Long-removed Piercing producing discharge

Tuesday May 8th, 2012 @ 2:48 AM

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I’ve seen a similar posting here, and many others on the internet with no solution so far. I had both nipples professionally pierced at 17. Took them out at 22 due to recurring infection on one. I’m now 32 and in the 10 years they’ve been out there has never stopped being a thick, white discharge from the entry/exit points that comes out of the duct on the front too, when squeezed. It has a foul odor. Sometimes there’s a little, sometimes there’s a lot.

Is there a way to clean these piercings so that they will heal completely and this issue will stop? It’s really embarrassing and makes me self-conscious when I’m with my partner.

The thick white discharge is called ’sebum’ (not to be mistaken with any other similar sounding words). It’s a natural build up of dead skin cells and oil found all over your body.

Think of the oil that is always on your fingers, the only difference is that the skin inside the piercing doesn’t have a way to let it out - so it builds up.

It’s a totally normal thing for your body to do and you shouldn’t feel self-conscious of it. Saying that you could go to a piercer and get them to re-pierce them (with no jewellery afterwards), causing a break in the fistula which should allow the open tissue to ’seal’ and getting rid of the hole all together. Sometimes this works well, other times it just hurts, bleeds and does nothing.

Apart from putting jewellery back in them (opening up the hole and allowing the sebum to secrete out normally), you will most likely always have the issue.

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books for sale

Sunday May 6th, 2012 @ 3:38 PM

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a friend of mine is trying to sell off some books but he doesn’t know what price to ask.

4ex of “I Am The Strength Of Art, with portraits by Philip Barbosa. 1999, limited edition of 500 with VCD included” and a fifth ex without cd

“ModCon: The Secret World of Extreme Body Modification, with portraits by Philip Barbosa. 2002, first printing 2500 copies”

unread and still in plastic

Sounds like you should ask Philip Barbosa

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labret piercing- stud or ring?

Sunday May 6th, 2012 @ 1:03 PM

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I have had the left side of my lower lip pierced for 4 weeks now and am constantly biting it and when I smile, it sticks out a lot. I know it will stick out, but it shouldn’t too much, right? I smile a lot and feel a bit self conscious. I love the piercing and it healed up fine, tho I still get crusties and am always cleaning my piercing. I am wondering if downsizing will help with the sticking out of the stud, or if I should opt for a lip ring?

peace and love,


Rings are never a good idea for lip piercings, until they are FULLY healed (usually a couple months minimum).

If it is sticking out like crazy, your best bet would be to go back to your piercer and get them to downsize your bar. Usually this can only be done after 4-6 weeks, as the tissue will still be inflamed slightly - a sticking out bar is better than a sinking in one!

Crusties (lymph) usually indicates that you are still in your healing phase, so be very careful not to play with it and take care not to bite it while eating.

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Forced incontinence by sphincter stenting

Saturday May 5th, 2012 @ 4:51 AM

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I have been a diaper lover for all my life, and the latest years lived 24/7 with it. The last year I have lived with an stent bypassing the bladdersphincter making permanent leakage. I need to get in touch with a doctor willing to implant a permanent stent like a Urolume. Wher could I find a doctor like that in Europe.

This is out of the realm of BMEzine I’m afraid, best bet would be to search through the medical community for a doctor to perform this procedure for you.

You may find others on BME (specifically IAM) who have had the same or similar operations done in your area and ask them for a reputable surgeon.

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Hypertrophic Scarring on Industrial

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 9:17 AM

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I’ve had my industrial pierced for almost a year now, and it doesn’t seem to be healing at all. Mainly, people (as in my boyfriend) always accidentally grab/touch/hit my ear - and now I’ve got some nasty looking hypertrophic scars. The main ‘bump’ that I’m having issues with is on the back of my ear. I was wondering two things: what is the best way in treating hypertrophic scars? and is my piercing even worth keeping? I was debating just taking it out and re-piercing it. What do you think?

I would suggest to do warm chamomile herbal tea bag soaks as part of your daily cleaning routine to help them go down and back to normal, but that will only fix the scar tissue - not stop it from forming again.

To stop it from coming back again, try your hardest to sleep flat on your back. Try sleeping with sunglasses on (seriously, it stops you from turning over) or positioning hard pillows (or cushions) to either side so you physically are unable to roll over.

I don’t think taking it out and re-doing it is a good idea, you will have the same problems all over again (usually worse) and you will waste time and money.

Another good idea would be to change the bar to two separate posts. Separate bars will really help with the healing and let you focus on each of them separately.

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Recommended Size/Materials For Getting New Piercings?

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 9:07 AM

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My friend and I are looking to get some new piecings- he wants a pair of snakebites, I want my tongue done. I’ve had my ears pierced before and my friend used to have snakebites, but had to take them out because they refused to heal (we think the issue may have been fiddling/overcleaning). We’re looking to save a little money and buy the jewelry ahead of time rather then paying extra at the shop, so my question is this: What should we look for, material and size-wise when choosing jewelry? Where would be a good place to buy? Should we even really bother buying outside of the shop? Please and thank you!

Most piercers will only want to pierce with their own jewellery so they can ensure that is of high quality and at a size/gauge that they prefer to use for fast healing. I personally don’t pierce anyone with anything but internally threaded g23 titanium from reputable manufactures.

You may find that most studios have a ‘BYO’ charge to clean, ultrasonic and sterilize the jewellery.

Saying that, some piercers don’t mind - but I would check with them first.

For lip piercings, personally I only use 14gx10mm labret posts with a 5mm back plate.
For tongue piercings, again I only use 12gx19mm barbells with 5mm balls on both sides.

Many piercers often do lip piercings at 16g or 14g as well as tongues at 14g, however as everyone has their own preference - ask your piercer first.

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Making Plugs

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 8:42 AM

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Now, I see all the questions about what isn’t safe for making plugs out of. So, what is safe for making plugs? Is silicone?

Silicone, although technically is ’safe’ in your body, can be really bad for wearing in your ears. It’s sticky porous nature makes it ‘grab’ onto the inside of the ears and many people react badly to the material.

To make DIY plugs, the best (and really only easy to do) material would be wood. You can use nearly any natural wood, there are some that are poisonous (check online) and you don’t want anything treated.

Another nice material to work with is PTFE, its very very soft and biocompatible. If you have access to a laith, you’ll be in DIY plug heaven.

Stay well clear of any acrylics (plastics) and unless you are really experienced in glass making, don’t attempt to make anything from pyrex/glass.

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Saline Breast Enhancement

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 8:19 AM

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I’m really interested in doing a saline injection temporary breast enlargement. do you know of any professionals who do this in the southern California area?

Before anyone reading this response freaks out, saline is totally safe
(when its sterile saline and performed by a professional) to be injected
and your body reabsorbs it surprisingly quickly.

My first suggestion would be to ask around your local BDSM community, as
its a procedure that isn’t really done that frequently in the ‘medical
community’. Ask them if they know any professional practitioners that have
performed (safely) the procedure in the past and get in contact with them

As always, ask to see a portfolio of their work and make sure you are 100%
comfortable with their advice, experience and professionalism.

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I have no idea!

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 8:19 AM

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Would love to ask if anyone know what category does this tattoo fall in. Tried searching on the web for a long time but couldn’t get it. Got this picture from one of someone and he told me his customer brought him that so no one knows what style/kind this tattoo falls in what category. very much appreciate if anyone out there knows because i really love it and would love to know more then ink it on me !THANKS GUYY!

The koru (the swirly bits) look like they could be from Polynesian or Maori
art, the head dress appears to be Polynesian also. The bird itself looks
Tibetan in origin, which makes it a tough piece to pin into one category.

As far as the BME categories go, I would personally put this into the
Tribal and Blackwork tattoos.

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Tattoo peeled but shiny wrinkled skin underneath?

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 @ 7:59 AM

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This is not my first tattoo, I have quite a few but I’ve never had any that have done this. I’ve gone to the same artist for most of my tattoos , I follow the after care procedures, but none of my other tattoos have had this happen, So it’s 7 days old and it has peeled for the most part but underneath the layer that has peeled it is a very shiny and wrinkly skin. It looks as if it’s possibly going to peel a second time. Like I’ve said before that’s never happened before. Is it silver skin/ milk skin? Will it go away? The tattoo is on my inner bicep, does that make a difference in how it heals?

As a tattoo scab naturally falls off, it leaves behind a thin film of white
’second skin’. This will soften up and go back to normal as you continue to
use the aftercare cream. The white layer can last up to another two weeks
after fully healing and its advised not to get any touch-ups until this is
fully settled.

The inner-bicep skin is nutritiously fragile and can be easily over-worked,
which can result in a small amount of drop out and should be checked by
your tattoo artist once fully healed (give it a good month).

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