Septum placement too close to face?

Friday August 17th, 2012 @ 8:12 PM

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My septum is 3 weeks old and it occurred to me a couple days ago that other people’s septums are pierced a lot more towards the tip of the nose, and mine is extremely close to my face. The piercer told me it was pierced through the sweet spot yet it doesn’t look right and won’t stay vertical. This picture was taken the day after I got it pierced. There isn’t anymore dried blood and it has gone down a bit but not all the way. This morning I noticed a pimple-like bump on the right side of the piercing, and I’m pretty sure it’s rejecting. Would it be rejecting because of the poor placement or is the placement correct and it’s rejecting for other reasons? Should I just take it out and get it re-pierced correctly from a better piercer?

You are right in assuming your piercing has been done incorrectly. A septum piercing is generally placed towards the tip of the nose in the small gap between the cartilage (also known as the “sweet spot”).

I do not think your piercing is rejecting. While the placement is incorrect for a traditional septum, there is nothing to indicate that you would not be able to heal this piercing if you were so inclined.

Unless you like having a more unique twist on a basic piercing, I would remove this and have it done correctly. If you decide to keep the piercing it might be better suited to a different style of jewelry. I don’t think the circular barbell will ever lay down all the way. A barbell would be comfortable and look cool.

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Septum concerns

Wednesday May 23rd, 2012 @ 6:35 AM

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I got my septum pierced three days ago and I have been cleaning it 2-3 times a day by pouring salt water on it (with the salt the piercer provided). It feels ok and isn’t bleeding or crusting. However it feels like it is very high up in my nose and I can’t see it if I look up my nose. The jewelry barely hangs down below my nostril and I’m not sure if this is because of swelling. The piercer said it would be a bit crooked until the swelling went down but didnt mention if the piercing would drop at all.

It looks weird now because it barely hangs down. The piercer also mentioned that she was giving me a wider jewelry and I don’t know if maybe that is why it is short. I’m not sure if the piercing is too high or if I could just get a longer jewelry so that it hangs down more. If so when would I be able to change it out? Is it too soon to go back in a week and have the piercer change it for me?

Everybody’s “sweet-spot” (the thinnest piece of cartilage inside the septum area) is in a different placement, some very high and some quite low.

Septums don’t ‘drop’ as they heal. If your sweet-spot is in fact that high, then there is nothing wrong with the piercer at all. If you want it to be more visible, then you could simply get a larger diameter piece put in after a good 4-6 weeks. I wouldn’t suggest changing it at all before this time period, as you will most likely scratch the very fragile healing tissue inside the hole and also find it quite difficult to get the new jewellery back in.

My suggestion would be to wait at least a month and then pop in a larger diameter piece in there.

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Nose piercing too high?

Monday May 14th, 2012 @ 1:43 AM

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Hello there!

I got my nose pierced at the end of May and I’ve been wondering the past month or two have I wondered if it was pierced too high. Another piercer even said that he would have even done it slightly further back.

When it heals completely I would like to put a ring in and I am worried that it is so high, a ring would look funny or wouldn’t fit. :/

My question is this: Should I take this one out and get it re pierced or is it not that big of a deal?

I personally think it is a little too high to comfortably accommodate a ring later, but it looks great on you!

You could always get another piercing done underneath it and wear a ring in that one and keep the lovely stud in the higher one. It’s a very cool look that I have done only a couple times!

Make sure whenever you are getting a piercing like this, that you tell your piercer what jewellery you want to eventually wear in it - so they can place it in the best spot for when its all healed and ready to change.

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Slightly wonky/askew septum piercing.

Monday May 14th, 2012 @ 1:23 AM

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I had my septum pierced today and the piercer had trouble finding my sweet spot, when it was done she said it was slightly off and that the right side was slightly further forward. Although she said that i could have it done again for free if i wasn’t happy with it i thought id wait a while to see if it fixed itself. Do you think it will right itself as it heals or will it always be slightly wonky? I was going to upload a photo but you can’t see clearly in any i took that its slightly further forward on one side.

Septums are a tricky one to do! Especially if you have a small or thick ’sweet spot’.

Chances are it will stay slightly off when its healed, but I wouldn’t stress too much about it. If you are finding it hard to even take a photo to demonstrate that its off - i doubt that anyone will really notice!

You could try to ‘train’ it straight, but doing a warm saline soak and then holding the jewellery in the direction that you want it to move too. Over a couple weeks it will often stretch in that direction and become straighter - I have suggested this to a couple clients and have seen great results. Just don’t do it too hard and make sure its not hurting while you do it or you will cause irritation and could make things much worse.

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Septum Piercing

Monday May 14th, 2012 @ 12:47 AM

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Hi there!

I have been thinking about to get my Septum pierced, but I have tend to get keloids. I have one keloid in my ear already, but it doesn’t really bother me, since I had been thinking of getting an implant in my ear anyway, so it was just good. But I am now a bit worried of the fact that when I’m going to pierce my Septum, that if it becomes a keloid. :/ How usual is it to get a keloid in the septum, if you do the piercing between the cartilages, on the skin like part? (I’m sorry for a bad explanation here. xD) Thank you for a great website! :)

Septums are usually a pretty easy cartilage piercing to heal, however as keloiding is a genetic condition - your body will be the determining factor in how you heal.

I don’t think I have ever actually seen a well-placed septum piercing get any serious scar tissue forming, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible.

I would suggest to see an experienced piercer who can feel your ’sweet-spot’ (the thinnest part of cartilage in your septum) and make sure that you are both confident in their ability to get it just right. Too high or too low can be all sorts of troubles and increase the chance of scarring forming dramatically.

Make sure when you get it done, to submit some pics to BME also!

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Septum still hurts?

Sunday May 13th, 2012 @ 7:32 PM

Filed under: Nose

I got my septum pierced in January this year, and whilst I think the hole is healed fine/doesn’t hurt, it still really hurts if I push the bottom of my nose. Is this normal?

It’s like that old joke, patient “Doctor it hurts when I bend my arm” Doctor “Well then don’t bend your arm”

But in all seriousness. The exact same thing happened to me when I had my septum pierced. The pressure of the jewelry pushing against the cartilage above can cause some discomfort. Generally this will go away in time as your body continues to build the fistula(the little tunnel of tissue) in the piercing. My sensitivity went away after about 6 months but returned every time I stretched. The discomfort from the stretch would remain for about 2 weeks then disappear again.

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Want to keep inverted nipples

Saturday May 12th, 2012 @ 4:07 AM

Filed under: Extreme, Nipple, Nose

I’ve got inverted nipples and I’ve been thinking about getting a nipple pierced. I’ve heard that women who have inverted nipples will have this done so that the nipple will become “normal.” However, I love my inverted nipples! Is it possible for me to (safely) get a piercing and keep my nipple inverted? I’ve heard of some of these piercings failing because the nipple either wasn’t coached out or the aureola was pierced instead. My nips aren’t super inverted, they do poke out when I’m goosebumpy or otherwise stimulated. Thanks!

I think it could be nearly impossible to do, to be honest with you. When an inverted nipple is pierced correctly it should as erect as possible, to ensure it doesn’t shallow out in the center. If you were to attempt to intentionally pierce it shallower in the middle, you will find that over time you could begin to see the barbell through the middle and it would most likely eventually reject from the center out.

Alternatively you could do some cute decoration around your areola (outside of your nipple) that doesn’t pass through the actual nipple, like dermal anchors. They will give you a vaguely similar aesthetic and keep your beloved inverted nipples intact and unchanged.

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Scarring Inside Nostril

Saturday May 12th, 2012 @ 4:07 AM

Filed under: Extreme, Nose

I got my nostril pierced in January, and have been treating The Bump for a couple weeks now. It seems to be clearing up okay but I recently noticed I’m developing some hypertrophic scarring on the other side of the piercing, inside my nostril. What’s a good way of treating that? It’s too far in to use soaks and I don’t want to irritate the bump on the other side. In case it’s important, I have an 18g glass retainer with an L-shaped bend in it (the initial jewelry).

There are a few reasons why hypertropic scar tissue forms inside of a nostril, as its soft mucus membrane tissue and can happen relatively easily.

Most commonly its caused from irritation - perhaps from the jewellery being so thin. I wouldn’t suggest to stretch it up yet, but once its healed it could be a good idea to ensure that it stays happy and healed (especially if you are changing it back and forth frequently).

I have commonly treated hypertropic scar tissue with warm chamomile herbal tea soaks and found it to be very successful for people - give that a whirl, if you aren’t already. If you simply place the warm tea bag over your nose (holding it on the inside just a little), it will ‘want to’ soak into the tissue and relieve the scar that’s forming. Even just soaking the outside will generate more blood supply to the area and help out lots.

Make sure that you don’t irritate the piercing at all too, you can do heaps of tricks to reduce or get rid of the scar - however none of them will ‘fix’ the causing problem, just fix the scar tissue. Remember to not put makeup anywhere near the piercing, never rotate it or slide the jewellery and be VERY careful not to get it caught!

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My septum Bump :(

Tuesday May 8th, 2012 @ 3:52 AM

Filed under: Nose

I got my septum done about a month ago, and the left side of it has been always more swollen than the right… And today i just woke up with this terrible oozing, painful bump on my right side!! I’ve been cleaning it with saline solution and only washing it with antibacterial soap more often because i was pretty sure i had an infection… I’ve also been putting neosporin on it a bit more just because of the pain. I really want to be able to keep my septum, so what should I do about this bump? And what is it? I know I havent exactly been doing all the right things.. like i had to flip it up a lot during its first days of healing and I still do, because my parents just dont want to see it. Will it ever heal correctly? Its been such a long time and it feels like its only getting worse.. my right side also had a lining of white around the ring, but there is no bump.. Please tell me what I should do about this horrendous infection.. :/

The good news is that its not an infection, its a large hypertropic scar build up. It can be caused from flipping it up and down too often during healing (best to either leave it up or leave it down), however I think it may be caused from your piercing being too low.

You have a ’sweet spot’ in your nose, where the septum should be placed. Its the thinnest little bit of soft tissue that you can feel when pinching it, too high or too low (in your case) and it passes through too much hard tissue and can be very problematic to heal.

My suggestion would be to go to a reputable piercing studio, get them to take it out and get it re-done again in the correct spot.

If you want to try and heal it, I would suggest to do warm chamomile herbal tea compression soaks on it twice a day. Do it as part of your after care to relieve the scar tissue and promote blood circulation and ’soften’ the scar tissue. You should also make sure that you don’t touch it or flip it up, as this will just make it worse - leave it down until its FULLY healed.

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Would a nose piercing look okay?

Tuesday May 8th, 2012 @ 2:59 AM

Filed under: Nose

I’ve had this bump on my nose since I was like 13 (I’m 20) and I want to get my nose pierced on the right side, the side with the bump, since my left tragus is pierced and I don’t want all my jewelry to be on one side of my face. My question is, do you think it would look okay, or would the bump distract from the piercing, or draw attention to itself or something?

Also, I have semi-big pores and get a lot of blackheads on my nose, is this going to interfere with the healing process? I feel silly asking this but I couldn’t find anything else similar to this on here.


I wouldn’t worry about the ‘bump’ at all, I can’t even see it in the picture! Often people get piercings close to areas of their body they don’t like as much, thus taking the attention off their imperfections and onto the lovely new shiny jewellery!

I’m a guy with multiple nose piercings, I also have quite large pores and have never had a problem during healing. If you were worried about it, you could do a treatment (like a strip) on it a week or so before getting it pierced, but I have never heard of anyone having issues with them.

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