sore tongue

Wednesday June 10th, 2009 @ 7:09 PM

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the front half of my tongue feels sore with a sting to it … I would almost describe it as like i have eaten too many salt and vinegar chips. This only happened the day after my tongue was pierced … is it possible to get thrush from this?

I had my tongue pierced 5 days ago too.

Getting thrush after a tongue piercing can certainly happen. It’s common when mouthwashes are the suggested aftercare or from over rinsing.

The first week or so after a tongue piercing can be pretty brutal. People experience pain from the tip of the tongue to the back, the underside and even in the jaw and neck. This could be your problem also/instead.

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Injured tongue web…

Thursday February 19th, 2009 @ 9:00 PM

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A little bit embarrassing, but anyways.

I’ve had my tongue pierced for nearly 3 years now. My tongue web comes forward quite a bit, so it was pierced to the side.

A few days ago, I was kissing someone, and lets say something got stuck, or pulled, or bitten, I dont know, but it seriously hurt. I took out the barbell, and it was bleeding a little. I put it back in and thought nothing of it, just maybe it got a little torn, as nothing looked wrong. So today, (4 days later) and still in the same amount of pain, I gave it a closer examination, and discovered that the bottom ball of the barbell, has ripped a hole through my tongue web, and it can half stick through there…

Am I going to have to retire my tongue piercing so this hole will heal up, as it is aggravating it?

(..that or put a ring in there and celebrate my new accidental piercing…)

Well - a couple options: You could see a piercer and have them assess if your new hole could be filled with some jewelry.

-You could remove your barbell if it’s too much hassle and pain for you
-You could put a slightly larger ball on the bottom part of your barbell so that it doesn’t fit through the hole and gives it time to heal up.

The good news is that oral tissue heals up pretty quickly so whichever option you choose you likely won’t be in as much discomfort for much longer.

In the meantime, be sure to keep your mouth clean and drink lots of water. Basically treat it like a new piercing should be.

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Short Tongue

Thursday February 5th, 2009 @ 12:33 PM

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I recently visited my local piercer to get my tongue pierced in the middle. I knew I have a fairly short tongue, but I didnt think it would be a problem. However, while the piercer checked my tongue for veins and so on, he said its far too short to comfortably pierce.

I have my tongue web pierced but I’d happily retire that if I have to. I wouldn’t go as far as a frenectomy but I really want to get my tongue pierced.

Should I visit another piercer and get a second opinion it? Or should I just forget about it and find something else to pierce?

Thanks =]

It’s very likely your tongue is too short to have a tongue piercing and have it not affect your tooth and gum tissue.
You can always seek out a second opinion, though I commend your regular piercer for putting the client’s best interest first over making a sale. Often, just because you can pass a needle and barbell through it, doesn’t mean that it’s suited to be a good, comfortable piercing.

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Gum recession due to tongue piercing

Wednesday November 26th, 2008 @ 8:06 AM

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I was curious about reducing the speed of gum recession without completely removing my tongue piercing. I got it pierced about 4 years ago and have since stretched it to an 8g. I didn’t notice any problems until I was looking at my teeth. On my lower front teeth, the gum line is dropping in the back. I’ve switched to a retainer which is not very comfortable. What are your thoughts on domed acrylic balls? Will this aid in preventing further recession?


It doesn’t really matter what material you use as it will invariably be harder than gum tissue. If the ball is resting against your gums then you can try is a shorter bar, however, this all depends on whether or not you can go shorter. I wouldn’t recommend anything shorter than 12mm in a tongue piercing. The key is to find something that isn’t going to be coming into contact with your gums and if this can’t be done then it is best to retire the piercing. Gum recession isn’t reversible and can lead to tooth loss. A piercing really isn’t worth losing your front teeth over.

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Tongue eyelet

Thursday November 20th, 2008 @ 12:59 AM

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I have a really big desire to have an open hole in my tongue and I’ve been looking at 8g eyelets(I am currently at a 10g barbell). I just have a few questions about this.

First of all, is it possible to use an 8g eyelet in a tongue piercing? All I’ve ever seen in tongues are very large plugs or barbells.

Also, I’ve looked at eyelets for ears and they look much too short. My tongue isn’t particularly thick but normal tongue barbells are much longer than any eyelets that I’ve seen. Will short ones still work or should I look for longer ones? Do they make longer ones or is it something that might have to be custom made?

Also, are double flared eyelets a possibility or should I stick with a single flare/oring? And as far as material, I’ve seen wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc. I figured glass would be out of the question, in case I bit down on it but should I stick with only the typical metal piercings?

I think that that is all I can think of for now. Thanks

Unless you like drooling excessively and somewhat uncontrollably this is a bad idea.

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White build up under tongue ring

Saturday October 11th, 2008 @ 7:25 AM

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I’ve had my tongue pierced for almost three years, but recently (beginning 6 mo. ago) I’ve noticed a white, solid build up on the underside of my tongue ring, around where the acrylic ball hits my tongue. I am an oral hygiene freak, and I brush the underside of my tongue, but this is still happening with various balls I’ve tried. I can chip away the white stuff when I take it off, but I’ve found it eats away at the acrylic a little (or the force just chips it). Is this a health problem or am I just being too cheap with the quality of my jewelry?

The calciform deposits on the jewellery you describe are quite normal in tongue piercings. Acrylic isn’t the best quality and as you’ve discovered isn’t that great to clean. It is also cheap so if you want to stick with it, just replace the balls with new ones at regular intervals. There is a suggestion that acrylic can leach toxins over time (I’m sure Warren can interject here) so replacing it frequently would be a good idea anyway. Other than that, with titanium or steel balls, you can drop them into a cup of vinegar which will make removing the depostis easier.

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Bleeding after tongue piercing

Wednesday September 10th, 2008 @ 7:23 AM

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My friend got his tongue pierced. Everything was completely sterile and the ring is through the middle of his tongue. The piercer didn’t hit the veins on either side of his tongue and it looks great. The top hole is about an inch from the tip of his tongue, further back in his mouth then the bottom. I know this is further back then normal, could it have caused the bleeding. But two days after he got it pierced he woke up in the morning and there was alot of blood in his mouth. It was thickening up around the ring where I guess the body tried to slow the bleeding. At first he was freaking out. Now the bleeding eased a little about an hour to hour and a half after he woke up but were wondering what it could be from. It was only bleeding from the top and there was a little bit of dried blood on the bottom. I have been piercing for 6 years and I can’t say I have seen this happen. It did not bleed the first day and he only bled a few drops during or more so right after the piercing. He took Aspirin the first night after he got it done because it was all he had and he has been using a mixture of generic Listerine and water. Then once or twice a day he rinses with salt water. The night before he woke up with all the blood he was eating Chinese food. I only mention this because I know some meat tenderizers can irritate oral piercings. He came to me for advice but I’m not sure what to tell him aside from take it out. But I don’t want to say that if this is something that happens sometimes. Could it be because of how far back the top hole is even though the bottom hole did not hit his veins or webbing? Or could it be from him taking Aspirin? Please try to answer soon. Thank you.

I’m assuming you mean bar rather than ring, right?
If it hasn’t bled excessively until then, then I wouldn’t worry too much. It could very well be that he had an ‘orally active’ dream (I don’t want to know the details!) and coupled with taking aspirin - which is an anticoagulant and a pretty dumb thing to take after having a piercing - that could be behind the nocturnal bleed. Also, did he have an alcoholic drink (or three) with his chinese meal?
The thing with bleeding is that a little blood always looks like alot. Try telling a woman that the average amount of blood loss during a menstrual cycle equates to approximately six teaspoons and she’ll shoot you a look that will cut you in half faster than a guillotine! With bleeding, if it doesn’t appear to be slowing down after 20-30 mins, that’s when you potentially have a problem and should seek medical advice. If the piercing is well-placed and the bleeding has stopped then advise him to heal as normal (and ditch the listerine - this won’t be helping as it contains alcohol which also thins the blood, not to mention the fact that it really is far too harsh for an oral piercing). If he continues to get frequent bleeds then ask questions. Ask questions about his lifestyle and habits etc and don’t rule out the possibility that a vessel may have been nicked during the procedure. Use his answers to make a judgement call as to whether you think it best to remove the jewellery, let it heal and pierce at a later date, differently placed.

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Tongue piercing angle

Wednesday September 3rd, 2008 @ 11:33 PM

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For some time I’ve been considering a tongue piercing to be my next mod. After finally having decided to give it a go I wondered if it would be possible to have it done somewhat angled to the back of the mouth to let the top be more hidden. What is the optimal angle to pierce the tongue.

I also have my tongue web pierced. Should I let it die for the sake of my tongue piercing or can they coexist?


Different piercers have different takes on the best angle for a tongue piercing. It’s also important to keep in mind that there are very few absolutely certainties when it comes to piercing. As everyone’s body is somewhat different, there are exceptions to almost every “rule”.

I personally prefer to do piercing straight up and down most of the time. My reasoning is this:

When you do a tongue piercing straight up and down, it will still lean back slightly when your tongue is in your mouth, due to the shape of the tongue. If you do the piercing at an angle so the top is further back, the jewelry will rest at even more of an angle when your tongue is in your mouth. The potential problem with this is that the the bottom ball will then be more likely to rest/rub against you lower gums. Rubbing/friction/trauma typically leads to damage to the gums and can even lead to some bone erosion.

While this may not happen to everyone, it is a real risk, and one that I try to help my clients avoid as much as possible.

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Wednesday August 27th, 2008 @ 2:51 AM

Filed under: Tongue

Ok so my aunt has this like 2 acre natural lake. and i just got my tongue pierced about a week and a half ago (it’ll be two week when i am at the lake). so my question is do you think it will bother my piercing if i go swimming for a few hours in this lake that all these fish live in and dogs swim in and people swim in?

Realistically because your tongue is in your mouth, and when swimming in a lake like that, you should be keeping your mouth closed. Swimming should not pose many problems for you, in regards to your piercing specifically.

Just keep your mouth closed and don’t swallow/fill your mouth up with the lake water and don’t go licking any fish, dogs or people that are in the lake with you.

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need help

Saturday August 2nd, 2008 @ 9:42 PM

Filed under: Tongue

i have a tongue piercing. but school doesnt allow me to have it.

i’ve tried not wearing it at school(8-10hrs) but when i got home,it hurts to put it in. i guess it’s closing.. and now it’s a little sore and swollen.

is it ok for me to keep taking it out for long periods of time and put it back in? i think i’m hurting the hole cause when it’s closing i sort of force it through again.

fyi, i’ve had it pierced for a year and a half.

Mashing jewelry back in after long periods of time isn’t going to be very good for your piercing. You’re going to cause little tears in the fistula, risk infection and inflamed scar tissue.

If you can’t have a tongue piercing visible at school for dress code reasons, consider buying a clear retainer to switch in and out.

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Posted by Lexci Million | Permalink | 2 Comments

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