Nipple Piercing Problem

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 3:46 AM

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I had both my nipples pierced just before Xmas of 2011. The right side gave me some issues and during a trip out of town it became greatly irritated and swelled and essentially “swallowed” on of the balls. I promptly removed it, waited about 2 months and had it repierced with a long barbell and the left one replaced with a longer one as well. Now I am very chesty (44DD) and until the piercings my nipples were NEVER erect (despite temperature/sexual arousal/etc) due to their size. Now even though there is plenty of room for movement with the longer barbells, under one of the balls on my right breast a small sore is forming (I believe sleeping on my stomach may be a factor but sleeping on my back is not an option for other medical reasons). A similar sore formed under a ball on my left breast a few weeks ago and ended up being nipple thrush (self diagnosed and yeast infection treatment cleared it up). I’m very clean, I still salt soak often and do my best to care for my new piercings . I have several other piercings so I don’t believe it’s any sort of allergic reaction. Will this continue? Anything I can do to stop the sores? Any suggestions? I didn’t include pics cuz I simply couldn’t get the pics to show the sores properly. Thank you!

What you are reffering to sounds like hypertropic scar tissue and is quite common when you sleep on the piercings or wear tight bras. It can be cause from playing with it or incorrectly sized jewellery too.

I would suggest to do warm chamomile herbal tea bag soaks as part of your daily cleaning routine to help them go down and back to normal, but that will only fix the scar tissue - not stop it from forming again. You are also at a higher risk of it happening again due to your previous piercing (old scar tissue has a higher chance of rubbing and forming hypertropic)

Try your hardest to sleep flat on your back, try sleeping with sunglasses on (seriously, it stops you from turning over) or positioning hard pillows (or cushions) to either side so you physically are unable to roll over.

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Nipple Piercing

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 11:26 PM

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Dear BME,

I’m a 20 year old guy and I just had my nipples pierced about 2.5 weeks ago at 16ga with high quality jewelry (just stating that the jewelry quality is not the cause of the issue). I’ve had virtually no problems with them at all so far: bleeding stopped after a few days, I could sleep fine with them, they never got caught on anything. I woke up this morning and the left one seemed to be bothering me, but below the surface of the piercing, deeper in my chest, directly below the piercing. The tissue looked dry and there was a bit of white crust on it so I soaked it in warm water. When I wiped it away, some more oozed out the side. I gently compressed the area and a little more came out. The other nipple had a smaller amount of the same white discharge. At first I thought it was an infection but then I realized could I be lactating because of the piercing? The dull pain and white discharge could be associated with infection but could the piercing have also stimulated some milk ducts or something? For men, I would say I have large areolas around my nipples. I also thought that since I’m on antibiotics (for my recently pulled wisdom teeth), it could be lymph or white blood cells or something. I realize that these piercings are not fully healed yet, but I’m kind of freaked out. Any thoughts?

The white crust you refer to is most likely lymphatic fluid, a totally normal part of healing a piercing. Think of it like a scab on a cut. I would suggest to not sleep on any fresh piercing during the healing, even if it doesn’t hurt - it can be causing damage to the healing.

I also wouldn’t recommend squeezing the piercing to get the discharge out, correct aftercare should safely remove the crusties that are ready to drop off and leave the ones that are still required for healing alone.

To clean them, basically microwave a shot glass (or small cup) of normal saline solution (eye contact cleaner from the chemist) for around 3-4 seconds and flip the shot glass . Make sure its warm BUT NOT HOT! It should ‘clean’ all the crusties and encouraging blood circulation and promote fast healing.

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Barbell too short?

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 3:43 PM

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I got my nipple pierced on Sunday and it’s been absolutely fine, it hardly hurt to get it done and had no pain afterwards. I’ve been cleaning it at least twice daily with the spray the piercer gave me but now I’m not too sure if the barbell is too short. You can’t see the bar on either side of the holes, is this bad? And just before I think one side got a little stuck on the ball but I don’t know if that’s just from the spray kind of drying as I just cleaned it. This afternoon the skin below the nipple was a little yellow but that has basically gone now. I can upload a photo if that’s more helpful? I don’t know if it’s a problem or not because it doesn’t hurt at all and I’ve had no crusties so far but I don’t want to screw up my nipple! Thank you

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

If it doesn’t hurt and your not having any issues then its safe to say you should be fine. If the beads on the barbell look like they are starting to sink into your skin then you need to pay a visit back to your piercer, but in the mean time just keep taking care of that piercing and you should be fine.

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nipple piercing healing

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 8:38 AM

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i had my nipple pierced yesterday and even though it hurt a bit it seems like the piercer did a good job.

he told me to move the barbell any time i wash it (i have to clean it, rinse it with phisiological solution and then put an antiseptic on). the thing is i cant move it, it feels stuck and yesterday trying i caused myself so much pain i almost fainted.

is it too early to move it and i should just wash it and clean it for a bit or it there something wrong?

thanks for your help

I never actually recommend to move jewellery during the healing of a piercing, there are a number of ‘crusties’ that are forming inside of the piercing and if the jewellery is moved they can tear up the fragile forming skin (fistula) inside of the hole.

Also the solution and antiseptic that you have been recommended to use sounds like it may aggravate the healing also, I only suggest normal saline solution soaks.

Basically microwave a shot glass (or small cup) of normal saline solution (eye contact cleaner from the chemist) for around 3-4 seconds and flip the shot glass . Make sure its warm BUT NOT HOT! It should ‘clean’ all the crusties and encouraging blood circulation and promote fast healing.

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My Nipple Piercing

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 3:58 AM

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This is my nipple from another angle.

I just got my nipple pierced in Paris. The lady didn’t speak English very well. I had read that the male nipple is pierced just where the areola meets the nipple and not the nipple itself. COuld some look at my images and tell me if this has been pierced correctly because she pierced the actual nipple.

Thanks so much for any input

I think perhaps the piercer may not have had much expierence with male nipple piercings and has placed it (only a little bit) shallow. She has also put in a MUCH too large bar in there and it’s quite ‘high’. I would be more worried about the fact that it is very high (only allowing the top side of the nipple to be pierced) rather than it potentially being shallow.

My recommendation would be to go into a reputable piercing studio (that can adequately communicate with you) and get them to remove your existing piercing and re-pierce it correctly at a later date.

Alternatively, you could put in a shorter bar (to stop it getting caught) and there is a high chance that you could heal it just fine - however I wouldn’t personally run the risk of rejection.

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Is this a sign of mastisis or skin irritation? (pics included)

Saturday December 4th, 2010 @ 10:42 AM

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I originally got my nipples pierced July 29th (almost 4 months) I’ve cleaned regularly with H2Ocean spray & have had no problem. A couple of days ago I noticed my piercings became itchy. Than they sort of became dry & I noticed it only is dry & itchy near the top of the areola & not near the barbells or fistulas. In the pic you can see its sort of red and irritated at the top of the areola. So is this an infection, mastisis, or just a simple irritation. Keep in mind the cold is starting to come in & maybe I just need to moisturize? I don’t know. Please help!!

Is your piercing, like, a mile-and-a-half back into your areola, or is it just that picture? I can’t even tell from that picture. The placement looks incredibly shonky to me!

I’m never super keen to play Amazing Kreskin Internet Diagnosis games, to be honest, my advice is to go see a GOOD piercer - maybe not your original piercer, if your piercing placement is as much of a barrel of wonkies as it looks to me - and ask them what they think. I will say that it doesn’t SOUND infected as such, and that it’s probably just a normal healing nipple piercing thing - a good chamomile soak and some emu oil may well be the very thing to settle your piercing down. But if YOU (original poster and all of our many readers) think your nipple piercing might be infected, PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT ASK THE INTERNET - mastitis is no joke. Go get it looked at ASAP!

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Nipple healing time?

Monday October 25th, 2010 @ 5:21 PM

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Hey! I just wanted to say that I love your site, it always has great information. :)

I do have a question. I got my nipples pierced in Spain during March (Spring Break), one of them started giving me real problems and I took them both out mid July.

I know it’s best to go see a piercer and have them say if my nipples are healed enough to be re-pierced, but what’s a “general” time frame for healing? (When should I start to consider going to get them looked at?)

Thank you so much!

I tell my clients to wait at least 2 months after removing a piercing before repiercing the area.

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Obese and Pierced with flat nipples.

Wednesday September 22nd, 2010 @ 10:40 AM

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I got my nipple pierced at what I thought was a reputable parlour. They peirced me with a 16 gauge. I didn’t have to removed my bra etc and no measurements were taken. Long story short I was in pain, and I went to another parlour closer to me a for a follow up consultation and they said that I was peirced with the wrong gauge, that the bar was too small, and that it has migrated into the nipple a bit. They also said that the first parlour pierced me as male nipple and that they didn’t actualy pierce my nipple they pierced BEHIND it.

So…I’m just wondering…what now? This new parlour said that I had to let it grow out and heal and I should keep the piercing. They moved me to a 14 g with a longer barbell.

I find that the balls still press too much against the piercing area and I am feeling pain in my breast.

Any suggestion? I am so distressed over this and it’s a real blow because I really waited so long for a piercing.

Things to know, I am female, over weight with flat nipples. Please advise

Based upon the information you’ve provided, and the fact that I can’t actually see your piercings, my initial suggestion is to remove the piercings, let them heal and have them done properly. Whether the studio you went to for the follow-up evaluation is the right studio for the re-piercing you will have to decide yourself. It sounds like they mostly gave you good information, but the fact that they said you had “let it grow out and heal and I should keep the piercing” concerns me a little..but I again, I can’t see your piercings so maybe that was sound advice.

If you have flat nipples, smaller balls on the barbells will often help reduce the pressure the jewelry puts on the breast. There is a limit to how small the balls should be of course, as you don’t want them to imbed in the piercings.

The pain you are feeling in the breast is likely due to the piercings being placed behind the nipple.

Best of luck!

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Suggest a piercer - Austin Texas

Tuesday August 24th, 2010 @ 1:56 PM

Filed under: Nipple

I’ve been planning on getting my nipples pierced for a few months now. I’ve spoken to several piercing artists and friends about it, but I haven’t found some one I’m terribly comfortable with. I was hoping to see if anyone is in the Austin Texas area that could suggest (if possible a female) piercing artist. Thanks!!

While I don’t personally know any female piercers in the Austin area I can personally vouch for the expertise and professionalism of my former apprentice Ryan and his co-worker Victor at Affinity Body Piercing. Either of these guys will give you an awesome piercing and make you feel 100% comfortable and if it would make you even more comfortable they would be happy to let you bring a friend along with you for support.

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nipple piercings on mtf transsexual?

Wednesday July 21st, 2010 @ 1:13 PM

Filed under: Nipple

i am an adult male-to-female transsexual, and my breasts are still developing (though i don’t know how much longer they’ll be doing this– probably at least another six months, though). i’m curious whether it would be advisable to get one or both of my nipples pierced– i wanted to do this before i started taking hormones, but i decided that, since my nipples would grow that i should wait. now they seem to have stopped growing (and are within the size-range of ordinary female nipples, so), but my breasts are still growing (16 months HRT, if that gives you any idea). given the possibility that my nipples could continue to grow and have just taken temporary leave of doing so, would it be unwise to pierce them right now? (and if not, would it have been unwise to have had them pierced when they were male nipples?)

finally, is there anything that would prevent me from getting my nipples pierced in a year or three, when my breasts have definitely finished growing?

It is in your best interest to wait until your breast have reached their final size before doing the piercings. A growth spurt could cause migration, leaving you with scarred up nipples. I am sure you have shown great patience to get this far along in your transformation, a little bit more patience in regards to the piercings would help ensure you do not do any unnecessary damage. Once you have stopped growing, your nipples should be totally fine for piercing.

I would advise seeking out an open minded and experienced piercer to help you with this though as it may not be quite as straight forward as regular nipple piercings.

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