pierced with a 16g

Sunday May 6th, 2012 @ 11:29 AM

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So I’ve been reading all over your site about how bad 16g is for nipple piercings and it’s got me concerned. I’ve had my nipples pierced for 6 months and other than an issue with the length of the jewelry they’ve healed really well.

Should I consider stretching from a 16g to a 14g? And if I should, what would be the best way to do so? I don’t have a whole bunch of other piercings but im not really sure how to go about such a thing.

We often recommend to have nipples pierced at 14g (or thicker, if your anatomy suits it) to help reduce the chance of migration and rejection.

If you have had to for over 6 months now, I don’t think you should fret that much over it. If you wanted to aesthetically have them thicker, or if you are concerned about damage from bumps at the smaller gauge - I would suggest you get them stretched.

If you go to a reputable studio, they will use good quality jewellery and taper (stretch) the piercing up and insert the new jewellery for you. It’s much better for the piercing (and less painful) than to just ram in the thicker size.

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6 days old nipple piercing

Saturday May 5th, 2012 @ 6:57 AM

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Hello! Its really nice to see a wonderful, informative and helpful site like this. Please keep up the good work and help many more people.

So here is my situation. I got my nipples pierced last Dec. 02, 2011. Its just 6 days old. I got it pierced from a reputable and well-known tattoo and piercing parlor here in my place. As far as I remember, the guy used gauge 18 to pierce my nipples. His explanation to this is that the piercing will eventually stretch out during the healing process so there’s no need to use a larger gauge. I didn’t have any problems with the piercing procedure it self since I have high pain tolerance. Im surprised that the feeling of getting my nipples pierced wasn’t the feeling that I was expecting. Well, anyway, while cleaning my nipples this morning I noticed something off with my nipples:

1) First, the balls of the barbell seems to sink in on the piercing/skin. It really bothers me, since now I’m starting to feel pain (on my right nipple only). What is the best way to avoid/prevent/stop this? Is there a chance that the mark where the ball sink in will disappear (it’s really ugly :( )

2. Second, how long should I keep cleaning my nipples and what is the best thing to use to clean my piercing? I’m currently using Lactacyd Blue, a mild liquid antiseptic soap rinsed with warm water, then i’ll soak it on a saline solution *plain normal saline*, I do this twice a day, is this correct?

3. Third, how long will it really take for the piercing to fully heal? I’ve been reading a lot of articles on the web, and it says different things which is really confusing.

4. Fourth, when is the safe time to play with my nipples? Although I’m currently on a long distance relationship, i’ll be seeing my bf really soon and I wonder if it is already safe to play with it.

I attached/included a photo so you can picture out what my nipples look like and what sinking in do I mean.

I am really hoping that you could help me like everyone else who asked question in your site. Thank you very

From the look of the pictures (thanks for submitting it with your question, it REALLY does help!) it appears that they are thicker than 18g. I would say either 16g (at a minimum) or more likely 14g. Personally I do them thicker for ladies, as I find that it heals much faster and causes less irritation and aggravation when knocked during healing.

Lets get onto your questions!
1 - I would strongly suggest to go back to your piercer and get them to put in longer bars, I normally like to see at least 1-2mm each side to allow room for swelling and to let the natural crusties room to weep out while it heals.

2- I personally only recommend to clean piercings with normal saline solution (eye contact lens cleaner). I would suggest to 1/2 fill a shot-glass (or small cup) and flip it over your nipple, causing a little seal, and let it soak for 2-3 minutes. Make sure you rinse off the excess saline (and crusties), preferably in the shower, to make sure they don’t dry up and cause irritation.

I like people to do this for 8-12 weeks for nipples, as they do take a little longer to heal than other areas.

3- Everyone heals differently, most ladies find that they are ‘healed’ after the 12 weeks of cleaning. If your crusties keep coming, continue to clean it with saline until they stop.

4- Again, everyone is different. A healed piercing is very different than a ‘fully healed’ piercing, which has totally settled in and can be played with/bumped without problems. Some ladies find this can take up to a year, some find that its fine and comfortable for them after the 12 weeks.

My suggestion would be listen to your body - if something is uncomfortable, stay clear of it. Make sure that you also don’t have any bodily fluid contact with the piercing while they are crusty as it can cause a nasty infection (especially with saliva).

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Nipple piercing suddenly very sensitive

Saturday May 5th, 2012 @ 4:56 AM

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I had my nipple pierced about 4 years ago and didn’t have any complications until few months ago. My boyfriend was a little to ruff and ever since I have had crusties and on and off shoots of pain through the actual nipple. I have tried to take the piercing out and can no longer unscrew it. I was just trying to clean it and realized it no longer turns and when I tried I became instantly dizzy and nauseous as soon as I stop it goes away but I’m worried about having an infection. I don’t have health insurance so I would rather try and just take the piercing out and see if it helps. Is there anything that may aid in unscrewing the barbell?

Sounds like you have torn your fistula (the inside skin of a piercing) a tiny bit. This happens time to time, even with well healed piercings encounter a good bump.

I would strongly suggest not to EVER turn a piercing while its in any form of healing stage, as you are going to drag little tiny scabs through the already sensitive tissue and cause more damage. Go back to your warm saline soaks twice a day and let it heal back to it’s former glory.

Leave the jewellery in at least until its fully healed, removing the bar will only cause you more problems.

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Nipple ring irritation

Saturday May 5th, 2012 @ 4:47 AM

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I’ve had my vertical nipple piercings a little over a year now, and recently I have red, itchy irritations where the plastic balls rest. Currently I have o-rings in place of the balls until the redness goes down, and will put in the metal once they feel better. What should I do to take care of them now? I am putting on neosporin for now.

Also, I still have the white-ish, yellow-ish fluid coming out of the piercing whenever I put a ring through it, and they still kind of hurt - is there something I can do for that as well?

Thanks so much!

Quite often people are allergic to cheap plastic body jewellery, best bet is to always wear titanium just to be safe. It comes in all sorts of fun colours, but most importantly is 100% biocompatible.

As far as the rings go, verticle nipples should ONLY ever have straight barbells in them. Rings will cause too much movement and irritation.

The white/yellow fluid is most certainly lymphatic fluid, which is totally normal during healing and if the piercing has been aggravated recently. I would suggest to do 2x daily warm saline soaks to promote blood circulation and speed up the rest of the healing, as well as putting some quality titanium barbells in.

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Nipple piercing with galactorrhea

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 11:59 AM

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I’m considering getting my nipples pierced, but one of the reactions I have to my birth control (arm implant) is a mild case of galactorrhea (i.e. milk production and occasionally a few drops leaking into my clothes). Is it possible to get my nipples pierced when this is the case? Does this increase the risk of mastitis? Please help.

Heya, this was an interesting question. I have read up on this in pregnancy books and could not find a lot of information. Your nipple is like a strainer,it is covered in milk ducts so having a piercing before and after having a baby is perfectly fine,when removing the jewelry to breast feed milk will come out the piercing site as well.

In my professional opinion based on what I have researched, would be yes you can still get pierced. Maybe have your barbells a few mm longer at all times to ensure fluids can always escape.

Make sure you go to a reputable piercer and don’t be afraid to question them on sterility and skill which I highly recommend as you are a very special case. Ask for internally threaded titanium as it agrees with the body better than SSS and have regular check ups during the first 6 months of healing.

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Nipple piercing

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 9:28 AM

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I just got both nipples pierced and one is not straight. They are borh horizontal with barbells. The one ball is closer to the skin then the other, it kind of sticks out a bit. Should I be concerned about this?

I would say pop back and see your piercer! If the depth of one piercing is slightly off then they can re-angle it for you.

Even the best piercers can make a mistake and they will be more than happy to fix it up for you. We are only human after all. :)

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Piercer will not change out bar

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 9:26 AM

Filed under: Nipple

Hi, I got my nipple pierced about 5 days ago and due to the swelling one ball is digging into my nipple. So much so that you can see where some skin has rubbed off due to the pressure and it has started to scab. I went to the piercer and asked if he would put a longer bar in and he said that that was normal, and that with any tongue or nipple piercing indentation is going to occur and to just wait for the swelling to go down.

My question is should I go to a different piercer and get their opinion on it, or should i just wait and hope that one day i dont wake up to the ball having dug its way into the piercing?

I think perhaps it would be best to go back to your piercer and ask them to
put in a longer bar, it defiantly sounds like your bar is too short. If he
says the same thing again, just go to another piercer – one that cares
about your comfort and the best thing for your healing.

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just curious is all

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 8:42 AM

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I’ve had my nipples pierced since dec 3rd of 2011 and i stumbled upon this site and decided to ask some questions

i’ve included some pics…the one on the top is my right nipple and the one on bottom is of course my left nipple.

one are my barbells too long?

do they look like they’ve healed ok?

and how long should i wait to change them?

and i woke up one morning with crusted blood…is that normal?

despite the fact i got them done “unprofessionally” i’ve had no issues with them(thank god)i really don’t go to unprofessional places(phobia)thanks in advance for the feed back

Considering they weren’t done professionally, they look quite good! I would strongly suggest shorter bars in them as it will reduce the chance of getting them caught during your sleep (the likely cause of the crusty blood).

Go into a professional piercing studio and ask them to measure you up for a perfect fit barbell, not too tight nor too long. If you can find a studio that uses internal thread titanium it can also eliminate any chances of jewellery irritation (they also come in awesome colours!).

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problems with an 8 year old piercing

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 8:37 AM

Filed under: Nipple

I had both of my nipples pierced almost 8 years ago and never had a problem with them until about a year ago. The left one kept getting a bump towards the right side of the piercing. After some tlc, it would go away, but a few weeks later it would be back. Roughly 3 months ago, I noticed the spot where the bump had been actually left a tiny hole I could see the jewelry through. Well, it healed and wasn’t causing me any pain until yesterday I noticed the skin on that side had ripped up into where the hole was. Is this a type of rejection? If so, why so long? I took the jewelry out when I noticed this and it appears everything is closing up fine and there’s no pain. Would it be recommended to have the piercing re-done once everything is completely healed up?

It does sound like migration, when your body slowly ‘thins’ out the skin
in-front of the jewellery. It is different than rejection, which is your
body usually reacting to the jewellery and pushing it out, similar to a

In my opinion, taking it out is the correct thing to do. I would let it
settle right down and then go into a reputable piercing studio and get it
re-done behind the old scar tissue (assuming it was pierced a little bit
shallow to start with).

It can be caused from a number of things, sometimes it happens from
long-term aggravation (like sleeping on it) and more commonly from ill
fitting or incorrect jewellery. 12G straight barbells work best for
nipples, especially with titanium (which is lighter and more bio-compatible
than steel).

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numbing agents for nipple piercings

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 7:54 AM

Filed under: Nipple


I would be interested to get your opinion on numbing creams being used for (female) nipple piercings? I had my left nipple pierced about 10 years ago and it was VERY painful (I made a noise like a yodelling cat haha!). It took ages to heal and was quite painful (I am large breasted which I don’t think helps), so I took it out. I am now thinking about getting both of them done (older, wiser, more aware of correct follow-up care etc), and would welcome your advice. Thanks!

Hey there, I don’t normally recommend my clients to use numbing creams on nipple. I find it can change the skin by over saturating it and making the tissue rubbery.  Depending on your structure maybe it would be OK, but pop in to your piercer for a consult before you apply the cream to get it done.

I find that free handing nipples seems to be very comfortable if done by a piercer who has a lot of experience in this technique, just takes the clamping pain out of the equation (which I found was a bit bitey)

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