Piercings in schools

Thursday August 14th, 2008 @ 1:19 AM

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I work at a Hot Topic in the Midwest and lately (I think because of back to school) I’ve had a high number of parents asking me or my associates about piercing rights almost??

Basically I am hearing that some PUBLIC schools are banning piercings and for boys to have pierced ears.

For some reason this really doesn’t rub me the right way and it seems to be mainly located in smaller towns where piercings and gauges are seen as something that common criminal would have.

I mean I understand the reasoning and legality of a work dress code (you are being paid) but schools aren’t the same. It is required by law (in most states) that students go.

How can a public institution can both overrule parents decision making? Not to mention continue the stigma that anyone with a nose piercing must be a druggie or hoodlum?

So I guess my question is do the pierced have rights??

(By “gauges” do mean stretched piercings wearing larger gauge jewelry? ;) )

I think it’s pretty unfair to ask guys not to wear jewelry in their lobes while girls can. AND I think that if someone had the time to kick up a fuss about it, a fair conclusion could come of it (ie: guys are allowed to wear earrings like girls - or no one’s allowed to wear earrings at ALL!)

I think since the beginning of schools, students have felt oppressed and hard done by by their teachers and that establishment. The best way to change the rules is approach with an educated, level-headed case for your cause.

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snake bites

Monday August 11th, 2008 @ 12:06 PM

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how would i numb mylip for snake bites

You would have it injected, multiple times! with a small syringe with some xylocaine or similar. It would be painful …and silly. You might as well just have TWO needles and have the piercings over and done with.

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Metal vs. Bioplast

Monday August 11th, 2008 @ 12:01 PM

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Is there really a difference in how much bioplast and metal irritate and recess gums? or destroy tooth enamel? And can i attach a metal piece to a bioplast post?

As far as the wear on your gums go - if the material is harder than the tissue in your mouth, there will still be erosion of the gums.

There are some companies who make jewelry with metal ends on bioplast posts, but I don’t recommend wearing them as bioplast isn’t meant for long term wear in your body.

Your best bet if you’re concerned about tissue and tooth erosion is to be wearing appropriately fitted jewelry in the piercing. Some people require multiple “downsizes” in the posts within the first several months of wearing an oral piercing. If the jewelry is sitting snugly behind your lip, you’re going to have much better success with your gums down the road.

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Stretched/Annoyed Ears

Wednesday August 6th, 2008 @ 6:56 AM

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Alright. Long story short.

This is my third time trying to stretch my ears to my goal of 5/8… this time professionally. They were pierced at a 6g and stretched immediately to a 4 and were perfect.

HOWEVER, the latex o-rings are irritating my ears hardcore - the skin directly underneath the o-rings looks almost raw but I know I don’t have a latex allergy as condoms don’t do anything and I’m not sure how to fix the reaction.

I’ve been using organic balm on them and it seems to be working very well - as well I’m taking allergy medication.

I’m going to get different jewelery when I go in for my next appointment, but what should I do until then?]

… my story wasn’t all that short lol.

You could try silicone ‘o’ rings or even just not have them pushed so tightly down but to be honest, I tend not to bother with ‘o’ rings at all. They make my lobes sweat a little and that in turn can make them sore. When my tunnels start to fall out repeatedly then I know it’s usually OK to stretch up to the next gauge.

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ear lobe tear

Tuesday August 5th, 2008 @ 12:36 PM

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well i just got off the phone with one of my friends and hes flippen out over one of his earlobes, he stretched with hot topic silicone (i know bad idea not only because its risky with silicone but hot topics silicone is the poorest quality i have ever seen) and he said theirs a layer of skin missing blood and pus he also said his ear is a crimson red i advised sea salt down stretching and steel plugs i just wanted to see if their was anything you could advise im gonna try to get a pic of it tommorow to show you what im dealing with

This is probably the most frequently covered topic in AskBME. There are countless similar questions that have been answered by myself and my fellow panel members. A quick search will bring it all up again. So to recap.. remove the jewellery totally, advise your friend to do twice daily seasalt soaks and not to attempt to put any jewellery in the piercings until they have completely recovered and then to start again at whatever size easily slides in. Slap your friend upside their head for using substandard jewellery and advise using something like PTFE, good quality steel or titanium and NOT silicone or organics and tell them to do a quick bit of research into how to stretch correctly and safely to achieve good, healthy results.

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Pubic mound and Christina piercings

Tuesday August 5th, 2008 @ 12:25 PM

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I’m looking into getting a Christina piercing. I’ve wandered through the BME experiences and the encyclopedia. I noticed it said that Christinas reject easily in women with a smooth pubic mound. How can I work out if my pubic mound would be able to handle this piercing? What should I look for?

And then it also says that surface bars or curved barbells can be used. Which would be the better option and would one work better on a specific ‘anatomy’ than the other?

Thanks in advance

That’s kind of a tricky one to try and explain. Some women have a noticeable ‘lip’ or ’step’ where the outer labia start to form. It makes the area quite pinchable and therefore can accomodate a curved barbell quite adequately. My personal preference is to use an ‘L’ shaped surface bar but some piercers have had good results using curved barbells. If you don’t have a noticeable lip then I would opt for a regular surface bar. The same considerations should be taken as with any surface piercing - movement, lifestyle etc. Your best bet is to find a piercer with a certain amount of experience in piercings of this nature and book in for a consultation (most piercers offer this service free of charge with no obligation). They will be able to advise you better having had a chance to see for themselves.

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Friday August 1st, 2008 @ 5:04 PM

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When is BMEshop going to be back online?

The short and sweet answer is:
As soon as possible.

There are going to be some major (and awesome) changes coming soon, so just dig in, be patient and keep checking back to the main site and Modblog- as soon as the doors reopen, trust me, you’ll know!

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Sunday July 27th, 2008 @ 10:57 PM

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I’m not new to body mod. I have 18 piercings and 2 tattoos. I’m 19, and my parents control my money for college. They’ve never liked my body mod, but recently they have threatened to cut me off completely if I get any more piercings or tattoos. I’ve tried to explain that it’s my form of self expression and my lifestyle choice, but they refuse to even listen. Any tips? Anyone dealt with the same thing?

Tips? If someone is paying your way you respect their wishes just like you want them to respect yours.
Take the money and run. Be patient. Get your degree. Thank them. Then go get modified the heck up.
The other option would be working 10 jobs, not accepting their money and showing them that you’re self sufficient AND modified.

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Jump rings as body jewelry

Sunday July 27th, 2008 @ 1:17 AM

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Is it common for people to use jump rings as body jewelry?

I was shopping for lip and nose rings online and I keep seeing jump rings as an option to buy. Until now, I was under the impression that jump rings were used for making jewelry and chainmaille.

Common? I sure hope not! Jump rings are for making things like chain maille and necklaces. NOT for putting in your body for long-term wear.

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Thursday July 24th, 2008 @ 3:35 AM

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just got nipples pierced about a month ago and decided that it is just not for me so i want to know what the process is to remove them and let them heal

As long as you’re not having any concerns that the piercings may be infected, simply cleaning and removing the jewelry and keeping the area clean as you would a cut should suffice.

Weeping of fluid around the piercing holes for the first day or so could be expected - mind you don’t wipe at it as you could introduce bacteria to the wound and CAUSE an infection. Do not poke anything back through the holes to “see if it’s closed up” as you can really irritate the healing piercing - and open it back up.

You can always go see your piercer and have them safely clean and remove the jewelry for you. Any concerns of possible infection should be brought to the attention of your doctor before removing the jewelry.

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