Ink Rubbing

Sunday May 6th, 2012 @ 12:42 PM

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Hello BME staff/community, I want to say that I love you all and that it is you who make this community great. I am an experienced diy body modification practitioner in terms of piercing but have little experience with scarification. My question is, what would you recommend as procedures for doing a lasting and high quality ink rubbing. I’ve read just about everything I can find about cutting/ink rubbing/skin removal scarification and just completed my first try on myself for an ink rubbing but it seems like the same information is pretty much copy and pasted all over the web. What I am specifically interested in is if there is an ink application procedure (waiting till bleeding is completely stopped, adding it multiple times to the wound, putting some on the bandage) that would result in more ink remaining in the scar. I’ve also read something about adding more powdered pigment to already mixed tattoo ink as a way to improve the outcome however I can’t find any distributors for high quality powdered pigments.

Really any advice would be welcome, thank AskBME, keep up the good work!

I recommend people apply the ink as soon as possible to the area, as scabbing and dry blood will stop the ink from being able to absorb into the skin correctly.

Many practitioners will apply quite a lot of ink (tattoo ink works best, but rotary ink can also be used) and then wrap the piece in cling-wrap to give the tissue the best chance of absorbing the pigment.

I wouldn’t bother messing with powders as it can get VERY messy and hard to control in small batches.

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Tattoo and Sex

Monday August 10th, 2009 @ 2:37 PM

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I am getting my first tattoo in about two weeks and have been reading some aftercare instructions online. One website said not to have sex for up to six months (I don’t believe that). But my friend who has experience with tattoos said that you shouldn’t have sex for a few days, if the tattoo is in a place where it can be rubbed.

I plan on getting my tattoo on my hip bone, which would be rub during sex. Do I need to worry or just proceed as I normally would, so to speak?

Having sex with a new tattoo isn’t going to cause it any harm.
Any rubbing or trauma to the freshly tattooed area can cause it some pretty good irritation.
It should take about 2-3 weeks for a tattoo to be healed enough that any rubbbing on the tissue shouldn’t cause it any bother. Be mindful of scabs or flakes that haven’t come off yet - if they’re torn off prematurely, that can affect the tattoo.

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tongue splitting/frenum cutting

Monday May 12th, 2008 @ 9:15 AM

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hey just a quick one, is it poss to have my frenum cut without getting a lisp or speech impedement?

Possible is a sticky wicket.
Yes. It’s possible. It’s also possible to get your tongue split with no affects to your speech- but it’s also possible that you’ll thound like thith. There’s really no way to guarantee it 100%.

is it probable?
Again- yes. It’s probable that you’re speech will totally unaffected by having the lingual frenulum cut. Ankyloglossia (being “tongue tied”) is common enough that performing a frenotomy (though unpopular in some circles) is a medically approved option that carries with it the hope of untethered movement of the tongue and improved speech.

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Parents and Scarification

Wednesday November 21st, 2007 @ 11:59 PM

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I wasnt sure who to ask, so I decided to ask here!

I’ve been interested in body modification for a while, and waited until I was legal age to get all of my piercings. (Even lobes, I didnt want them done with piercing guns, haha)

My mother has never been opposed to any of my piercings, and was surprised I didnt ‘go out and get a tattoo on my 18th birthday’. She has always known I’ve been interested in tattooing and piercings, but she doesnt know about my interest in scarification.

That said, holidays are coming up. My mother has been pestering me for ideas about gifts. Theres nothing I really want/need, but I was planning a cutting piece in December that-because of holiday gift overload-I can no longer afford. If this was a tattoo, I’d have an easy time asking for her for a gift of the financial type towards it, but I feel scarification is so taboo. I know shes not “old school” enough to fear tattoos and piercings, but Im afraid scarification will just make her awkward and think that I need medical attention of some sort. (That said…shes a Doctor!)

Do you have any references to articles other then the “What parents need to know” article? (Possibly not on your site?) I find it a bit lacking VS the scar FAQ which seems extremely excessive just to inform a parent that Im not insane in any way, and this IS safe.

And just to note: I dont live at home anymore, legal age, etcetc all that good stuff ;)

The parents situation is always a VERY hard situation to go through. Some parents say they’d rather their kids be pierced then tattooed and vice versa. With that being said the same thing can be said in regards to scarification, some parents will appreciate it and some won’t… Luckily I personally have a mother who can find the artistic merit in the work and actually likes my scarification sleeve.

One thing you can do is start roaming around BMEZine and searching various galleries about scarification pieces and show them to your mother to discuss them. Ideally your best option is to not show the bloody freshly done photo’s but either a couple days after or even ideally fully healed photo’s will work best.

Scarification when done by a qualified artist is no different than getting tattooed when it boils down to it. So just be like: “Hey mom, check this out!” as there’s many amazing photos you can pick and choose from and then touch on the artistic subject matter.

You’d be pretty surprised what parents will open up to if they are accepting of other mods (piercings and tattoos)… I always thought my mom would hate my arm, but she was very accepting of it. Perhaps if you handle the situation just right, you’re mom will be accepting of it as a means of self-expression,etc.

But if you don’t discuss it, you’ll know what could potentially have been…It doesn’t hurt to at least try right?

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