need urgent advice

Thursday July 31st, 2008 @ 2:08 AM

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hi. this is the second time im submitting a question because the first one wasnt replied.. perhaps i didnt explain myself properly? anyway, i hope you reply.

my tongue was pierced 1 yr ago. and im still studying. a change of teachers…. well.. long story short, i cant wear it. a typical school day for me is around 8-12 hrs.

so i took the stud out for around 12 hours..

when i reach home, i found that the hole is closing up. and i had to force my stud in. and when the stud is n the hole, it’s really tight, like it cant move properly. and it keeps hurting.

i did this for almost a week.. every single day, stud out for 12++ hours, in for 4-5 hrs.. and my healed piercing keeps hurting because i keep forcing the stud in.

each time it’s closing, i force the stud in. im real worried that it’ll get infected and such..

my question is, will it? is it bad for the tongue?

Your tongue hurts so my question is: “What does common logic dictate to you?”

Of course taking it out and cramming it back into the tightened up pathway is not an ideal thing to do, and the potential of infection is there if you’re not careful.

If its an issue involving the metal look in your mouth, try a quartz glass retainer to wear while at school. They can be autoclaved and used for longer periods of time then the plastic retainers.

That would be a lot more ideal then taking your jewelry out every time for school and forcing it back in, once school is over. And you can get the quartz glass in clear so its visually hard to see inside the mouth.

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i need advice 2

Monday July 28th, 2008 @ 4:17 PM

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this is my second question.. sorry about using up two post but i forgot to ask another question..

is there a chance that my tongue wont heal up if i did not wear the stud? or it depends on the individual?

my friend can not wear her stud for months but her hole is still there.. i go without it for a few hours and i have to *force it through* cause it’s really tight?

is it true that the hole wont close up at all?? i heard that it’ll simply tighten.. so you can sort of pry it back open again?

Again, everyone’s going to be different. Some people CAN wear their jewelry out for years without having a problem sliding the jewelry back in. Some people have matter of hours, even minutes before the piercing closes right up. “Prying” the hole open isn’t going to the be the best idea.

I think you need to really decide if you’re sure you want to take this piercing out!

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i need advice

Monday July 28th, 2008 @ 4:13 PM

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i pierced my tongue roughly about a year ago.. everything has been going well until now, my boyfriend wanted me to take it out because it he doesnt like it.

im ok with this decision but first i need to confirm a few facts …. if i decide to re-pierce it next time.. can i choose to have it through the *same old place*? i heard from friends that it will hurt alot more that way because of the scar tissue.. will it??

second question, i have superbly sensitive skin. i cant even pierce my ears without infection.. it still amazes me till today that my tongue piercing is so successful, maybe it’s luck?? but however, is tongue piercing really that dangerous?? i’ve heard so much horror stories about it.

cheers and thanks in advance ^^

You could definitely re-pierce your tongue in the same spot as before. The pain factor of doing so is completely personal and there’s no way to say that piercing through your scar tissue will hurt more than the first time while other people don’t feel a thing.

If you wore a tongue piercing with no problems, it could be that you’re wearing exceptionally low quality earrings.
People don’t treat their ear piercings the same way as they do other body piercings. Wearing the same low-grade metal earrings and not washing them daily can cause irritation. Not to mention pitching jewelry into the bottom of a purse or jewelry box and popping it back in without disinfecting it can cause irritation as well!

Tongue piercings aren’t really dangerous when they’re pierced correctly and maintained carefully by the wearer. Wearing appropriate sized jewelry and not playing with it in your mouth will save your teeth!

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Tongue Piercing

Friday July 25th, 2008 @ 11:29 AM

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I have want to get a tongue piercing since the longest time ever. I already have an eyebrow & navel piercing. The eyebrow piercing was done by a professional. I did my navel piercing by myself and did not have any problems with it! I also did my own ear piercings which I also did not have any problems with it. I have 4 piercings in each ear. I was wondering if I could pierce my tongue (self-piercing)? I know that its daangerous and the disadvantages, but Im willing to risk it. I recently bought a Professional Piercing kit for the tongue (which includes the needles). I examined my tongue to see where the thicker blood vessels are. They run along the undersides of my tongue on the right and left side. I was wondering if I could do the piercing in the middle of those blood vessels? because there is a skin line that seperates the left and right side of my tongue. I have done a lot of research and I have seen YouTube videos to get an idea of where exactly is the best part of the tongue to get the piercing. If anyone can help me, I’ll be very HAPPY!

I think that if you were bound and determined to pierce yourself, you could certainly put a needle through your body and fill the hole with jewelry.

But body piercing isn’t always that simple.
First and foremost you’re going to need to have some sort of grasp of cross-contamination prevention which is something that takes professional piercers a lot of practice to grasp and utilize in their procedure. There are bacteria on your hands right now that could potentially kill you if you managed to introduce it to an open wound in your body. Piercing kit or not, you still need to understand how to use that equipment properly.

What kind of jewelry do you get in a piercing kit? How do you know it’s the right size for your tongue and that it will allow for swelling?
Tongue piercings can start to swell immediately after the needle is passed through. If you’re not quick and accurate with the jewelry transfer, you’re going to swell up even more and the jewelry won’t fit.

You said yourself you know it’s dangerous and you know the disadvantages. I think this is one for your piercer to do for you. Exact placement is going to vary from person to person and besides what you’d see in pictures, I’m not going to be able to tell you where you should place yours.

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Thursday July 24th, 2008 @ 3:23 AM

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Since I am turning 18 in August, I have been going through my options of which piercings to get done first. I have been running the idea of getting two off-centre tongue piercings (venoms), but I have heard from various people that this can be alot more dangerous than a standard centered tongue piercing. Is there more risks involved with getting venoms?

Besides common risks of any tongue piercing (bleeding, swelling, bruising, tooth/gum erosion, infection, etc) “Venom” piercings shouldn’t pose a higher risk than “standard” or centrally placed tongue piercings if done by a skilled piercer.
He or she will need to examine your tongue to avoid the thicker blood vessels which you can see that run along the undersides of your tongue. Some piercers will opt for different angles in the underside placement of the piercings to avoid piercing through the vessels (which would cause you some serious bleeding)

Ask to see portfolio pictures of other similarly placed tongue piercings when choosing your piercer.

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To risk it or not?

Thursday July 10th, 2008 @ 6:34 AM

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I went to a piercing parlour today wanting to get my tongue pierced. I went in and the guy had a look at it and told me that I can’t because of an atery and that he can pierce it in a slanted way or risk doing it. The worst he said was that my tongue MAY have this really huge keloid on the tongue and there will be alot of bleeding after I get it done. Now, I’m fine with bleeding. I actually wanted to become a medical examiner so that type of stuff doesn’t scare me. What bothers me is the “may or may not” part. I said I still want it because he wasn’t 100% sure that would happen but he didn’t want to risk it and he didn’t want to deal with alot of blood. Do you think it’s okay to get a tongue piercing even though there’s an artery in the way? Can I still do it slanted? Or should I just forget about the whole thing?

Thank You,


Firstly, I deeply doubt it is an artery. More likely a vein running down the centre which is relatively common. Veins are visible as blue vessels because they carry deoxygenated blood back to the heart. If hit it will cause a bleed-out which is messy and time consuming for the piercer and can cause marked, instantaneous swelling. Also, any movement in the bar can cause it to bleed again. The healing time will also be lengthened because the body has the additional issue of having to control the bleed before it can progress onto the next stage of the healing process. Piercing it at a slight angle will avoid hitting the vessel but it can cause hypertrophic (raised) scarring due to more pressure being put on one side of the piercing. I would accept that this piercing is not for you and opt for something else, afterall, what’s the point in having a piercing if you cannot have it done perfectly.

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protecting my teeth!

Tuesday July 8th, 2008 @ 10:00 PM

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I got my tongue pierced a week ago, and its healing fine and everything. I am a little worried about breaking my teeth because of the years and thousands of dollars in spent in braces. I talked to my piercer about wearing acrylic balls (I thought it might be softer and reduce damage to the teeth?). But he said that my body will ruin the acrylic by breaking it down and I will have to change the balls often so its not worth it… I am going to go into get my barbell resized soon too, so maybe that will help my paranoria about ruing my teeth… Are there any other materials/options I have for protecting my lovely lovely teeth?

Just a question I’d like to ask, was your paranoia about your teeth brought up when getting pierced? Did the piercer advise you that no problems whatsoever would occur with getting your tongue piercing?

The fact is damage to your teeth CAN be a issue with tongue piercings and no piercer worth their salt should down play this fact.

The thing with the majority of acrylic beads (mostly the externally threaded kind) is that they are not meant to be placed in a hot moist environment, such as the mouth. Also once in your mouth the saliva has enzymes that break down food and other matter. That coupled with the occasional accidental bite/chomp on the beads are what causes them to break.

There are a few companies out there that deal with Internally Threaded Dental Acrylic Beads/Attachments, but its very far and few between.

Normally when I do tongue piercings I tend to place it in a spot on the tongue where its not too far back, nor too far forward. Usually in this spot I find the majority of people are still able to talk fine initially and you don’t even hear any “clicking” sound. However with that being said I also point out to my clients that the possibility of tooth damage IS there and it CAN occur, then allow them to make an educated/informed decision on what they want to do.

And honestly if you’re so worried/paranoid about your teeth, perhaps a tongue piercing isn’t the ideal piercing for you? I’m not saying this to be mean or be all hating against tongue piercings. I’m simply saying it because if you care more for the wellbeing of your teeth, its always better to err on the side of caution. Because unfortunately there’s no acceptable material right now that’s currently in manufacturing that the enzymes in your mouth will not attempt to break down, except for Steel and Titanium (ie: metals).

But if you do want to keep it, just make sure you get your downsize barbell asap and make sure it fits properly and comfortably.

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Large guage tongue

Thursday June 19th, 2008 @ 9:38 AM

Filed under: Tongue

I’ve been stretching my tongue over the past year or so, and have found myself stuck at 00 guage. I can’t… for the life of me… find any bigger jewelry that will work for my tongue anywhere. I’ve asked my local artist, and he doesn’t know where I would find anything either, without it costing an arm and a leg. Any suggestions?

Well I know where to obtain jewelry that won’t cost you an arm and a leg…But it’ll cost you your testicles/ovaries and eyes. So not really sure which you’d rather part with, either way somebody is walking away with a piece of you.

Heres the reality of the situation…Yo’re at 00ga and guess what? Chances are a lot of the basic “metal” jewelry you’re probably looking at, IS going to cost a fair bit of cash. Mainly because guess why? It’s a big chunk of solid metal that goes into making that piece of jewelry for you.

One option potentially is obtaining a PTFE piece of jewelry from a reputable supplier/manufacturer.

But here’s the thing…In order to rock and roll you gotta play to play…Which means if you can’t find “cheap jewelry” sometimes you’re just gonna have to do the right thing and suck it up and pay the price for the right jewelry.

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Can’t get my tongue jewelry back through…

Thursday May 29th, 2008 @ 10:38 AM

Filed under: Tongue

I had my tongue pierced about 7/8 years ago now. I took out my bar for a bit of a break and now had my stud out for about a year or two. The hole is still there as I freak people out at work by putting a paper clip through it.

I now want to to get my stud back in, but unfortunately I can only get it through half way?!?! Has anyone got any suggestions please?



Considering you had your jewelry out for a year or two, it shouldn’t come as much surprise that hole is still open, but has shrunk a bit. Your best option is probably a trip to your piercer to have them stretch the hole slightly so the jewelry will fit back in.

If you don’t got that route, you will need to find a way to enlarge the hole so you can put the jewelry back in.

Just go see a piercer, is my vote.

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Posted by Derek Lowe | Permalink | 1 Comment

Tongue piercing and dental work

Monday May 26th, 2008 @ 7:50 PM

Filed under: Tongue

I was planning on getting my tongue pierced quite soon, preferably at a larger gauge if possible.

However, I need to get on one of my front teeth fixed, as it was broken pretty much in half a few years ago, but I’m not sure when this will happen.

I was wondering if the piercing would affect the dental work in any way? Maybe causing damage?

Also, would I maybe need to wait until the work is complete before I get the piercing?

Anyone thinking about getting a tongue piercing needs to understanding that damage, in varying degrees, to your teeth and gums is a very real possibility. There is, of course, no guarantee you will damage your teeth and gums, but you very well might. So yes…a tongue piercing might also affect the dental work you have done. If it’s a front tooth you are having worked on, the chances are probably lower than if it was a molar…but the chance is still there.

I don’t think you would need to wait until you’ve had the dental work completed. However, the tongue piercing would need to be old enough so that you can safely remove it, without worry of it closing, if your dentist requires it when they do the work.

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