Septum bleeding, swollen but doesn’t hurt.

Friday May 4th, 2012 @ 10:53 PM

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I have gotten my septum pierced on march 31, so five weeks ago. After six days, my retainer fell out while I was showering so I quickly put it back in. Didn’t hurt, no swelling and no bleeding. After a couple days I stopped cleaning it as often, once a day. It was okay for another week and a half and than it started to feel swollen all the time. The area where the sweat spot is (between cartilage and frontal skin) always seems swollen. I cleaned it with salt water soaks once a day and sometimes with the ‘wound cleanser’ they gave me when I got it pierced before I went to work. It wasn’t going down so I checked online to see what other people did with this problem and lots were just saying they left it alone and did a couple salt water soaks when they felt it needed it. So I tried that. Today my nose felt very stuffed up so I washed my hands and took a look at it. There were crusties around my jewelry and my skin around the piercing was dark. I cleaned it up and while cleaning a little bit of discharge came out after I got the dark crusts off. It looked clear on the napkin. After I cleaned it all up, I checked the skin again and it was still darker around the piercing, not as bad, but still noticeably darker. I did a ten minute salt water soak and then washed around it again with the solution and rinsed it off. Had no bleeding, didn’t hurt. Just swollen.

Than I did another salt water soak at night and when I went to rinse it off and clean around it with a q tip, there was blood on the right side. It seems like a white ring of skin is around the jewelry and it’s bleeding a little at the top. There veins are pretty noticeable as well.

The solution stings when I use it so maybe it’s that? Infection? I’m clueless. I don’t know anymore how I should clean/ treat it.

By the way it doesn’t hurt, stopped hurting after 7 days.

Most of what you’ve told me sounds fairly normal. A septum piercing takes a bare minimum of 8 weeks to heal in a best case scenario. Yours is not the best case scenario it seems. The jewelry falling out the first week did not help your situation. This probably added a few extra weeks to your healing time.

The dark area around your piercing is nothing to worry about, dark skin denotes blood underneath and blood is there to repair your tissue. The white ring of skin around the jewelry is interesting, generally you only see this in oral piercings, but since the tissue inside of the nose is very much like the inside of the mouth I wouldn’t be too concerned.

You mentioned that you have been using a wound cleanser that was given to you. Since you didnt mention a product name I cant tell if that is causing any problems. I would recommend that you discontinue using it and use only the sea salt/saline soaks.

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is it infected or just finicky?

Friday May 4th, 2012 @ 10:22 PM

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so, i don’t know if you can quite see it in the picture (using an ipod, don’t have a camera)

anyways, so i’ve had my nose pierced for about 2 or so years now, healed pretty well i believe but ever since i got it, i’ve gotten some greenish whiteish crusties around the base of the piercing itself, and it sometimes hurts a little when it’s moved around a lot.

i haven’t found anyone else with the same problem, so i’m not quite sure what the issue is, if it’s just slightly infected, if the jewelry just doesn’t sit right in my nose or if those are just dried boogies getting on the outside.

Hi lindseyraex,
I do believe you are suffering from a mild allergy. This can be an allergy to the jewelry itself or a chemical allergy. Being that you have had this problem consistently for two years I would have to guess jewelry.

Most people have an allergy to nickel, but only a small percentage of those people have an extreme allergy. Even the best stainless steel jewelry has a small % of nickel in it. By switching to a titanium piece of jewelry you should notice your problem clear up.

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Nose ring

Friday May 4th, 2012 @ 7:36 AM

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I got my nose pierced and it looks fine, it gets a little crusty during the day and i have to tap it cause it will pop out a little…is that all normal? but i am mostly concerned that the ring is not through on the other side…is that bad?

Chances are you have a low quality (in design) piece in there, nostrils should only be pierced (in my professional opinion) with ’spiral’ pieces (they look like a little cork screw on the end) or ‘labret’ style studs (disc on the inside, ball/disc on the outside). If your piece is simply an “L” shape, or worse a straight pin, I would suggest to go to a reputable piercing studio and get some new jewellery in there.

Ill fit or shaped nostril studs are very common and problematic as they can fall out easily, even if you keep pushing it back in you are risking the chance of an infection as your hands are always quite dirty.

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My beloved septum piercing is infected.

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 11:52 PM

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My septum piercing was healing exceptionally well, so I didn’t clean it quite as much. It was doing well until I lost one of the balls washing my face. Ever since, I’ve been touching my nose ring, adjusting it, making sure it’s not falling out because this is my favorite piercing.

I’ve enclosed a photo of what it looks like now. I’m devastated. I’ve cleaned it twice today with saline solution, but it still looks awful. It almost seems like it’s getting worse.

I’m also a bit of a smoker.

I’ve made an appointment at my university clinic for tomorrow. Aside from this being aesthetically unappealing, I’m scared to have it removed. I just love it so much.

What should I do?

Sounds like you already know the why and the how. If your piercing is infected it is because you stopped your aftercare and you handled the piercing with dirty hands.

You’ve done the right thing by resuming your aftercare and scheduling an appointment. Make sure not to remove your piercing, removal can trap the infection in the site without proper drainage. A trapped infection can create an abscess and that will just make the situation worse. Listen to your doctor and make sure to follow their antibiotic regiment.

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Septum Piercing Concerns

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 7:30 PM

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I just had my septum pierced and the piercer put in a circular barbell. Friends are telling me I should have had a retainer put in first while it heals. Is this true? I wouldn’t be concerned except it seems like the piercing is moving closer and closer to the bottom of the septum due to gravity, away from the cartilage area. Thanks.

Hi SecondAct. You have nothing to worry about. Circular barbells are a very popular choice for this piercing. They look great and have the added benefit of being able to flip them up like a retainer.

If your piercing looks too low then I suggest you discuss it with your piercer, but they did nothing wrong in using that piece of jewelry.

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Septum to punch or not to punch?

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 12:26 PM

Filed under: Nose

I was considering getting my septum pierced and was wondering whether it would be make more sense to get it done with a dermal punch. I would like to wear a plug or eyelet in it most of the time. I am thinking maybe a 4 or 6ga if it is punched. The local piercer I went to said I have a sweet spot but it is thick and tough and recommended piercing it at 12 or 14ga and after it heals to go from there. They seem to what to avoid going through any cartilage if possible and while I know going through cartilage is not fun I am not fussed about going through it.Another concern for me is that I would like to try and avoid any droop.

What would you recommend? Punch vs pierce? Also is it reasonable to get to 6,4,2ga without a droop? If a droop happens will removing the jewellery reverse it?

Sorry if these seem like silly questions and thank you for any information.

Septums stretch quite easily, if done nice and slowly and with patience. I have punched large septums before and pierced quite a number of large ones too - personally I believe that piercing is preferred for a number of reasons.

Its MUCH easier to get pierce straighter and in the sweet spot. Punches are difficult to get as ‘high up’ and level as a needle, due to the large handle.

Needle method bleeds a whole lot of a lot less, which doesn’t really mean much - except that its usually a much faster and cleaner procedure.

Often your sweet spot isn’t as big as you would think, if you even hit a tiny bit of thick cartilage while punching it can cause really troublesome healing.

As far as drooping goes, mine is at 14mm right now and I can notice a droop - but it’s not as bad as you would think. I actually have custom ‘oval’ pieces that I often wear in there which noticeably makes the droop appear less and when the jewellery is out it goes pretty much back to normal.

As always, take your piercers advice. Find a good piercer with a HEALED portfolio of big septums and take their advice - its much easier to decide on a procedure once you have your fingers up there and feel how high and large your sweet spot is.

Psycho septum society unite!

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Info on Septum Stretching ?

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 4:29 AM

Filed under: Nose

Hey, I plan on Stretching my Septum in the Future as i just got it done about a week or so ago. I plan on using tapers but id like the break down on how its done, but im also looking to find out some info on other methods. Id also like to know how long i should wait before i decide to start stretching. Im no stranger to stretching my lobes(32mm) as ive been doing so for about 3 years now but i imagine stretching the septum would be totally different. Any Help would be most Appreciated.

Septums stretch quite quickly and easily, if you do them nice and slow (just like your ears).

Personally I suggest people to stretch from 14g up to 8g using titanium captive bead rings. Simply spread out the ring (and throw the ball out) and pop in the next size (no taper necessary) and secure it with some small silicone o-rings.

CBRs are cheap, light, secure and most importantly ROUNDED on the ends to make them easy to stretch with. Normally I use 10mm diameters (to allow for a bit of swelling), but it depends on the height of your piercing and the size of your actual nose.

Once you get to 8g you can continue to use CBRs, however they get harder to get in smaller diameters. I personally started using Gorilla Glass septum pinchers from there to your goal, in 1mm increments.

If you ever try and go up and it doesn’t go in, DON’T FORCE IT. Let it relax out more and give it more time. As you get much bigger (and max your sweet spot), it becomes much harder to go up. Patience wins the race.

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Flesh tunnel

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 4:29 AM

Filed under: Nose

I would like to wear a flesh tuner in my septum so that i can take in and out CBRs and such without leaving my piercing empty.

My question is, what size tunnel can fit a 10g ring?

That would all depend what material you want to wear (surgical steel/titanium would be thinner walled than other materials) and what diamater 10g ring you would want to wear.

Assuming you would want to rock a 10mm diameter ring, which would look quite nice, I would suggest around an 8mm no-flare tunnel in your septum. You could also go into your local studio and get them to try out a few pieces they have in stock, but it all depends on the wearing surface and wall thickness of the tunnels.

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Bloody Septum Piercing

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 4:29 AM

Filed under: Nose

Ive had my piercing for 8.5 weeks and it still bleeds. I changed jewelry about a week ago, figuring that was the cause of this blood encrusted piercing.I changed it to a titanium retainer so the ONLY way its touched is when I clean it. It doesnt hurt at all.Its not infected.Its not leaking blood. I clean it 2 times a day with warm water to soften the crusties then I take a q-tip to clean around it with H20 ocean water stuff then I finish with anti-bacterial soap (unscented). The only thing Ive noticed besides the blood is this filmy white skin (I want to say) around each hole. What could be the reason its bleeding, still?

It’s quite odd for a septum piercing to be bleeding after two months, which makes me think that you might be aggravating it. Sometimes over cleaning it can be worse than not cleaning it at all.

The filmy white skin sounds like a bit of scar tissue, which would make sense if you are aggravating it frequently.  Without a picture, it is very difficult to say exactly what it is - but I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

Keep doing the soaks, but drop the q-tip cleaning - this can take off crusties before they are ready and mess up your healing. I would also try skipping the anti-bacterial soap, even if its unscented it can still be making it angry.

Putting in titanium is a very good thing to do, it will eliminate any sensitivity to lower grade materials.

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Noser piercing questions

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 5:10 AM

Filed under: Nose

I have a couple of questions that weren’t answered by the woman who pierced me…

I asked about aftercare and she just said not to do that, instead just take a q-tip, dip it in warm salt water and clean the inside and outside.

But I read that q-tips can leave little fibers that can irritate the piercing. I had literally a thousand questions and she gave off this vibe that I was annoying her. Should I listen to her?

I wear glasses. I have kind of a small face and I’m afraid my glasses are going to bump my piercing/my glasses are hiding germs that will make their way into my piercing. Should I just stick to contacts while my piercing is healing?

What should I do about boogers and the like?

I wear make up. I don’t put it anywhere near the piercing area, but when my piercing heals…can I wear make up near my piercing area again?

Can I use a tanning bed even though I just got this piercing?

I have been soaking my nose in warm salt water twice a day for five minutes and after I wash my face, I always stick my nose under the faucet to make sure there’s no soap/face wash stuck there. I am also taking vitamin C tablets. Will the vitamin C help with the healing process?

What is your aftercare recommendation?

I would say to never get a piercing done by someone that you feel isn’t willing to answer ALL of your silly questions. You are the one putting your body through something and you should know as much about it as you can! Shame on them for being rude.  Lets try and answer some of those questions for you, shall we?

aftercare - Warm saline solution (contact lens cleaner) soaks should be done twice a day using a cotton disc (also known as make-up remover pads). This will ensure that you clean the piercing, promote faster healing, keep it looking nice and wont risk irritating the piercing.

glasses - you shouldn’t have a problem with most frames while healing a normal nose piercing. Bridges and high nostrils sometimes get bumped from them, but I don’t think you will have a problem. If you need to, try your spare pare (or purchase a cheap set) to make sure it isn’t going to slide down at all. The ones with ‘loops’ to go over the back of your ear work well in these situations.

boogers! - my favorite question, by far! you should be able to blow your nose pretty normaly, just be careful not to accidentally tug on the jewellery with your tissue. You can also blow your nose in the shower, in Australia we call it the “bushman’s hankie” - but I doubt that will translate well. I did it while healing my high nostrils as I found tissue blowing (the squeezing motion on my nostrils) caused irritation.

Make up - I suggest to not wear make-up on that nostril for the entire healing (usually a good 4-6 weeks). Once your healed, it should be just fine - but be careful to clean it off afterwards and not let any bits cake onto the gems!

Tanning beds/tanning - Won’t make any difference, just don’t burn your self!

Rinsing - rinsing after a cleaning (even with saline) is an important step to ensure to extra salt dries up and crystalizes on the piercing. It’s also a good chance to take off any bits of dry dead skin or goo from the piercing.

Vitamins - They will ALWAYS help you when healing, but never take more than you are meant to (vitamin C for instance, can muck up your liver if over taken).  Vitamin C and Zinc both improve skin regeneration heaps and are both found in normal multi-vitamin tablets.

I hope this wee novel helps you on your healing journey and remember, ALWAYS make sure you get every single question answered by your piercer BEFORE you get anything done. We are mostly lovely helpful people, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t lazy and rude piercers out there.

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