scapelling a PA?

Thursday December 27th, 2007 @ 9:46 PM

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Hi, I presently have a 4 guage PA and my goal is to stretch to 00 gauge. Is scapelling a viable option? Thank you very much.

That certainly is an option. However, PA’s stretch easily as is. If yours is stuck, perhaps try a heavier piece of jewelry or more “activity”, either of these should easily get you to 2 ga and 00 is just two steps away. If you do decide to scalpel realize that it will stretch easier afterwords, so you may end up with a larger piercing than you desire.


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Bleeding during sex

Monday November 5th, 2007 @ 2:58 PM

Filed under: Male Genital

My boyfriend got an apyvadra several months ago. Twice since then, when having vigorous sex, my vagina has started bleeding. Is this because of the jewelry, and is this a normal problem? Are there certain positions we should avoid? He has already had his barbell downsized from what it was pierced at, so it fits snugly.

This sort of thing is definitely not unheard of with some genital piercings. I have had a few partners who have experienced the same thing from my apadravya. There isn’t an instant fix, as it will depend upon exactly what is causing the bleeding. A few things that your your boyfriend could try:

1) Putting smaller balls on the barbell; they may be less likely to rub…although
2) Putting larger balls on the barbell; it may not be so much the rubbing, but that smaller balls have a smaller surface area, so any rubbing puts more pressure/irritation on the area where the balls rub
3) Try shortening the bar even more; because of the squishy nature of the tissue, apadravyas can often be shortened much more than people think

The other obvious, albeit not as enjoyable, option would be to avoid vigorous sex. So, I’d try one of those other options first.

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