hiding a septum piercing

Sunday August 3rd, 2008 @ 10:13 AM

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i want to get my septum pierced

ive made the appointment

but i need to be sure of something can i hide it

so it is completely invisable?

(hiding from parents)

and what bar would be the best for this?

Septum Retainers are what you’re looking for.

They come in various types of materials: Steel, Titanium, Quartz Glass, Niobium.

When inserted into the septum you flip the jewelry up and leave it there and it appears as if you’re not even pierced.

That is the ideal jewelry for what you’re looking to achieve, hiding the septum piercing,etc.

Hope this helps :)

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DIY Septum

Saturday August 2nd, 2008 @ 10:42 AM

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Lame question, but is it better to go MEGA-slow with the needle or really fast with it, considering I have a pretty low pain tolerance? :S

I think that steadily passing the needle through at neither a “mega” pace nor a “really” pace sounds like fun. Somewhere between the two would be your best bet. Getting it straight is going to be your bigger concern. Good luck with that!

Do it at a medium pace.

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Sweet Spot

Friday August 1st, 2008 @ 9:39 PM

Filed under: Nose

I’ve been thinking about getting my septum pierced, but I’m worried that my sweet spot may be too small. I haven’t been to my piercer to actually see if this is true, but can you still get your septum pierced if you don’t have a sweet spot or if it’s a little on the small side?

You definitely can! Some people don’t have a sweet spot to pierce through at all and it doesn’t matter in the least.

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New Nose Piercing

Thursday July 31st, 2008 @ 1:38 AM

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Two weeks ago I had my nose pierced at 16g with a screw post. I have been washing it with saline twice a day and doing sea salt soaks (only starting three days ago) once a day. My problem is, I believe the post is too short. The part of the post that comes through the inside of my nose, where it bends at a right angle and then spirals, the right angle is up inside my nose. I realize this could just be due to swelling, but when I clean and turn it, the ball on the outside of my nose goes into the hole almost to where I can’t see it and I have to push it back through. When my piercer was putting the needle through my nose, he did comment on how thick my nose was. I have also developed a bump next to the post on the outside of my nose, but I understand that is rather common. It is however pretty sore sill. Do I just need to keep doing my cleaning since it’s such a new piercing, or do I need to go to a shop and have a longer post put in?


Just off topic…I think I’m going to start dressing up like a clown and carrying around a stocking with a some sort of ball in it so I can occasionally shout: “HOMIE DON’T PLAY DAT!” and swing the stocking at the people.

Anyways back onto the subject matter at hand.

Original poster know that Saline and Sea Salt Soaks are the EXACT same thing, but there’s a big chance that your Sea Salt Soaks mixture of salt and water are not the same as the Saline you’re doing. Pick one or the other and do so only twice a day, not three times a day.

Also what the Nostril Screw jewelry that the piercer inserted, pre-bent? Or did they look at your nose and using tools take a straight piece of nostril jewelry and custom bend the ideal shape you required?

Chances are since they commented on how thick your nose was, and that the 90 degree bend is apparently inside the pierced pathway, I’ll call it safe to say he used a pre-bent one. These pre-bent nostril screws are a HUGE issue/problem as they cannot be guaranteed to fit each individuals nostril properly. Not only that most companies only bend the nostril screws in one direction, whereas sometimes you need the curl on the opposite side. ie: Left bend or right bend for left nostril or right nostril,etc.

You’re options are to locate a qualified piercer who knows how to custom bend nostril screws and have them insert one with a longer post passing thorugh the piercing. That or remove the nostril screw jewelry all together and instead insert a Labret Stud, measured the right length to fit properly.

I bet once you remove that crumby pre-bent nostril screw and put in a proper high quality (implant grade) piece of jewelry (custom bend nostril screw or labret stud) begin to start taking care of it properly. Then that bump will start going away and that piercing won’t be swollen or sore anymore,etc.

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Nose Piercing Scab and Bump

Thursday July 24th, 2008 @ 3:19 AM

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I got my nose pierced about 2 weeks ago and I was cleaning it twice a day and it was healing well until last week. I think I may have accidentally irritated it and a bump and scab formed above my ring. I’ve continued to clean it 3-4 times a day with q-tips and watered down dial soap but it hasn’t seemed to help. A few times the whole scab just starts to bleed. After I’m done cleaning it, the scab has clear liquid coming from it and it’s sticky. Within about 10 minutes my ring gets stuck in the scab and won’t move until the next time I clean it.

I don’t know if there was any other cleaning methods I should try or if I should just go straight to my piercer.

Thanks! : )

1st Nit-Pick: Not a fan of CBR’s in most piercings, especially with Nostrils. The constant rotation of the ring irritates and drags bacteria in the wound thus prolonging the healing time. As well as increasing the chance of complications such as this one. Even though you might have aesthetically wanted a CBR right off the bat, I find often its best to overlook the aesthetic demand and instead go with the better/more efficient way to heal the piercing.

2nd Nit-Pick: Is it just me or does the CBR’s ends not line up when they meet the ball *squints* it sure looks like they don’t.

3rd: Dial Soap is far too harsh for a piercing and should not be used. Nor should you be “watering it down” on qtips. As you’re essentially getting the dial soap inside the piercing and causing it to be further irritated.

Proper Aftercare: The ideal way you should be cleaning this piercing is either using a 0.9% sodium chloride wound wash/irrigation saline roughly twice a day. Or you can purchase Distilled Water and measure out a ratio of 1 cup water to 1/4 teaspoon sea salt. You fill up a clean cup/glass (clean and dry right before you put contents into cup/glass) and literally stick your nose into the cup. Soak the piercing for roughly 5-10 minutes as under 5 minutes you are not flushing the wound out enough and after 10 minutes, you’re just standing there with your nose in a cup. If you feel uncomfortable you can relax and then go back to soaking your piercing this way,etc.

Then and ONLY then after you’re done soaking, you can take some q-tips and gently wipe away the piercings discharge on the entry and exit point.

If you do a search on AskBME I’m POSITIVE you’ll find a lot of information on Aftercare and how to properly care for your piercing.

Also another helpful hint if you’re not allergic, spring time allergies,etc you can try chamomile tea bag compresses. You buy 100% all natural chamomile tea and steep the tea bag in boiled water for a couple minutes. Remove the tea bag from the boiled water and allow it to cool down just enough that you can tolerate the warmth. Then compress the chamomile tea bag against the piercing until it no longer has any moisture to it. The chamomile tea bag has been known to help sooth and relax and reduce problems similar to what you’ve been displaying….But so has making sure you are not pierced with a ring initially ;)

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anxious to be exposed - septum.

Tuesday July 15th, 2008 @ 10:09 AM

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i got my septum pierced with a 14g retainer at new tribe in toronto about a week ago. it all went fine and so on. but the guy who pierced me said i had to leave it flipped up for three weeks, soaking in salt water for 5 mins twice a day.

was he lying when he said i had to leave it flipped up constantly? is he just covering his ass incase i hurt it or something? after reading many articles on bme the majority say you can at least flip it down for proper cleaning, but he didn’t even say that.

i am anxious to see how it looks on me!

maybe it was just his healing preference.. or can i rebel and flip it down as long as i promise not to play with it too much?!


Flipping the retainer up and down during the healing process will irritate your piercing and lengthen the healing time. If you are pierced with a retainer you should either heal it flipped up or down but not flit between the two. Most prefer to heal with the jewellery up as the whole point of a retainer is that the piercing is not too noticeable and also it is less likely to fall out in this position. Moving the jewellery in any fresh piercing is not advisable.

Your piercer was not lying, he gave you sound advice (although I would have suggested longer than three weeks, but that’s how I roll!). He is not ‘covering his ass’, he is just wanting to make sure you have a nice, healthy piercing that you will enjoy for as long as you decide to keep it.

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High nostril piercings

Tuesday July 8th, 2008 @ 5:35 PM

Filed under: Nose


I’ve looked on BME and though there are a lot of pictures, I can’t really seem to find much info on High nostril piercings. I have a couple of questions about them.

1. Are they a bit nicer to heal since they are in a less irritable area?

2. Are they more prone to infection due to being a bit more difficult to clean inside the nose? How does one go about cleaning them?

3. What kind of jewellery is recommended? Nostril screws fall out a lot, but would they stay in better in a high nostril piercing? (I’m wondering because I have NO talent with the screws)

4. What’s the length of time to heal them? I’m going to be mechanic and if I get them done a month before I start my training would they be okay?

I really appreciate your help! Thank you!

I haven’t seen a big difference in healing between high nostril piercings and more traditionally-placed nostril piercings. In theory, it does seem like they should heal faster since they are slightly more protected. But in my experience, they seem to heal with about the same occurrence of problems. Keep in mind of course, high nostril piercings are much less common than standard nostril piercings, so it’s not exactly an accurate comparison.

One thing to remember is that no piercing is really more prone to “infection” than any other piercing. Infections don’t just magically appear. You have to get germs/bacteria into your piercing, and in a sufficient quantity, to start an actually infection. This most commonly happens by touching a piercing with dirty hands, letting other people touch it or getting other people’s saliva or bodily-fluids on your piercing. Also, poor hygiene will increase the chance of infection. If you don’t take care of yourself and/or have a compromised immune system on top of man-handling your piercings all the time, you’ve set yourself up nicely for an infection.

I would suggest cleaning high nostril piercings just as you would a standard nostril piercings…a couple times of day, soak in a warm sea salt and water or saline solution. With high nostril piercings it will probably be easier to do a warm salt water/saline compress than actually soaking them.

Nostril screws would likely stay in better in high nostril piercings, as there is less room for the jewelry to move around in general, and specifically less room for the nostril screw to rotate around the 90 degree bend before hitting septum. Another great option for high nostril piercings is a labret-stud type jewelry. They would definitely be more a challenge when it comes to trying to change them yourself, but you also don’t have to deal with the curl of a nostril screw irritating your nasal passages.

Healing time is going to be in the range of 2-6 months I would say…very similar to a standard nostril piercing. Now, if you are going to need to remove them after a month for your mechanic training, you are likely going to have problems. If this is the case, I would suggest purchasing retainers for your piercings that you can put in when your training starts and which would be left in for the duration of the healing time.

Hopefully this helps.

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Septum aftercare?

Friday June 13th, 2008 @ 10:29 AM

Filed under: Nose

Hi everyone,

I just got my septum pierced on Saturday June 7th, so it has been 4 days now. Most of the time (or should I say, all the time) I wear it hidden. No comments here, it is work related. I only put it down when I need to clean up the jewelry.

I clean up the piercing 3 times a day : At morning, when I get back from work and when I got to sleep using q-tips and the product the studio sold me which is called Chlorexseptic. Anyway here’s how I clean :

I wash my hands everytime before cleaning !

1. I clean each side of the hole before taking down the jewelry

2. I unhide the jewelry by taking it down

3. I clean the jewelry and the holes

4. I “swap” the jewelry on one side (horseshoe), clean the side that is visible

5. I swap the jewelry the other side and clean it again

6. I swap few times the horseshoe from side to side

7. I clean everything and put it back hidden in my nose

Is that too much ? I do this 3 times a day. It has been 4 days now and I bleed less (nearly none), but I still have dried blood on the jewelry when cleaning it.

Is that normal ?



The cleaning product you are using is, I’m assuming, something unique to Europe? At any rate, I would probably stop using it. Cleaners, soaps, antiseptics etc., do nothing to help your piercing heal. They simply clean the area they are applied. What they also do is interfere with your body’s natural healing process, causing your piercing to take longer to heal. The only time you really need to use a product like that is if you actually get the piercing dirty.

Instead, I would suggest using a solution of warm water and sea salt, or a pre-packaged saline solution to clean the area a couple of times per day.

The bigger concern I have though is the fact that you are moving your jewelry so much. I would suggest moving your jewelry as little as absolutely possible. Flip it down, if needed and then clean using your salt water/saline, but don’t move the jewelry. Moving the jewelry simply irritates and destroys the delicate tissue your body is trying to form to heal the piercing. The more you move it, the more you irritate it…the longer it takes to heal. Moving it less should also help stop the bleeding.

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Summer = Swimming??

Wednesday June 11th, 2008 @ 7:51 PM

Filed under: Nose

As soon as I finish exams I’m going to pierce my septum :D.

But I got a problem; summer’s coming and i would want to go to swim…is it a bad idea to go to swim in pools while the piercing hasn’t completely healed?


Yes, it’s a bad idea.
The chlorine is an irritant and you’d be exposing an open wound to any number of potential problems by swimming in public pools or natural bodies of water.

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Infected Nose piercing

Wednesday June 11th, 2008 @ 7:22 AM

Filed under: Nose

Hi there, I have had my nose pierced for 9 months now and I believe it is infected. I have tried almost everything from sea salt soaks to hot water compresses to Chaomille tea compresses. It has yellow crusties around it every morning and it constantly has a red circle around the hole.

I think I should change the jewellery as that might be what is irritating it. Currently it has the same nose stud it was pierced with. I am however unsure of what jewellery to change it too.

It would be awesome if you had any suggestions.

In order to assess the situation properly one would need to see the situation up close and personal, as well as troubleshoot exactly what facial products (if any) are you using. Also figuring out the materials that make up the jewelry being worn can help (ie: if its 316L Steel or 316LVM Steel or if its Titanium as well as if its implant grade or not,etc).

What you’re describing sounds to be irritation and inflammation as a result of something being introduced constantly into the piercing… It can be the facial cleaning products, it could be make up, it could be the laundry detergent you wash your bed sheets in. It could also be your pets, if you’re on a “well water” system, if its inferior jewelry quality,etc…The list can go on an on my friend, but unlike the song(and the discussion of whats posing the problems), this specific entry CANNOT go on and on my friend.

I would simply suggest you perhaps visit a few reputable piercers and have them analyze the piercing in person and give you their suggestions…The reason why I say a few is so you can fact check and reference between them all what the most ideal option is that you will want to do.

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