…since piercing - could my clit be damaged for good?

Sunday August 19th, 2007 @ 10:46 PM

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I have recently had a VCH done last Sunday. Now I have pretty high pain threshold, never wince when tattoo’ed, had five children, nipples and tongue pierced and none of that really phased me.

However the pierce took several seconds, felt as tho my flesh was being ripped open and for the first time ever I screamed the place down, it was a truly agonising pain.

Since then there hasn’t really been any pleasure and at points the pierce has felt downright uncomfortable. During my salt soak this evening in the bath and felt the piercing for the first time properly and suddenly has this awful dread that she had pierced my clit. I then got my husband to check who said actually yes, the clit was pierced. With the aid of a mirror I checked myself, the piercer has entered at the hood, but then pierced the entire length of my clitoris, the end of the bar comming out at the end of the clit.

I am so upset as well as incredibly worried. I have had no clitoral sensations since piercing - could my clit be damaged for good? Will it ever feel the same way again? Tomorrow I am going to another piercer to get their opinion on what has happened as well as going to see my doctor.

If anyone could give me any advice I would realy appreciate it.

A hood piercing is such a simple, simple piercing to perform and yet we still hear stories like this every once in a while.

Most likely if you removed the piercing it would heal back and sensation would come back as well. HOWEVER, if my sexual sensation was at risk, I would take NO RISK and would seek advice from an OBGYN. Some suturing may be needed or possibly a more serious procedure. In any case good luck.

- Sean Philips

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