Nipple piercings going bad??

Thursday November 15th, 2007 @ 2:01 PM

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I have a double nipple piercing in my right nipple, with both a vertical and a horizontal piercing. The vertical one is 2 years old, and the horizontal one is about 9 months old. Both seemed to be healed well, until about a month ago my lover bit a little too hard and now both are crusting, my nipple is very sore, and the horizontal one became so swollen I had to change the jewelry to a longer barbell. But something I did notice when I changed the jewelry, and if I move the jewelry a significant amount even now, is I can feel the 2 barbells meeting inside my nipple! Like, the 2 piercing holes have combined or something, so that the 2 pieces of jewelry are sitting directly on top of each other. (I hope this makes sense) Could this be what’s causing all of my issues? And is this something I should be worried about? Thanks for your help!

It’s very possible the bite you experienced damaged/tore the tissue that was between the two barbells. From the picture, it appears as though you don’t have large nipples to begin with, so pinch/tearing of the tissue between the two pieces of jewelry would already be a concern. If that tissue does tear, it is very likely it will cause some pain and irritation. It can also create a larger “pocket” for bacteria, skin cells and fluids to become trapped. If you haven’t experienced any infection at this point, it’s unlikely the rubbing barbells are going to cause you any major issues, but it could be a situation where the piercings never truly become “happy” again because of the friction of the jewelry rubbing.

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Help Please?

Thursday November 15th, 2007 @ 1:38 PM

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Hey there, hoping that you could help with my problem here…

I had my nipples pierced in Toronto March 2006, so it’s been over a year.

I have a bubble/abscess(i dont know what to call it) , that are filled with a tiny bit of yellow/white almost sticky fluid, &sometimes a bit of blood. on the inner side of where the barbell exits my nipple. My right nipple has been tender for a while after tearing it slightly in the summer. The ‘bubble’ then pops and drains, forms a scab and tries to heal. (this had happened many times, still no luck in healing). I am cleaning them with an unscented soap in the shower, and doing sea salt soaks once a week.

I think I am starting to feel the middle of my nipple thinning out across the barbell, but am unsure. I just moved and haven’t found a reputable piercer to go get it looked at. It’s a disappointment to have them not being able to heal totally. Advice PLEASE? Thanks. :)

The bubble you have is a sign of irritation. Having a piercing tear is an obvious form of trauma that can cause fluids and discharged cells to gather at the edge of the piercing. Simple pressure from sleeping, bras and/or tight-fitting shirts can also cause enough irritation to cause the build up. Basically what needs to happen is that your piercings need some TLC and some time to recover.

I would suggest you stop cleaning with the soap. If you are a relatively healthy person and your personal hygiene is good, there is no real need for the soap. In most cases, the soap will end up being more of an irritant than anything, and will simply cause your body to have a harder time healing. Increasing the frequency of your salt soaks to once a day is probably a good idea. One of the biggest things is to be extra careful with the piercings; try to move them as little as possible and obviously try to avoid any direct abuse or trauma.

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Posted by Derek Lowe | Permalink | Comments

Painless infection?

Thursday November 8th, 2007 @ 9:07 AM

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I got my nipples pierced about three and a half weeks ago, and they appear to have been healing just fine. After the second day or so, I experienced absolutely no pain unless there was some sort of rough accidental contact with one or the other barbell. However, while cleaning the past couple of days I noticed that a drop of pus comes out of each piercing if the barbell is moved to one side. The strangest thing is that they still look fine, they don’t feel hot, and they certainly don’t hurt at all. Should I be concerned, and if so, is there any particular action I should take?


I’m pretty certain that what you’re seeing is not pus, but lymph - the drainage of lymph is a normal part of the healing process of any piercing and nothing to get worried about! Although lymph is characterised as being clear and watery in the wiki, it can appears whitish or yellowish in some individuals and is often confused with pus by worried new piercees. Just continue looking after your piercings as you have been, and they should be just fine. :) If you’re really concerned, drop in to see your piercer for a checkup, they should be quite accommodating and willing to put your mind at rest!

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nipple piercing

Sunday November 4th, 2007 @ 7:53 PM

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ok so i have a nipple piercing and it ripped and now i have a hole in my nipple (like u can see the bar inside) so what can i do can i heal it or what?

Ouch, sorry to hear it. Without seeing the piercing in person it’s a hard judgment call to make, perhaps visiting a piercer in person to get their opinion. Honestly though from what I’m reading the best option is probably to do a couple sea salt soaks (over a couple of days or so) to flush the wound out and remove the jewelry and allow it to heal up. Then wait roughly 6 months or so before re-attempting to pierce it, if you want it back again.

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Nipple crustiessss

Wednesday October 10th, 2007 @ 9:42 PM

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Hi there,

I got my nipples pierced in the early part of this year (the first one in March, the second in April). They are still forming crusties and recently the second of the two formed bloody crusties (I know, pleasant!). I took them both out last night to clean the bars and the nipples themselves and the smell was awful! I go through all the aftercare rituals as I should and can’t work out what the problem is, any ideas? Thanks a lot!

In order to troubleshoot this problem correctly, more information is required. We would need to know what gauge (thickness the jewelry is) to evaluate the situation better. If we are to simply go by the law of averages, I’d be inclined to say the barbells you have in your nipples are 14ga. From there however we need to determine what metal the jewelry is made out of: A) Stainless Steel or B) Titanium; as well as if it’s implant grade material or not, with a mirror finish.

Also what are the current aftercare rituals that you’re going through? As there are many different views on aftercare techniques.

To give a simplistic answer to your question “crusties” are quite often a mix of dead skin cells, body oils(sweat,etc) combined together. This occurs when the body realizes it has foreign material in the body, so it generates skin cells to seal up the hole. But due to the fact that you have jewelry is in the body, that matter has no other option but to expel from the wound.

As for the bleeding this is why I asked about the gauge size. The reason being because if it’s too thin a piece of jewelry and are prone to catching it, playing with it,etc then tears can occur resulting in the creation of the skin cells (crusties) as well as bleeding due to the irritation/tearing.

Everyone’s anatomy is different some people require 14ga jewelry, while others might require 12ga or 10ga+. It’s all based on the individuals development of their nipple.

As for aftercare protocols the best option is to use a very simple mild liquid castile (vegetable oil) based soap in the shower. As well as using a Sterile Saline Wound Wash (Blairex Wound Wash).

If the problem persists after all this I’d be inclined to suggest stretching to a larger size barbell then what you currently have and make sure the jewelry being used is Internally Threaded Implant Grade Stainless Steel or Implant Grade Titanium with a mirror finish.

Also if the bleeding and crusty matter is developing overnight, you might want to try wearing a snug shirt while sleeping. As you might be catching it on the bedsheets while you move around in your sleep at night. Also look to clothing that you are wearing that might be the cause of this irritation as well.

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