Looking for long, wooden Plug for Tongue

Tuesday May 1st, 2012 @ 12:32 AM

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Well, while reading the wiki, I saw this:

“Other piercers have performed this piercing using a scalpel, cutting lengthwise along the grain of the tongue to install 2ga or 0ga initial jewelry, usually a Teflon plug or even WOODEN jewelry; other people choose to stretch to these sizes.”

At the moment, I have got a 6mm Barbell, and I want to strech up, but the weight and the big balls are gettin’ hard…

I have looked up a lot of websites, had contact with the whole world for finding no or single flare Plugs, extra long.

I found PTFE and even Glass Plugs, I could wear, but not wooden.

I would be grateful hearing about this topic, maybe with shop-links( worldwide )

I have never heard of anyone scalpeling anything with wood, as its a porous material and would not be good for healing.

I have had great success with comfort using titanium jewellery (as its 1/2 the weight of steel) and you can even wear a tight o-ring on the bottom (instead of a ball).

Another option is to get some custom teflon (also know as PTFE) bars made, I use these quite frequently for large gauge tongue piercings and they are COMFY and very light (and easily customized). I would suggest to try Aesthetics to make these for you. At the time of writing, their site is being revamped - however their email is on there.

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Can I Get My Tongue Split?

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 5:10 AM

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I’ve had my tongue pierced before, but when I did the bar was uncomfortably long.

I know that the piercer has to put a long bar in, but i’m quite a small person so it was irritating both the roof and back of my mouth…

Would there be a way of getting it pierced with a smaller bar, as I eventually want it split..?

Most modern professional modification artists usually discourage the ‘anchor’ split idea, where the large gauge piercing helps regrowth from forming. Again, most BM artists will want to go back further than you can actually pierce a tongue anyway. I have never met a tongue that I wasn’t able to split.

As far as the massive bar goes, a good piercer will know what length to put in to accommodate for swelling (personally I use 3/4″ or 19mm barbell) and when to downsize (I like to go to a 16mm after a month and a 13mm after two). Too long or too short in a high gauge (or any size, for that matter) piercer will cause discomfort and problems with healing.

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Flap around tongue piercing,

Monday April 30th, 2012 @ 3:46 AM

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I have had my tongue pierced (twice, the kind called venoms) for almost three years. For a while almost a year ago I had this flap building up around one of the piercings. I had to change into clear retainers for a long time for work, since May of last year. So since then, it seemed like the flap had disappeared completely. Just two weeks ago, I put in regular metal barbells. And the flap reappeared. It is now not only on the top of the hole, but the bottom too. This time it is hurting and irritated. I have heard rumor of these being able to be cut off, is this really possible? Also, what happens if I retire the piercing, where will the flaps go??

I’ve attached one photo of the top, and could do another of the bottom upon request. Thank you!

What you are reffering to is hypertropic scar tissue and is quite common with off-center tongue piercings (like venoms). It can be cause from playing with it or incorrectly sized jewellery.

My suggestion would be to try and reduce/clear the scar tissue before you think about getting it cut off. You could try 5mm discs on top (with internal thread jewellery) at a correct size (as judged by your piercer, as every one is different). You can also purchase Asprin tablets (Aspro-Clear) and put 1/4 of a tablet on the offending tissue twice a day for a couple weeks, it will ‘bubble’ and fizz away the scar tissue and leave your healthy normal tongue tissue just fine.

If it continues to grow or doesn’t go away after that, go into a professional piercing studio and ask them about removing it. Some piercers will and have great results (myself included), some think it is dangerous and will not offer it as a service. I have heard of some people using nail-clippers (with the jewellery removed) to take the tissue off, however seek professional help before you think of doing any DIY stuff.

This should help you to get rid of it, however it won’t stop it from coming back again - that all depends on what was causing it in the first place. If you are a player, don’t play with it and 75% of the time it won’t come back again.

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No more tongue piercings?

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 11:26 PM

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Recently I had to take out my tongue barbell at the dentist’s request. The problem was that the webbing of my tongue had swelled up around the bottom ball, and I think it was infected. My webbing was really sore and everything and it stopped being so after I had the piercing out for a few days. The whole incident was weird because it had been healed since October of 11′. And from 09′-10′ I had my tongue pierced twice, one right next to each other with no problems whatsoever.

But the kicker is that he said not to pierce my tongue again, because the swelling will come back if I do. (even with it healed and everything)

Is this true?

Yes and no, everyone is very differently. I could pretty much guarantee that your tongue will swell again if you get it re-pierced - however by professionally tapering open your old hole, you will most likely only get a very small amount of swelling for around a week and then you go back to a normal size bar.

I wouldn’t suggest to just ‘ram’ the bar through as this will cause it to swell, but if you go to a studio that uses internally threaded jewellery - they will have some cool tapers that will only open the piercing up to EXACTLY the size of the jewellery and should limit the amount of discomfort and swellage that happens.

While you are at your piercer, get them to double check it isn’t too far back - because if it comes out close to your webbing, the bottom ball can often rub against your webbing and cause discomfort and swelling.

Unless you are aggravating it, once you downsize it should stay at that size and not swell again. Playing with it, biting on it, drinking alcohol and smoking all can cause it to puff up a little bit (especially over night). By putting in a bar that has just enough room for some minor swelling, you should be able to leave it in forever.

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Just Curious…

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 8:38 AM

Filed under: Tongue

So I have the webbing of my tongue pierced and I’m planning on getting it eventually removed and a large gauge tongue piercing as far back as possible as preparation for splitting my tongue. However I really enjoy my frenulum piercing, (I’ve had it for about 6 years and one of those years there was no jewelry in it! My amazing, never migrating, never closing piercings…) Either way, my point being, is it possible to cut just the top of the frenulum along the underside of the toungue and leave it attached along the bottom of the mouth so that, in theory, there would be a little pierced flap of skin? I was looking at some anatomy books and it seems like the risks would be the same as a full frenectomy, possibly even less since it cuts through less tissue. The only complication I really could see arising is the remaining tissue not getting as much blood and going necrotic, either way that would result in the removal of the rest of the frenelum, right? Has anyone ever tried anything similar?

Oh and I had another question while we’re answering my hypothetical questions…. What is the ethics/laws surrounding HIV/Hep C + piercers/tattoo artists? Are you not allowed to pierce or would you just have to inform your customers?

Before we chat about the webbing piercing, doing a tongue ‘anchor’ for a split is generally not recommended by experienced body modification artists. A split is often performed further back than you could even pierce a tongue (safely) and a large piercing doesn’t always stop regrown - it can in some cases encourage a smaller split.

Now onto the webbing - it could be quite a cool and original idea to do! I would strongly suggest to get the split first and tell your modification artist what you have in mind, so they know to go too far back and damage that tissue. After your split heals, you should be able to simply taper (re-insert) your webbing and all will be dandy. You will most likely find (as with all splits) that you will get some re-growth that will most likely close up around your webbing, however how much depends on your body and can’t really be estimated that easily.

Mucus membrane has really ample blood supply (anywhere ‘moist’ on your body, like in your mouth) and I would not be worried about the tissue dying off. The only concern that I would have would be the possibility of it migrating slowly out over time, if your split does in fact get very close to it.

Now onto your last question. As far as I know (and I just did some research) you don’t always have to inform a client that you have a bloodbourne pathogen, in fact many people with them may not know that they have it and are totally symptom-less.  Ethically however they should always inform their clients (just as clients should inform their artists) if there could be a risk of an infection.  A trained artist will consider ‘every body to be contagious’, reguardless if they are or not - this is just safe practice.

I would suggest to politely ask your artist if they have had a recent blood test done and when they last had their Hep B vaccine shot, some studios (such as mine) proudly display our most recent blood results in our stations to avoid the possibility of any awkward questions.

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Tongue web piercing

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 3:17 AM

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I got my tongue web pierced on Wednesday, it is now Friday and I am mildly concerned about the formation of two white dots on each opening of the piercing. My web is still swollen and sore especially when talking for long periods or eating. I rinse with alcohol free mouthwash after eating and smoking(which I am trying to cut back on a little for the sake of my piercing).

Any information would be greatly appreciated!


To put you at ease, those little white dots are 100% normal. That’s just how mucus-membrane (the moist tissue in your mouth) ’scabs’ and heals.

Discomfort after a long chat or eating is totally normal also, in the same regards it will be similar to your central tongue piercing. Drinking water while eating (and chewing) can help to soften up food during your swelling too.

Sounds like you are looking after it perfectly, however make sure that you don’t over do the mouthwash (I suggest 2x a day maximum) and you can also rinse your mouth out with normal saline solution after a cigarette to minimize any problems.

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After Tongue Stretching

Monday October 25th, 2010 @ 5:17 PM

Filed under: Tongue

Ok, so I have a very basic question. It’s probably nothing, but it has been bugging me quite a bit.

I stretched my tongue from 8ga to 6ga (ouch) about a month ago. It healed up fine and I continued on with me life. Two days ago it randomly swelled again right in front of the bar on the top of my tongue. It feels like normal swelling (when pressed it is firm), but it was so sudden I don’t know what to make of it.

Its a standard surg. steel barbell with space at both ends to shift and move. I have been eating a lot of tomatoes and acidic foods recently (and drinking lol), but I wouldn’t think it would cause a kick-back to the healing process! Should I just Crest it to death? Or should I spot it with Hydrogen Peroxide? I’m a body piercer and this is baffling me. Someone suggested it was a reaction to the metal, but I had Surg. steel barbells for years before I gauged it to the 6ga. Should I wait and clean? Should I switch to a titanium barbell?

-Confused piercer ^_^

Chances are, you may have irritated the fistula when you stretched it.
Starting up a gentle aftercare regime with some dead sea salt and water rinses and practising regular oral hygiene (Brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day) should help.
Stay away from commercial mouthwashes and whitening toothpastes as they can over clean the mouth and the peroxide in whitening toothpastes can cause extra irritation to the delicate cells around the piercing. (So no on the hydrogen peroxide idea on that note as well)

It could be a reaction the jewelry you’re wearing, depending on where you picked it up. Surgical steel is the same stuff forks and bicycle spokes are made of… you should be wearing implant grade materials in piercings.

Be sure you’re gently brushing the top and bottom of your barbell as well.

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Pissed about Piercing

Sunday December 27th, 2009 @ 3:33 PM

Filed under: Tongue

I went to a piercer the other day to get my tongue pierced and he informed me i cant get it done because the blood vessel goes straight down the middle of my tongue. I am mad that i could not get it done but i have been looking up different ways online to get around it and i was wondering which one would be best.

1. Getting it done slightly off- center… i am just concerned that people would be able to see that it is really off center and it would look wierd.

2. Getting my tongue pierced horizontally instead of vertically… i am concerned that it will be more painful and harder to get used to.

3. Getting my tongue pierced on both sides.

what would you as a piercer recommend?

Honestly, it’s quite rare I’d turn a tongue piercing away because a blood vessel was in the way. For larger veins, they can often be rolled aside for the piercing and for smaller ones simply pierced through. Don’t be afraid of a second opinion.

Horizontal tongue piercing is a horrible idea, in my opinion. Piercing both individually moving sides of the tongue together and the potential damage caused to the teeth just doesn’t make sense to me. And there are some serious blood vessels throughout the tongue that would be just about impossible to avoid.

Two tongue piercings (commonly called “venom” piercings) are a great alternative to a center tongue piercing and are becoming increasingly popular lately for aesthetic reasons alone.

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Tongue Web Infection?

Monday October 19th, 2009 @ 3:46 PM

Filed under: Tongue

I’ve had my tongue webbing pierced for about 5 weeks now, a week ago i noticed where it was pierced there were two big red bumps forming. They then started to turn really red and there is alot of “white stuff” there as well. i went to see my piercer but she said everything was normal after taking a brief look in my mouth. Im rather worried about it, i think its infected.

This can often happen with tongue web piercings if the web itself is non-existant and the piercing is basically an under-the-tongue surface piercing or if saliva glands have been punctured. Excessive redness and swelling can also be attributed to poor aftercare advice including mouthwash.
Sending in a picture for this kind of thing is very beneficial.

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slanted tongue barbell?

Monday October 19th, 2009 @ 3:24 PM

Filed under: Tongue


I recently got a tongue piercing. It has only been a week but the swelling is basically gone. However I’ve now noticed that my barbell is slanting to the right a bit. It looks like this is the case because I have webbing running down the center of my tongue and the barbell rests on the right side of this webbing. My question is, is it okay for my tongue barbell to be slanted to the right like this? Is this normal?


It’s pretty common that we piercers will place a tongue piercing slightly off on the bottom to avoid the frenulum. You’ll find that once you downsize your barbell to snugger fitting one, the slant of the piercing won’t be as noticeable.

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