What the hell is on my septum piercing?

Tuesday January 8th, 2008 @ 8:17 PM

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Haha, sorry for the awkward picture. I got my septum pierced about a month ago, and I’ve just been noticing this. I clean it usually with just water and a q-tip, and sometimes i dip it in saline. It still hurts when I accidentally hit the tip of my nose and whatnot. What would you guys recommend to help this?

Thank you some much askBME staff!

Some soreness when you bump/hit your piercing is pretty normal at this point, since it’s only a month old.

The bumps on your piercing are likely some scar tissue build-up. Based upon the picture you sent, it seems like your piercing might be a little on the low side. When I had my septum piercing done, it was done too low, and I have bumps on both sides that look very similar to the ones you have. Now, I’m making this judgment based off a low-quality picture, so I could be wrong about the placement.

If the piercing is done too low, the best option would be to remove it and have it done in a better spot.

It’s also possible that wearing your jewelry (looks like a circular barbell) flipped up in you nose may be putting extra pressure on the piercing, which could contribute to the scarring as well.

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How to Clean Nostril Piercing?

Saturday January 5th, 2008 @ 1:42 PM

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Ok, so I just got my nostril pierced a few days ago, and the only aftercare I was told was to spray the outside with some H2Ocean and then just leave it alone. The outside is nice and clean, but I’m guessing there is some gunky stuff on the inside that probably shouldn’t be there…

What should I be doing to keep this as clean as possible? I would just sea-salt soak it, but I was told not to “dunk” it in water for a few weeks.

I tell my clients to mix up a sea salt solution in a clean glass, stick their nose in the glass, and blow bubbles. After soaking, blow your nose gently with your fingers on either side of the stud (not pressing directly on it) and clean the inside with the salt water and a cotton bud/q-tip. H2Ocean’s fine if that’s what you want to use, but you do need to clean the inside of the nostril as well!

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Nose pierced with a gun

Monday October 29th, 2007 @ 2:57 AM

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I want to get my nose pierced, and the place I was planning on getting it done at uses a gun to pierce it.

Some people have told me that it is better if the place uses a needle.

Does it make much of a difference?

For starters if you look into the Health Board Protocols that cover Body Piercing, in pretty much states that Piercing Guns should NOT be used on anything on the body, other than ear lobes. So not sure where you’re located but call your Health Department and ask if they allow this sort of invasive cosmetic procedure to be done with a piercing gun, chances are they’ll say no. To which if that’s how they answer, then gladly give up the name of the location that you know of that does nostril piercings with guns.

The facts of the matter have been mentioned many times before on BME here are some of the following articles done via BME

Do piercing guns suck? BME reviews the Studex System 75

Piercing guns are blasphemy!

Those two articles delve into the whole concept of body piercing with piercing guns.

For a quick short answer if you don’t want to read those Piercing Guns are: 1) Inaccurate 2) Often Jam 3) Dirty 4) Create A LOT of Blunt Force Trauma.

Not only that but quite often most individuals offering piercings with a piercing gun, have had virtually zero training (ok so some have a couple hours video training and playing on friends) when it comes to properly doing a piercing. Where as proper professional piercers often have anywhere from 6 months to 2 years of apprenticeship training. As well as proper experienced professional piercers will either use a custom bent nostril screw, that they bend to properly fit your nose. Or they will use a labret style piece of jewelry either internally threaded or threadless style.

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Septum crusties?

Saturday October 27th, 2007 @ 8:51 PM

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I had my septum pierced last Thursday and I love it. But it seems that every morning (or even a few hours after I clean it) there are snot crusties, rather than just blood or lymph. Nobody ever mentions any long-term crusty involvement and I was just wondering if I have to deal with this kind of thing forever, since it kind of hurts.

Hmm, I s’pose I assume that it’s common sense that jewellery worn inside the nose will tend to collect dried nasal mucus and have to be cleaned on a semi-regular basis - much as, one hopes, you clean the inside of your nose! ;) Of course, your piercing won’t always be sore and cleaning it won’t be uncomfortable once the piercing has a chance to heal a bit, and it does become routine after blowing one’s nose to kind of give a little extra love to your jewellery with the tissue, to remove any extra junk from the piercings. Just be patient, I assure you that it will get easier within a month or two! :)

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