Eye tattoos in OK illegal?

Tuesday February 24th, 2009 @ 8:45 AM

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my question isn’t as much a question as much as it is outrage. What is this? The state of Oklahoma wants to ban eye tattoos. I thought that this was a free country. I guess I was wrong. Apparently I do not have the power to choose how I look. I am sad to say that I used to live there. How can they legally do this?


With the risks that come with eyeball tattooing… I’m not really against this.
I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done… just that it being illegal will make it more serious for people to do/get and hopefully keep the hacks from doing something that’s beyond their skill set.

For the most part, things were a lot safer when they were underground.

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Modblog Tattoo

Tuesday February 10th, 2009 @ 1:25 PM

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Dear Sean Philips:

I hear that your Modblogged “Lemmy is God” tattoo is in a contest.

Where can I vote for it?

You are awesome.

Love, Me.

Why Robin, it’s funny you ask that.

Yes, my ModBlogged “Lemmy is God” tattoo is in a online contest for the Philly station 104.5.

If any of our loyal reader want to help out a poor volunteer, soon to be father, askbmezine.com staffer, and possibly win $104.50 for themselves. Just follow this link and vote for me, Sean P.

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tattoo and piercing simultaneously

Monday January 19th, 2009 @ 9:13 PM

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For a long time now I have wanted to get my first tattoo. I think in a short time (maybe in a couple weeks) I will go down to the studio and get it done. I am very excited about this and can’t wait. However, I have recently started liking nipple piercings and I would like to get one of those as well. My question is: can I get both at the same time? I’ll probably get my tattoo first if I have to wait, but should I wait a certain amount of time between the two? Thanks!

I don’t think getting them both at the same time will tax your immune system enough to be any concern. Go ahead and get them both and just make sure your dietary needs are met and you’ll likely be as right as rain! (Leafy green veggies, protein and vitamins before your appointment, the right amount of sleep… take care of yourself and your mods will thank you!)

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New Tattoo

Sunday January 18th, 2009 @ 12:38 PM

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Hi, I have read all over askBME and you talk about looking at different artists work before deciding on him/her to be your artist. My question is, what exactly do you look for? I know my shop is clean and safe, I have had work done there before. But there are three different artists and none of them specifically specialize in what I am getting. The tattoo I am going to get is part of a page from an illustrated children’s book from the 70’s. It is a flower and a mouse. But the drawings are faily simple. Most people put their best, most detailed work in their books. I am just not sure what types of things I should look at in their work since obviously they won’t have my exact style. Thanks so much in advance for your help.

Great question.
I mainly get tattooed by a very small group of artists, so it had been some time since I’ve had to sort out finding a new one. But as luck would have it, I recently had to venture out to get tattooed by someone I had only met once.

As you pointed out, the first things you look for should be cleanliness and safety. You’re past that now, so it’s best to move on to other deciding factors.

While looking through their portfolio try to find tattoos that you know came from an outside source. See how they adapted their own style to something recognizable. A superhero, an album cover/movie image, book art, et all.

Did their style overpower it or did they execute and adapt the image and make it look just like the source?

Don’t be afraid of talking to the artist you’re thinking about having do the piece. Tell them your concerns; that you want it to look as close to the source material as possible. Tattooists are commercial artists and should be able to adapt your wishes into the finished piece. If they tell you that they wouldn’t be comfortable adapting the design, thank them kindly and move to the next artist who’s work strikes your fancy. At the end of the day it’s your tattoo and it should live up to all of your expectations.

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Tattoo - is it possible?

Friday January 16th, 2009 @ 8:46 PM

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Im planning to get my first tattoo soon and i was wondering if doing something like in the picture (http://ronadish.deviantart.com/art/Smoking-Mosh-106132191) is possible since its mostly white, my brother says its possible but im not sure..

also, im planning to get a laser hair removal in the future (not sure when), anyone know what the effect of laser on tattoo’s?



That could be a potentially beautiful tattoo if you found the right artist for the job. Using minimal oulines and grey wash with white highlights would make that really nice. Choose your artist carefully, please!

Laser used for hair removal will cook the tattoo right out of your skin and could scar you up pretty grossly. Hair removal first, tattoo second.

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your favorite tattoo client

Saturday December 13th, 2008 @ 9:46 AM

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This is a question for the tattoo artists and the people that love them. I want to write an article on the subject of how to treat your tattoo artist. A shop etiquette if you will. But not just the standard “don’t dicker prices” and “don’t come drunk” and “don’t forget to tip!” kind of stuff. I want to know the kinds of things that a tattoo artist loves about their client. What are the things that make a tattoo artist excited to work on the piece and put a little extra pizzazz into the work?

Not to say that a good artist doesn’t always give their best effort, but there must be some things that a client can do to really give some extra love to the artist, and thus see a reciprocation.

Anyone who feels like helping out…. post away.

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Tattoo dilemma

Tuesday December 9th, 2008 @ 8:16 PM

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I’m planning on getting my first tattoo very soon. I’m 22 years old and I’ve already decided what it is that I want but I have a little moral dilemma. My tattoo is a saying from the Qur’an, I’ve held it very dear to me since it helped during times in which life was just falling apart. This phrase represents so much to me really and I would always know that I mean it in the most beautiful of ways… I also know that this would be terribly offensive to some people. I’ve taken many religious studies classes so I can’t get away with “I was totally oblivious it would offend you” and it’s sort of eating me inside.

I’m planning on getting it somewhere where it could be covered up very easily and I’m willing to go through people judging me for it, I just don’t want to hurt anyone. What do you guys think?

The question one always has to ask (and I’m stealing from “The Girl Next Door” here) is:
Is the Juice worth the Squeeze?

Will the fallout from the tattoo be worth having the tattoo?
If the answer is yes… get it. Be prepared to deal with the reality of having it on you, but do it. You are then promoted to the role of ambassador for that tattoo… you get to educate people who care enough to ask about it to it’s meaning if you so choose, or simply cover it up. (or if the tattoo is in Arabic… don’t translate it for them)

If you DON’T think you’re up to the task of living with the reality of having the tattoo… back to the drawing board!

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freckles & light ink

Sunday December 7th, 2008 @ 5:57 PM

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My shoulders have some light to medium-dark freckles on them and I want to get a sun tattoo using yellow and orange inks. Would the freckles be likely to show through the light colors?

I have freckles that show through darker blues and green ink in my tattoos, so yes, almost certainly!

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Redoing/Changnig a tattoo

Thursday November 13th, 2008 @ 11:10 AM

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I recently got a piece done on my rib cage and I should have been a little more… critical? of the drawing and there are a few errors/bits i’m not pleased with and I was wondering if i could get them removed and redone or will that look messed up? they are minor but bothering my head. thanks

Could is always a sort of open concept here at ASKBME.
Yes- you can get laser removal on the parts you don’t like and once healed tattoo the area again.
But the laser is not an eraser and is not without complications. It’s a process. One that I’m glad is a ready option, but may not be as cut and dried as simply going, having a session and tattooing it again.
So yes- you can have parts hit with a laser and eventually redone.

Just make sure you use more critical judgment when it comes to finding the right person to do the removal. Live and learn!

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Eyeball Tattooing

Tuesday November 11th, 2008 @ 11:13 PM

Filed under: Tattoos

I am looking for a place in New York City or close to NYC that offers eyeball tattooing. Does anybody have an idea?


While this will likely not be the case for long, the only practitioner I know of doing eyeball tattooing is Howie from LunaCobra. He gets to NYC from time to time.

This procedure however is highly experimental and comes with documented risks as well as theoretical risks that even the artist can’t totally prepare you for. Please realize that you could have serious complications- up to and including loss of vision- from getting your eyeball tattooed.

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