Body Modification Mysteries?

Sunday October 18th, 2009 @ 2:41 PM

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I’m doing a in depth research project with my topic being body modification. I am EXTREMELY passionate about body modification and I am determined to make it my career. I want my research to reflect my passion but still be relevant to the body modification community and something that isn’t already answered, something I can really research. Do you guys at BME have any suggestions on things that need further research in our community or things you as an artist, body art lover or practitioner that you are particularly interested in and would like to see more attention payed to it? Thank you so much I would love to hear back from you!

Thought I’d leave this one to the comment forum. Anyone have any mysteries they’d like researched?

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suitable retainers for dimple piercings?

Sunday October 18th, 2009 @ 2:30 PM

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alright, so i love my dimples but my family hates them.

so whenever i go to visit them they completely ignore me or just make really rude comments, it’s shitty that they can’t be more accepting but i’d rather adjust to them without removing my mods than ignore half my family.

i wear a 5/8s barbell in one cheek and a 11/16s barbell in the other, and i don’t think glass labret retainers are long enough..

any suggestions? or if you

know of anyone who will do custom glass pieces like that?

I’ve had great custom retainers in from Gorilla Glass.
That said, glass in your mouth around your teeth can be relatively dangerous and it’s not suggested you wear them for long periods of time, sports or even eating - for obvious reasons.

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Sunday October 18th, 2009 @ 2:20 PM

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Hi I have had a keloid on my earlobe for the past 6 years. With time it has reduced to the size of the actual earlobe however, it is still raised. I have gone to doctors to see what they can do and they prescribed me some silicone sheets that did not do much. I have tried sea salt soaks ( I have have had an industrial piercing on the same ear for 3 years and still do sea salt soaks to keep it in check),massages with tea tree oil,and other “remedies” I have found on the internet. One of my questions is, how can I treat it? Another question is will it be possible to pierce and eventually stretch? I have been told it is pretty difficult to stretch scar tissue but, I was thinking since a keloid is just an excess of collagen, wouldn’t that just lead to thicker lobes? I honestly have been wanting to stretch my ears for over 4 years and the fact that I cannot do it makes me anxious -_-

Well your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

- Danny with the fro

Danny, that picture is not showing up very well. Unfortunately I can’t see a thing!

If you have an actual keloid on your earlobe, I would seek the opinion of a dermatologist for removal and treatment. I personally don’t pierce through keloid scars as they can grow pretty rapidly.

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navel piercing

Sunday October 18th, 2009 @ 2:17 PM

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I got a navel piercing approximately 3 or 4 months ago. I got a bump on the top hole of the piercing that was full or puss and blood so i sterilized a pin and i popped it because it was putting pressure on the ring and it hurt. I took the ring out so the puss filled bump to heal; so i want to know how long do i have for me to be able to put the ring back in?


Popping abcesses around your piercings at home with a pin is going to put you at an enormous risk of serious infection.
I would suggest you don’t do that at all.
Nor would I suggest you put the jewelry back if you’ve removed it for the same reason.

Check with your doctor to make sure you’re not suffering from an infection that may need to be treated, leave your jewelry out for a couple months and have it repierced.

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Genital Beading and MRI

Wednesday September 23rd, 2009 @ 10:47 PM

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I currently have an eyebrow piercing that I enjoy quite a bit since I have gotten it about a year ago, with little to no complications. Even with high activity levels and continuous changing/brief removals there have been no issues. I am looking at getting another mod, but I do not want it to be visible to most anybody. I have been thinking about going with beading the shaft of my penis. My big concern is that I tend to go through MRI scans often and consistently. I have read the other questions regarding similar, but want to insure sanitary means that will be the least likely to infect or reject, and be MRI safe. Im told titanium (at least what grade?), but what other materials may be suitable? I had a bar through my chest for a few years (medical procedure, known as the Nuss procedure) which caused no problems, but do not know what the material was. Any suggestions on what to use, or perhaps an alternative mod?

If MRI’s are your main concern, using implant grade silicone is likely your safest option for genital beading. This will not only rule out metal concerns completely, but this will also keep your implants light in weight as well as more pliable and less abrasive to the body.

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toe ampuation

Wednesday July 29th, 2009 @ 4:17 PM

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I want to sacrifice one of my toe it could be either the fourth or 5th toe from the 1st joint… which one is better option and as I don’t want to go to a surgeon for the same how can I perform the procedure myself at home. Also how can I preserve the amputated toe.

While I cannot fully endorse a DIY toe amputation, I would recommend going for the 4th toe as opposed to the 5th because theoretically it would have less affect on your balance. As for preserving it, a little birdie told me you can order formalin (which is a saturated solution of formaldehyde) on ebay.

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I think I have a blow out and I don’t understand why.

Thursday May 28th, 2009 @ 10:07 PM

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Well I’ve been having problems with my left lobe. For some reason it has been bleeding and oosing puss after 2 stretches. From 8g to 4g and then from 4g to 2g. My right ear never had this problem and I just had it pierced about 3 months ago. I’ve had my left lobe pierced 6 years ago. Is there any other ways of speeding up the healing process besides downsizing?

Firstly, what happened to 6g? Secondly, can you clarify what you mean when you say it has been oozing after two stretches? Do you mean you stretched from 8g to 4g, it bled and seeped then healed, you waited at least two months and then stretched from 4g to 2g and the same thing happened again? If you didn’t wait two months, how long did you leave it between stretches?

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tongue splitting

Tuesday April 28th, 2009 @ 4:08 PM

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i really want to have my tongue split and now i wanted to know if one has to suture the tongue after splitting or if it’s not really necessary…

i heard it’s not really necessary and is just for aesthetic reasons (suturing makes a more ’round’ and natural appearance), is this true?

how about healing time and what are the complications/risks involved,like, what is the worst thing that could happen during a tongue split?

i’ve read all the old posts here on askbme and the only one that i think contains a lot of the information i’m looking for is written in french, and my french sucks ;)

thanks! :)

I’ve seen a window of about 25%-75% minimum regrowth through healing with cauterized splits. With the suture method, that changed to about 25% regrowth maximum. This is the main reason I prefer the results of suturing.

Swelling generally lasts (with proper aftercare) about 1.5-2 weeks and begins to subside after the sutures are removed.

Having a large-gauged piercing healed in your tongue will act as an anchor to help hold the split back and minimize regrowth. Keep in mind that there are no guarantees in how your body will accept the split. This information should be taken as subjective; as there are many variables and different people can heal differently.

The effect of “rounding” within a sutured split is generally not much different than with a non-sutured split, but may depend on the length of the split, how it was sutured, and how long it has been healed for.

As for complications, be sure that whomever you choose to do your split is well versed with sterile procedure and the possible complications of the work at hand. Pain, swelling, numbness, bleeding and bruising can be expected. Infection is a risk with any type of wound.

Different artists will likely have different opinions on this. My advice is subjective to my experiences. If you have any other input to add, please jump in the forum and do so!

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Body modification Discrimination

Sunday April 26th, 2009 @ 3:44 PM

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I am doing a college research paper on body modification discrimination in society and the world. Any views or comments on this topic as well as any good research sites or books would be greatly apreciated! If you would like to take a 5-10 min survey to help with my research please e-mail me at [email protected] Thank You!

Hit it.

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Microdermal Instruction

Thursday February 26th, 2009 @ 6:20 AM

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I recently came back into the world of piercing after a long hiatus. I was a working proffessional for five years and eventually moved on to other things. I am now working in a shop again and I am getting requests to do microdermal implants. This is not a procedure I have ever seen performed, as I am not the type to just experiment on my clients, i have had to turn them away. My main question is if anybody knows of a reputable training program or seminar on the west coast. I am very interested in this procedure, but I want to make certain of the safety of my clientel. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Probably the easiest and most obvious thing would be for you to attend the Association of Professional Piercers conference this May - you can find more info on the APP’s website, There will be lots of informational classes (including one on microdermals), and you’ll have the opportunity to network and powwow with lots of piercers and pick their brains about how they do things, too. :)

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