This begs the question, if latex can rub holes in latex, wouldn’t steel or titanium have a similar problem?

The skinny: if I’m a dude with a genital piercing, will a condom be able to do its job?

Absolutely. With over a decade of pierced sexual promiscuity behind me and not a single std to date I can proudly attest that condoms do indeed work with piercings. I do reccomend extra strength condoms and also QUALITY jewelry of a decent gauge so as to be smooth and not sharp, your partners (uness they are total masochist) will also appreciate this. At one point in time they even made condoms specifically for PA piercings, if anyone can remember the manufacturer and knows if they are still produced please comment here.

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genital piercing

Tuesday November 11th, 2008 @ 11:20 PM

Filed under: Male Genital

i’ve seen alot of scrotum piercings but is it possible to pierce through the testes and have it heal?

It’s possible but not likely. The odds would be stacked towards it not healing, with a side order of potential complications. Best to stick with the scrotum itself.

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Apadravya Stretch

Friday November 7th, 2008 @ 10:23 AM

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I have had an apadravya for about 3 months and it was done at 12 or 14 guage and i want it stretched to either 10 or 8. I was wondering which is more suggested 10 or 8 and is there a piercer in the St. Paul MN area that will do this?

Apadravya piercings can sometimes be a bit of a difficult stretch. The bottom of the piercing often stretches easy, but the part of the piercing that passes through the head often makes for a tough/uncomfortable stretch. While you may be able to stretch several sizes at once, it is typically best to stretch just one size at a time. So, you may need to stretch the piercing several times to get to your final goal.

Also, depending upon how well the piercing is healing, 3 months might be a little to soon to stretch the piercing.

I’m not sure about St. Paul, but I work at Saint Sabrina’s in Minneapolis and that is definitely something we could help with.

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just a question on jewelry

Thursday October 30th, 2008 @ 9:34 PM

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just a simple question for those who may know the answer:

I’ve recently recieved and healed a frenum piercing, and I’ve experienced some discomfort and slight swelling after intercourse. I currently have a curved barbell as jewelry, I was wondering if possibly a strait barbell may be a better solution to solve this problem.

any suggestions?

Most guys will tell you that straight barbells feel much more comfortable than curved barbells do in a frenum piercing.
Also, be sure your piercing is worn at an appropriate gauge - I do frenum piercings at 10g and up. As I’m sure we all know, genital piercings tend to take a beating considerably more than any other piercing would so a thick anchor is key.
And of course, implant grade jewelry will definitely increase the longevity and comfort of your piercing.

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Uncut Prince Albert

Friday October 3rd, 2008 @ 1:52 PM

Filed under: Male Genital

Hello everyone!

I had been rejected by a piercer couple days ago because i wanted a 10 gauge CBR PA piercing but i am uncut. Well, since i am from Europe… let me just say: International hot dog comes with bun! Anyway… He told me max. 6 month and the piercing will migrate out pushed forward way constantly by the foreskin. If the foreskin could been very loose - he said - may be… But this is one in a thousand…

I made a research but i found few uncut PA stories but not a single experience about migration or rejection. So now what?! Was the piercer just way too cautious or what he said is the fact?

Thanks for the answers!


I’m uncircumcised and had a PA for years- pierced at 10g eventually stopping at 1/2″.
I’ve seen rejection with uncut/PA, but I’d say that’s more of a 1/1000.

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