nipples splitting

Friday June 15th, 2012 @ 7:31 PM

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first. I am terrified of nipple splitting, and am not sure if two bars in each nipple may lead to nipple splitting? The nipples are getting sort of callousy on the nipple, and callousy and crusty around the piercing. I cant find signs of nipple splitting anywhere on the web, but the piercings dont cause me any pain right now. Advice and warning please?

second. Some of the balls are beginning to be eaten by the piercing, causing the hole to be rather big. And I believe i just need longer jewelry. I live far away from trusted piercing studios. I have had nipple piercings before (horizontal ones) and was wondering if it would be an alright idea to change them myself to longer ones? (they have been here for about a week)

third. I know you suggest saline. My piercer suggested 1/4 tbsp sea salt per 1 cup water solution and that’s what i have been using to clean. is that alright?

Also, side question! I have a new reverse belly button. I was warned it may reject. Certain signs to watch out for or ways to prevent rejection?


Sounds like your main issue is jewelry length. Being that the piercings are so fresh I would avoid changing them yourself and find a studio that will help you and put some longer sterile jewelry in. Its worth the drive!

Saline and 1/4tsp sea salt mixed with 8fl oz are the exact same thing. Your piercer is correct in suggesting this as aftercare.

As far as the navel piercing goes just make sure to follow your piercers aftercare, that is the best way to prevent infection and rejection.

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i have a question about the placement of my nipple piercing

Friday June 15th, 2012 @ 7:20 PM

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hi.. i just got my nipple piercing today. They are in pretty good shape when my piercer marked the dots which should be on the base of my nipple, however, after its priced i noticed that its a little bit behind where he marked. i have a flat nipple and i’m afraid that my piercer pierced it in the areola. Can you please check the placement of my piercing and give advice if its better for me to take it off? also my piercer told me to put on cosmetic cotton pads on the piercing so bacteria on the bars won’t affect the piercing, will it make the piercing “unbreathable”? please let me know thanks:)

From the picture you posted I would say it looks just fine, not too deep nor too shallow.

I personally don’t recommend bandaging a piercing unless absolutely necessary.

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Micro Dermal Anchors

Friday June 8th, 2012 @ 4:13 PM

Filed under: Surface/Unusual

This is my dermal anchor as it currently sits. I have two in my lower back. I’ve had them for a year and 3 months and they are the happiest thing i’ve ever had.

Today, i jumped (back first) into a mesh-netting hammock.

I immediately tailed off to my piercer, who tugged a bit but said for my skin’s sake, let it reject the rest of the way out. All that’s left is half of the larger foot of the anchor part.

Do you think i should see another piercer and have it taken out or listen to mine and just let it fall out? I plan to let the hole heal and in a few months, get it redone.

If something like that came into my shop I would recommend removal. If you left it in it would probably get ripped out long before it every fully rejected. If it does get ripped out it will probably leave a larger scar that would take longer to heal.

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Allergic to Jewelry?

Friday June 8th, 2012 @ 4:09 PM

Filed under: Female Genital

I got a Vertical Hood Piercing done in October of last year and haven’t had a problem with it till recently. I get really itchy where the jewelry is at and on the surrounding area. It ends up turning red and gives it almost like a burning feeling. Could I possibly be allergic to the jewelry? I didn’t have the problem until I had the balls on my curved barbell changed =[

You could very easily be allergic to the jewelry. Since you did not mention what type of jewelry I can not comment on why you are allergic. My recommendation is switching to a titanium piece of jewelry, which is completely safe and 100% biocompatable.

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different results

Sunday June 3rd, 2012 @ 3:37 AM

Filed under: Nipple

Hi there!

Last year I got:

- earlobe orbitals, 14g

- 9 dermal anchors (all 9 in one sitting).

- septum circular barbell, 14g

All with trusted professional piercer and top quality jewelry.

After a few months:

- I had to remove the orbitals, because they never healed properly. I woke up *every morning* with a huge ball of dried pus, lots of redness and pain. I believe it was an allergic reaction to the jewelry (?)

- 7 dermals have been totally rejected (leaving a nice scar behind… looks like branding, I like it…). Two are still hanging there.

- The septum healed perfectly. To be honest, I washed it with saline solution for the first 2 weeks, and that was it. Never had any pain, redness, swelling or discharge. I flip it up and down constantly (at work, I am a teacher), and its flawless.

Now I want to get nipple CBR’s, but I am wondering if it will be like my orbitals (pain, pus & anger) or like my septum (nice healing, free movement & happiness).

I know you cannot see the future, but I want to get some opinion on the differences in results I’ve been getting…

Thanks in advance.

Most piercers will find it questionable to do that many anchors in one sitting, as nearly always at least a few will be neglected by your immune system and simply reject. I personally draw the line at 6 in one sitting, but usually insist on a maximum of 5 (especially for larger projects).

Orbitals are another funny one, if they aren’t pierced JUST right they will nearly always do exactly what yours did. Unless I am doing a custom industrial, I will always first put in straight titanium barbells to allow for healing and appropriate room for swelling - then when FULLY healed swap them to a CBR or something similar.

Now onto the nipples, go barbells. STRAIGHT 14g/12g barbells are ALL that should be used initially in nipples (in my professional experience). Anything but this will generally result in very unhappy piercings, especially in nipples. They move around too much, are too easy to get caught, drag crusties through the piercing and add too much weight. I would wait at LEAST 6-9months to let them fully heal before you even think about putting rings in.

Nipples don’t really heal anything like other areas of the body, they quite often can look fully healed but still produce lymph (the yellow crusties) for up to a year as the inside of the piercing can be very lengthy to heal.

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Piercing Removal

Sunday June 3rd, 2012 @ 3:23 AM

Filed under: Nipple

I’ve had my nipples pierced for a little over a year. I was wondering the time period you can remove them with the most healing. I want to keep them in, but I wanted to know at what point they will not heal as well (holes will remain etc). Thanks!

Once the piercing is fully healed (usually around the 6-9month mark) you should be able to remove the piercing and the hole will ‘always stay’. It doesn’t mean that it wont shrink up and need to be tapered (stretched) back open by a professional.

You should be able to leave it out for up to day before it tightens up too much, however you are best to leave it in unless you need to take it out.

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Paranoid about my lip piercing.

Sunday June 3rd, 2012 @ 3:20 AM

Filed under: Lip/Cheek

Hey, okay. I’m beyond paranoid about my lip piercing. I got it pierced with a 15g hollow needle for the SECOND time, the piercer pierced through some scar tissue. I got it pierced on 5/8. It’s now 6/1. The initial jewlery was a 16g hoop.It was fine for the first few days. I did regular SSS, and also used Bactine. Whenever you look at it, you can still see the hole around it. Does that make sense? I also recently had to change to a long stud. The long stud almost doesn’t seem long enough, due to the scar tissue.It’s also very red on the outside, and there is some white tissue under the flat back of the stud. Am I just being paranoid, or is there something wrong here?

Lips and rings in my opinion nearly always end with either an unhappy piercing or a greatly lengthened healing time. Changing it to the longer stud (to allow for more swelling and faster healing) was a very good move, however if it looks a little tight - go back to your piercer and get them to put in a longer bar.

Re-piercing old holes doesn’t always result in a longer to heal piercing, however it more often than not requires a longer bar to accommodate for the old scar tissue and swelling.

It’s very hard to tell what you mean by the white tissue under the inside, it could be the start of hypertropic scar tissue (assuming that it is ‘growing outwards’) or it could simply be the exit of your old hole. Either way, let your piercer check it out to make sure it isn’t anything to worry about.

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question about placement, jewelry, and aftercare

Sunday June 3rd, 2012 @ 3:12 AM

Filed under: Nipple

I have a few concerns about getting my nipples pierced and I know it probably wasn’t the best idea to look up botched and infected piercings, but I did. It put me off just a little, but I figured I would ask to put my mind at ease. It’s been a while since I’ve had a piercing done I don’t remember what type of jewelry (stainless steel, titanium, etc.) I used. I’ve never had an infection or a reaction to the type of metal with any piercings before and this is one of my major concerns. I’ve read that titanium is best, but I just want to make sure.

A few other questions:

- What is a common gauge size for a nipple piercing?

- Is it best to go to a piercer who uses clamps or no clamps?

- Where is the correct placement for a nipple piercing? (That way I can check to see if it’s marked correctly.)

-(My last question) I’m going to the same studio that has done all my other piercings and tattoos and I’ve never had a problem with any of them. They are very clean and professional. With going to a clean studio and using the right jewelry and taking care of the piercing properly, is there really a moderate to high risk of infection? I’ve come across some photos of mastitis among other horror stories and it really made me rethink this.

It’s fantastic to read from viewers who actually want to get the best for their piercings and are willing to do some ground work before getting it done. Lets get onto your questions!

1) Internally threaded titanium is the best thing you can get for a piercing, its hypoallergenic and light (it also comes in fun colors too!). Titanium has an ‘oxide layer’ which allows the piercing to breathe and heal much faster than other metals, which is why its great for nipples as they can take up to 6-9months to fully heal.

2) Personally I do nearly all nipples as 12g, however 14g is fine too. It depends on your piercer and your anatomy.

3) Again, I can only talk from personal experience, but I would prefer to be pierced by a free-hand body piercer. Clamps can lead to more bruising, an unintentionally deep piercing and generally hurt more. Saying that, I know many great piercers who use clamps and its really whatever they are more comfortable with.

4) The correct placement is right where the nipple ends and the aerola (the outside of your nipple) starts. Too deep and they are very problematic to heal, to shallow and they can grow out. Personally I draw lines to get the correct angle, however choose depth ‘on the fly’ as I find it easier to find the exact spot without marks getting in the way. Again - this is just me. Your best bet is to look at your piercers portfolio of fresh and HEALED nipple piercings to determine if they know what they are doing.

5) Infection in a nipple piercing is actually quite rare, assuming you follow the correct aftercare and get pierced by a clean piercer using sterile instruments and jewellery. It doesn’t mean that the piercing wont weep yellow fluid, which is totally normal during healing and NOT a sign of infection.

The main thing to remember is find a piercer you are comfortable with and that you know you will be able to go back and let them have a look if you have any concerns. I freely allow customers to come in for free ‘check-ups’ on their piercings to ensure they are doing well and help put them at ease.

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Saturday May 26th, 2012 @ 11:03 PM

Filed under: Ear

So I got this tragus piercing about 2 months ago and it is not going well. I love my piercing but it has gotten quite infected. I wash it at least twice a day with antibacterial and soak it in a saline solution at least once a day. I don’t know what else to do! I’m just really frustrated with it. Any advice?

Firstly, thanks for supplying the picture - it helps us figure out whats going on SO much easier.

Let’s start by clarifing a couple things, you don’t have an infection - you have a large build up of a form of scar called hypertropic scar tissue.

There can be a number of solutions to hypertropic scar tissue, everybody reacts differently to them and not all of work for everyone. Saying that, there is normally a single reason to WHY it is forming - and that should be your first focus.

I strongly think that it has formed from a poor choice of initial jewellery, in my opinion tragus piercings should ALWAYS be pierced with a straight ‘labret’ barbell. This lets the piercing heal much quicker and stops pressure from developing on the entrance and exit of the piercing, which is a very common irritation that causes scar tissue to form.

The very first thing you should do is go into a reputable piercing studio (perhaps where you got it done at) and get a straight barbell put in there - with enough room to not squish the scar tissue, but not too much as to get it caught all the time.  The next thing to do would be to try and reduce the scar.

Personally I do warm herbal chamomile tea bag soaks on my scar tissue with fantastic result, all you do is make a cup of chamomile tea and let it cool for 5-10 minutes. Then you put the entire tea-bag (when its warm, NOT hot!) on the whole piercing and just let it soak. I generally tilt my head towards the tea bag, so it doesn’t run down into your ear or anything - but its totally safe for your body.

Everyone has different results with scar reduction, you also NEED to make sure you aren’t irritating it in other ways (or it will just get worse). ┬áMake sure that you are sleeping flat on your back, or your other side. Make sure your hair isn’t getting caught up in it and continue to do 2x a day warm saline soaks along with the chamomile - nothing else.

Best of luck on your scar reduction journey!

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Stretching for Gauges/tubes

Saturday May 26th, 2012 @ 5:08 PM

Filed under: Ear


I just got my ears pierced, with a size 22g I believe, about 5 weeks ago. Right, now I have just a hoop and ball 20g in them, but honestly I am so confused about all this XD

You think I wouldn’t be confused because it is just stretching them, but everyone is saying something different!!

I want to stretch to at least a 5g but I have the following questions:

Is it okay to skip (minor) sizes (like skip 20g to 16g)?

How long do I need to wait before changing sizes?

Tapers are easiest to stretch with, right?

But everyone gives me different answers! I hope you guys can give me a straight answer, you seem to know what the hell you’re doing XD Any other advice on this would be great, since I am kinda clueless~

Kay, Thanks!

For your next stretch you should be ok going from a 20g to a 16g but after that make sure to take it one size at a time. Body jewelry generally goes in increments of 2, so after 16 you have 14 then 12 etc. As far as time between stretches I recommend a min of 6 weeks between sizes. At the smaller sizes tapering is always an easy method and will probably be the best since you are only planning on going to a 5g.

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