Septum tunnels?

Tuesday October 7th, 2008 @ 11:01 AM

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I’m asking this massively in advance, and it’s probably a dumb question, but anyway. I’ve just gotten my septum pierced and I’m planning on beginning to stretch it once it heals. I’d like to put a tunnel it when I get to the size I want, but my searches for “septum tunnel” aren’t turning up much of anything… So I’m guessing I just get a regular tunnel, like the ones I’d use in my ears, in the size I want. Am I right?

You are indeed.

Some tunnels will come in different lengths too - the shorter ones fit nice and comfy. I have a ss 4mm internally-threaded ‘top hat’ tunnel in mine and it is so comfortable I forget it’s there.

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Custom Jewellery

Friday October 3rd, 2008 @ 7:07 PM

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So I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a studio in Toronto that does really good custom jewellery. My request is actually quite simple, a 14g ss nostril screw at the right length, but these are actually hard to find. I also find the online stores that have done them for me can never get it just right, so I would prefer to talk to a real person.

Any help is appretiated…

You can search studios via

To make it simple for you here’s the search you’re looking for:

Personally if you came to me, and I was back working in Toronto, I’d be getting in touch with Anatometal or Infinite Body to obtain what you are looking for.

One question though are you looking for an actual Nostril Screw in 14ga or would you like a Labret Stud instead? Personally when I had my nostrils pierced I used 14ga Neometal Threadless Labrets. I found the labret stud worked best as there was no need to bend the jewelry at all, all I needed to do is measure the width and that’s it. Hence why I personally switched over to using labret studs almost exclusively when I was working in Niagara Falls. That way nobody had to really worry about the inner portion hanging out or not being bent properly,etc.

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Piercing through moles?

Wednesday October 1st, 2008 @ 9:17 PM

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I want to get my nose pierced but I have a clear mole right where I’d like to get it done. Is it possible to pierce through it, or would/could the piercing be right next to it?

I’m not familiar with “clear moles”, but it is best to leave moles well-enough alone. No piercing through them. The piercing would likely heal fine, but you will increase the chances of something that is probably fairly benign becoming problematic. The piercing should be able to be done near the mole…just not through it.

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Paired nostrils

Saturday September 27th, 2008 @ 12:17 AM

Filed under: Nose


For my next piercing, I would like to have my nostril(s) pierced. I was wondering, is it alright to pierce both nostrils at the same time? Or would it be better to pierce one, wait for it to heal, then pierce the other?



It’s absolutely fine to get them done at the same time.

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taking out septum piercing

Saturday September 6th, 2008 @ 10:05 AM

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ive had my septum pierced fro almost

3 weeks, i need to go to the dentist

and that means someone can seee up my nose

im hiding my septum have been doing itquite well

but im afraid im going to need to take it off for

about 30 minutes at the most, will this be ok??

realistically….survery says…..nope.

3 weeks old is far too soon to take your piercing out for any duration of time, as soon as you start taking it out…it’s going to start tightening up. Now you could technically take it out but immediately afterwards you’ll need to visit a studio an have them taper it open, which won’t be too pleasant an experience for you.

ultimately though its your nose, so your call…Personally, I wouldn’t advise taking it out though.

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Septum Stretching and Jewelry

Wednesday August 27th, 2008 @ 2:56 AM

Filed under: Nose

Hi guys :)

First of all, I would like to thank you regarding my previous questions at the beginning of the summer. My septum healed perfectly and the nipples of my girlfriend too. So thank you.

But of course, I have another question regarding my septum ! At the moment, I have an horseshoe jewelry into my septum. Since I wear most of the time my septum hidden, I find the horseshoe kinda “large”. I’m looking for a jewelry a bit smaller like a retainer, plug or tunnel. My 2 favorites are the retainer and the tunnel, but I’m affraid that the retainer will feel as the same as the horseshoe, too large. I do not have a large nose.

I was more looking at the tunnel, because I like the way it’s made. You can actually see the hole and it does not rotate like the horseshoe or even the retainer. My septum has been pierced at 14G, which I think is very small for a tunnel. From what I’ve read on the BME wiki, the plugs are usually starting at 10G. Is it the same for the tunnels or do they make smaller gauges ?

If so, I would need a stretch. If there is a stretch to be done, I would like to do it my self. Not because I’m cheap or anything, just because this is my body. In order to stretch I would need a stretcher somehow. My local piercing shop is pretty expensive and I would like to buy online, but BME Shop is down and we have no clue when it’s coming back. Would you happen to know any good online store for jewelry and piercing tools such as stretchers ? I’m not talking about ebay, but reputable stores such as BME Shop. This wouldn’t be a big stretch but I feel much more confortable using a tool made for it than something with electrical tape on it. :)

I’m not doing a big stretch because I want to keep it hidden. Ideal would be a tunnel with black ends. I love big septums (2G,0G), but I just can’t afford to have one at my work. :(

Oh and last question : My local piercing shop sells Titanium and Stainless Steel jewelries. Other than Titanium being lighter, is there any other benefits ? At the shop,

You can get 14ga Quartz Glass Retainers/Plugs in various lengths. It essentially is a flat back on one side and a silicone o-ring on the other side.

However there is a bit of “is this a loaded question” stuck in my head, because it seems you simply don’t like the 14g and want to go bigger. So just trying to clarify and figure that out because really whats the point in telling you there is something in that size, when you simply are more drawn to the larger gauge sizes.

Also know that going from a 14ga to a 10ga hole IS a big stretch and not advisable, realistically you should go from 14ga to 12ga first, let that relax and settle down and then go to 10ga.

Personally I’m of the mindset that we should not sell piercing tools to untrained/inexperienced people, but that’s just my opinion. Realistically you can find a taper anywhere but the main concern is if it will come sterilized or not, same goes for the jewelry as well. Because quite often most clients (sadly most piercers as well) do not properly comprehend what stretching does and what all is involved. As passing through a non-sterile taper and non-sterile jewelry can lead to many complications/problems.

Any off-topic but is it just me or am I the only one that feels black is so over-rated a shade/color? When are we going to start seeing people more interested in white…blue…pepto bismol pink…its always gotta be black…black as my soul…

excuse me, off topic, sometimes my head is like a hole ;) hahaha get it! yes my comedy is bad.

But as for keeping it hidden and stretching it to a larger size and wearing a black tunnel/eyelet, depending on your nose, “hidden” might not be doable. So as I said you can either purchase a 14ga quartz glass single flared retainer/plug in the right length required. Or you can find a means of stretching your septum, but I strongly encourage you to do so very slowly and try not to force the stretch too much.

As for the Steel and Titanium question….Long as they both meet ASTM standards for implant grade capability, they are both good in my books. Some people are better suited for titanium and others are better suited for steel. As I’ve known people who have had allergic reactions to both metals… Personally I’m more a fan of Titanium though because it can be anodized various colors and not just the regular steel look.

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Getting my septum pierced

Sunday August 17th, 2008 @ 6:22 AM

Filed under: Nose


I’ve made up my mind that I want a septum piercing, one because I really adore how it looks like and two, because absolutely no one had a piercing like this at my place. So anyway, I’m 16 but my mom still doesn’t wanna having anything to do with my piercings so she declined on giving me her consent, so like all of my other piercings (snakebites, monroe, cartilage), I’m going have to go DIY.

I’ve been researching about the pros and cons of DIY septum piercing and I’m pretty well informed than people think I am, being one of those “safety first” freak. My questions are:

1. Is it okay to use a 14g piercing needle if I’m just going to use a 16g circular barbell? And what’s the difference between a regular piercing needle and an autoclaved one?

2. If I’m just aiming for a mild look on my septum, what size of the ball should I pick? (1/2, 3/8, or 7/16)

Thank you so much.

I won’t touch on my take on the mom thing.

I won’t even touch on my take on the DIY thing.

I have covered both of those in previous entries and as always they have been positively and negatively commented/voted on. So lets just bypass all of that.

The main concern I have is when you asked “whats the difference between a regular piercing needle and an autoclaved one.” It scares me because it puts yourself, and others like you(ie: uninformed DIYers) at serious risk. If one is doing a DIY piercing they should comprehend the difference between something that is sterile and something that is not sterile.

ALL needles have to be sterilized in some fashion. Either through steam sterilization, EGO sterilization,etc. If a needle comes into your possession that has no confirmation on if it is sterile or not, it must be considered non-sterile and in fact very contaminated. As you simply do not know exactly what is on that needle. That needle could have come in contact with Hepatitis, or that needle might even have MRSA on it, or who knows what else that is potentially very harmful to you.

This is why when ever a piercer does a piercing, the needles are confirmed sterilized (ie: they either buy them pre-sterilized or they sterilize them) and are single use only. If pre-bought they will have a code number and date on the package that can be traced back to what batch,etc. If its sterilized on site at the shop, it should have the same information on the package so it can be traced in the autoclave logs,etc.

As for your question about using a 14ga needle and a 16ga piece of jewelry and if its a “bad” thing. Realistically its not “bad”, it just means you might bleed more. Another thing to consider is a potential distortion that can visually appear because of the larger hole then jewelry, along with the initial swelling that can occur,etc.

As for jewelry options I’d suggest using a Septum Retainer initially over a Circular Barbell, for healing purposes,etc. However if you’re mind is set on a Circular Barbell its hard to say what diameter you will need and in the same respect it will be hard to say what bead sizes you’ll need, without seeing you’re face in person and taking measurements,etc.

Also note if you’re looking for a CBR, its the same statement that I said for the Circular Barbell.

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septum piercing

Thursday August 14th, 2008 @ 7:18 PM

Filed under: Nose

im getting mine done on saturday

and need to hide it from parents.

what should i get it done with a horseshoe one

or the retainer? and whats the difference?

and what colour? silver or black?

what hides the best in other words!

and will it hurt?

Yes it will hurt. Probably not as much as you think. Pain is strictly personal. Some people say that they didn’t even feel their septum piercing, some people say it hurt so badly they’d never do it again. *shrug* No way to know how yours will go until you have it done!

Circular barbells (or “horseshoes”) can be flipped up into the nostrils to hide the piercing. Depending on the anatomy of your nose, that might be suffice.
Some retainers are staple shaped or crescent shaped.

Some people’s jewelry can’t be seen with implant grade steel or high polish titanium, but as an extra precaution against visibility, you could also have a black annodized niobium retainer put in initially.

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nose bone in new piercing

Thursday August 14th, 2008 @ 12:54 AM

Filed under: Nose


I am wanting to get my nostril pierced and have read some about it online. I found a place around here that does it, but they use a nose bone and I have read that it is bad to put that in a new piercing. I’ve heard that nose screws are better. I just wanted to get some advice from someone who knows. Also, how do you change a nose screw? I have been wondering that since I saw the jewelry on a website. Thanks!

I don’t even offer jewelry insertions of nose bones should someone bring one in to me at my studio to have their nostril jewelry changed.

Many nose bones are made of low (low!!) quality mystery metal that tarnishes terribly in the piercing. I’ve seen some that cost $3.00 and must have cost half a cent to make for whatever they’re made of.

Jewelry quality aside, wearing a nose bone (a straight piece of jewelry for the nostril with a small ball that sits inside the nostril to plug it in place) will cause the piercing to shrink around the very thin post which will make the jewelry very difficult and very traumatizing to remove. That little ball is going to be bigger than the healed piercing the jewelry is sitting in and, as a result, will need to be torn out of the piercing by force OR the head of the jewelry (what you see on the surface of the nostril) will need to be snipped off, the remainder of the jewelry removed from the inside of the nostril backwards and the piercing tapered back open to accommodate a new piece of jewelry.

That hurts! It will also make for a very angry piercing.

Nose bones are the devil!! I hate them!

A nostril screw is a VERY comfortable and very common design for nostril jewelry. The end of the curve that makes for the backing of the screw is inserted straight into the piercing and the rest of the jewelry is gently pushed and turned to follow. Once you understand the concept of the jewelry and the anatomy of your actual nostril piercing, changing the jewelry is simple.

Many piercers opt to purchase their nostril screws unbent (which means the jewelry comes like a gem or ball, etc on a long straight stem.) He or she will examine your nostril and determine the length you’ll need for the initial piercing and anticipate any swelling and custom bend your nostril screw to fit your nose.

You also have the option of using either a flatback threaded labret barbell or a press-fit labret barbell which leaves you with a flat disc on the inside of your nostril rather than the hook of a nostril screw.

I hope that helps!

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Numb nose?

Thursday August 14th, 2008 @ 12:49 AM

Filed under: Nose

I got my left nostril done about a week and a half ago and since then the tip of my nose and a bit of the left side has been numb. Is this normal?

Some people do experience a bit of numbness around an area after being pierced. Personally, the tip of my nose and a portion of my gums directly underneath experienced some numbness for several days. A consultation with my doctor concluded that the swelling was putting some pressure on the nerves in the area and causing some pinching that did subside after a while (a week or two)

Be sure that the jewelry you’re wearing is allowing for adequate swelling and practice a really gentle aftercare regime in the meantime.

If the numbness doesn’t go away as the piercing begins to settle down, check in with your piercer and your doctor to decide the best option to take. I’d be pretty confident it will start to feel better pretty soon.

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