Hide n seek nipple ring

Tuesday September 11th, 2012 @ 4:48 PM

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I recently got my nipples pierced 2 weeks ago. Everything was going well until my nipples started to swell more, I guess my body thought it was a threat, I iced them,ran them through water while i showered and cleaned them with sea salt and did the rest of the after care steps,but then the barbell started sinking in my left breast I’d move them around to adjust(with clean hands), my breast are a 36DD,so I knew the healing process would take long and be rigorous,but then I noticed the left ball had sunken in and the skin had grown over it,practically overnight, and I tried pushing it through again,but became light headed and overwhelmed and a bit horrified.

Is this fatal for my nipple?

and what should I do,exactly?

Go see your piercer immediately. That barbell needs to come out and a longer one put in its place. This is not necessarily the end for you piercing but it needs to be handled asap.

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Nipple Bar Length

Tuesday September 11th, 2012 @ 4:29 PM

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Hi, I wanted to get my nipples pierced but was wondering what bar length I should get considering swelling after. My nipples are 5/8 in.

I also want to get an industrial piercing. Would it be too much or inconvenient to have the industrial and both nipples done at the same time?


This is something to discuss with your piercer before getting them done. 3/4 could suffice but your piercer might decide on 7/8.

There is no reason you can’t get your nipples and industrial done at the same time. 5 at a time is usually my limit for new clients.

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nipple piercing

Tuesday September 11th, 2012 @ 4:15 PM

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i got my nipple pierced in September last year, and recently got my other one done, my other nipple looks good as its done in quite deep but this nipple looks horrible and is really thin, just wondering if i should take it out and wait for it to heal and then get it re-pierced?

Yes, you should take it out. The edges of the piercing are a lighter color because the curved barbell is putting outward pressure on the edges of the piercing. The piercing also looks quite shallow.

If you are happy with your other piercing then you should get the new one done to match after it has healed a bit.

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inverted nipples

Tuesday September 11th, 2012 @ 4:10 PM

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Most posts I’ve seen about nipple inversion are from people whose nipples are completely inverted into the areola. One of my nipples is partially inverted. It naturally sits outside the areola, but it seems like the center of it is pulled back inward and doesn’t come out, no matter how hard my nipples are. I feel like the grading system of nipple inversion doesn’t exactly apply to my nipple.

I don’t want to get all excited and travel to see a piercer only to get turned away (I think I would die of embarrassment)…I know it’s hard to tell just by looking at the picture (I need a better webcam), but have you pierced nipples like this before? I feel like none of the pictures of inverted nipples I see are like mine, so I thought I’d ask.

Thank you!

It is hard to tell by looking at the picture, but I’d say there is no reason any piercer should turn you down. There is enough of a rise in your nipple to pierce it pretty easily. Just find yourself a qualified piercer with a good portfolio and you’ll be golden.

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Swollen nipple piercing

Friday August 24th, 2012 @ 5:25 PM

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I had my left nipple pierced about 6 months ago. It healed fine with no problems since, but after removing it about three days ago, I awoke the next morning to a very swollen nipple, it was pushing against the balls on either end of the bar and is very painful. As the day wore on, I noticed white fluid oozing from one side of the piercing. Despite going back to my origional cleaning routine for the past few days, (salt soaks and cleaning the sites 3 times a day) the symptoms have not improved.

Any advice, it is currently painful to wear anything heavier than a t-shirt, and to make matters worse I’m heading off to a festival for a week in 2 days time.


It sounds like you have inadvertently cause some type of damage to your piercing. “White fluid oozing” is not uncommon nor is it something to worry to much about. It is your body’s answer to the damage. Continue your aftercare routine and it should get back to normal in a few weeks.

If the damage was caused by the jewelry you might want to consider upgrading to a internally threaded titanium barbell to help prevent that from happening again in the future.

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Nippe Crusties and Lymphatic Fluid?

Friday August 17th, 2012 @ 8:32 PM

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I’ve only had my nipples pierced for about three months. They’re no longer sore, red, or irritated. They were only sore for about a week. The only thing that concerns me is the yellowish crusties that form on the bar, never on the piercing itself. I’m pretty sure this is normal,I clean them off with warm water and use anti bacterial soap designed for sensitive skin once a day, unless I notice the piercings to be particularly dry. Once a week or if I accidentally hurt one I’ll do a salt soak. I was just wondering how long this might go on for. I also noticed that they’re leaking what I believe to be lymphatic goo (?)when I shift my nipple to clean the crusties. I hope this is all normal. I came here because on every other place in the web the word “infection” is plastered all over the screen when crusties are even mentioned. None of my other piercings have crusted like this.

This is completely normal and can continue for up to a full year after being pierced.

Continue to clean and care for your piercings and before you know it they will be healed and not lymphing anymore.

Irritation can also be cause by chemicals like body wash,shampoo,lotion or even the detergent you wash your clothes in and this can slow down your healing. Poor jewelry quality can also slow your healing, titanium is always a great way to help heal a slow healing piercing.

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Nipple piercings? too high/deep???

Friday August 17th, 2012 @ 8:08 PM

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Hey guys.

Got both my nipples pierced last weekend. They are very inverted so i thought this may help. But looking at them now the nipple is not pierced, the areola is. Both piercings are above the nipple through the areola and the right one seems very shallow (you can see the silver under my skin and there seems to be alittle dent in the middle)

Is this normal? Is piercing the areola ok? will it effect healing? etc?

Thanks Aoife.

Without a visual inspection it is always hard to say yes or no.

Nipple piercings should not go through the areola and when they do healing is generally a pain. It would be best to get a second opinion from another piercer in person and see what needs to be done.

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Semi healed/closed nipple piercing

Sunday August 5th, 2012 @ 6:32 PM

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I had my nipple pierced 12 years ago. It healed fine but after about four years I got bored and took it out. Four years after this (8 years after the original piercing) a piercer was able to re-insert a barbell with no problems. I then had to take it out about 4 months later for work related reasons. Last week I was just passing a piercing shop and went in to see if they could insert a barbell for me - the piercer managed to get it 2/3 of the way through one side.

When I got home I had a closer look: the hole on the other side is small but open (enough to insert a very fine gauge)so I measured there is 1-2mm ‘blocking’ the route.The fleshy part of my nipple is about 10mm across so it’s almost there.

I don’t know how nipples heal after such a long period of time so please can I ask: Could I feasibly have a re-piercing through this original route?

(The nearest piercer is quite far away from me, hence me not getting a first-hand opinion which I know would be better than asking over the internet…)

Thanks for any advice!

It would absolutely be possible to re pierce it using the original placement. It might also be possible to stretch your piercing back to the correct size. Either way it sounds like your going to need to make a trip so you should be able to try the stretching first and then a re piercing if the stretch isn’t feasible

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Question about placement?

Tuesday June 26th, 2012 @ 2:04 PM

Filed under: Nipple

I have flat nipples and had them pierced in January to try and fix that, but they’re still flat sometimes. I heard getting your nipples pierced was supposed to make them stick out all the time. Does this mean mine have been pierced too deep? If so how soon could I have them repierced after removing the jewellery?

While piercing a nipple can bring it up or out, this is not the intended purpose of the piercing. If you don’t have the result you were expecting its not necessarily because of improper jewelry placement.

While I have seen great results with piercings help correct inverted nipples (here) I can’t say that correcting flat nipples has ever been something I’ve seen documented although I’m sure its possible.

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nipples splitting

Friday June 15th, 2012 @ 7:31 PM

Filed under: Nipple

first. I am terrified of nipple splitting, and am not sure if two bars in each nipple may lead to nipple splitting? The nipples are getting sort of callousy on the nipple, and callousy and crusty around the piercing. I cant find signs of nipple splitting anywhere on the web, but the piercings dont cause me any pain right now. Advice and warning please?

second. Some of the balls are beginning to be eaten by the piercing, causing the hole to be rather big. And I believe i just need longer jewelry. I live far away from trusted piercing studios. I have had nipple piercings before (horizontal ones) and was wondering if it would be an alright idea to change them myself to longer ones? (they have been here for about a week)

third. I know you suggest saline. My piercer suggested 1/4 tbsp sea salt per 1 cup water solution and that’s what i have been using to clean. is that alright?

Also, side question! I have a new reverse belly button. I was warned it may reject. Certain signs to watch out for or ways to prevent rejection?


Sounds like your main issue is jewelry length. Being that the piercings are so fresh I would avoid changing them yourself and find a studio that will help you and put some longer sterile jewelry in. Its worth the drive!

Saline and 1/4tsp sea salt mixed with 8fl oz are the exact same thing. Your piercer is correct in suggesting this as aftercare.

As far as the navel piercing goes just make sure to follow your piercers aftercare, that is the best way to prevent infection and rejection.

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