labret piercing without gum recession?

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 9:36 AM

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I wanted a side labret piercing for a very long time, but I was afraid of getting gum recession. I went and searched alot about it and found out that it wouldn’t recess if the back of the piercing goes entirely on the gum, and not on the gumline. Before I actually had it pierced, I visited the shop to get information about how to avoid gum recession and if it could be pierced with out getting this problem. The man told me if it causes gum recession, the piercing is put wrong, and he would make sure it wouldn’t. so I finally go and put the piercing, and the back is exactly on my gumline, rubbing on both my teeth and gum.

what should I do? He said he would make sure it wouldn’t cause gum recession, so is the internet wrong, or he? or should I wait and see if it works with a shorter piercing?

Is it even possible to get a side labret piercing on the gum entirely?

Thanks in advance!

Firstly, its GREAT that you have done research into it first. The chance of gum recession is something that should be taken seriously, however you are totally correct - a proper placement will reduce the risk greatly.

I would suggest to go back to the piercer and explain that you aren’t happy with the placement and request that they perhaps re do it.  There is a chance that you may have exactly the same problem if you get it re-pierced as i often feels like its rubbing during the swelling phase (as the jewellery will be quite long to allow for swelling).  Downsizing the jewellery to the correct size once healed and even putting a smaller back plate on the inside (you need internal thread to do this) will nearly eliminate gum erosion also.

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Bad piercer?

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 9:36 AM

Filed under: Piercing

So, i`ve kind of realised my regular piercer has never given me a “good” piercing.

my first piercing (other than lobes) was an inverted industrial, she gave me too short of a bar which my ear proceded to swell around and became severly infected, whilst i used h2ocean 2times daily and did 10 minute sea salt soaks. i never touched it at all.

the infection led me to have to go to hospital to have it cut out.

my first septum piercing she pierced too low causing copious amounts of pain which proceded to keloid. yet again i did all the cleaning and never touched it.

most recently my first “low-bret” about a cm away from my vertical labret (done by someone else) which i was planning on getting another

i noticed she didnt clean her hands before or change her gloves. and yet again it got infected and the infection spread to my vertical labret which i had to remove both of.

with my low-bret she also hit a nerve which whenever my tooth rubs on the scar on the inside it causes a pinch on the top of my lip. is this bad?

Lets begin by addressing your industrial, it does not sound at all like an infection - more likely the bar was simply too short and was severely digging in. Going back to your piercer to get a longer bar (should be free) is always your best option in this case, accidents in accommodating for swelling happens and is much easier to fix as soon as you notice something is up.

Secondly, your septum. They are a tricky one to get straight, however an incorrect placement is usually a sign of an experienced (or poorly trained) piercer. They should have noticed this right away, or you should have gone back and told them it wasn’t quite right and it should have been re-done at no charge.

Keloid scar tissue is a genetic inherited condition, it is very rare to keloid in one piercing and in no others.  I suspect that due to the incorrect (low) placement, you developed some hypertropic scar tissue - a very common form of scar that forms from a piercing being knocked around or from incorrect placement.

Thridly, your lobret. There is no real ‘nerve’ there, that you speak of. I would speculate that it is rubbing against your gums and causing discomfort - this is unfortunately quite common with central lobrets, as the gum and teeth line meet much earlier than on the sides. Correct placement can help with his substantially, however often it depends on your own anatomy. An experienced piercer will be able to recommend specific placements to stop this from happening.

I also doubt (as stated above) that it got infected, it sounds like more swelling - perhaps the lobret caused swelling upwards and embedding your vertical labret. Putting your initial (longer) jewellery in it is often an advised move when getting more close by work.

As far as the cleaning of hands and glove changes go, that’s not really a good sign. I would say go with your obvious gut instinct here and don’t go back there. Every piercer can have a bad day or do something a little off - after all, we are humans.  There is no excuse for poor hygiene or putting you at risk.

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Am I doing everything right ?

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 9:36 AM

Filed under: Nose

I got my septum pierced two days ago, ( March 27th, 2012)and it seems to be doing okay aside from the soreness, and a tiny bit of blood every once and a while. I accidentally bumped it in my sleep last night, so that could explain some of the soreness.

But here’s what I’m currently worried about:

okay so…an hour ago I looked at my septum and it looked like I had like, a bunch of clear/a liiiitle bit bloody mucus around it… so I just wiped it with water and a q-tip no big deal.

Then 30 minutes later I had it again, wiped it up again, maybe my nose is running, idk ?

So an hour later (now) I go and look in the mirror because it’s kinda sore, and it looks like I have like a zit riiiight above the hole

It’s not popped if it is a zit. . . I have gotten zits on the inside of my nose before .. but if it pops and gets in my piercing can’t that really mess me up ??

I’ve been cleaning it twice a day since I got it with antibacterial hand soap, that even has a moisturizer in it. My piercer didn’t tell me anything other then to wash it with that and keep salt and alcohol away from it.

I doubt it matters, but I have a captive ring in it (that’s what she put in there when she pierced it)

I’m getting really upset about what I should do, I love this piercing and I’m taking really good care of it… I don’t want to have to get rid of it due to an infection…

Any good advice ?

It is very common during the healing of cartilage piercings to get a little bit of inflamation around the hole, it often can become worse when its bumped or aggravated.

The mucus you refer to is most likely lymphatic fluid, a totally normal part of healing a piercing. Think of it like a scab on a cut. I would suggest to not use q-tips to clean the piercing (as you can often aggravate it more), try soaks with warm saline solution on a cotton disc (you can get them from any chemist) as it will get the totally normal lmyphatic fluid off safely.

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Microdermal Scarring

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 9:36 AM

Filed under: Piercing

So, I’m pretty bored with my mods right now. I haven’t gotten any done in a while and I’m down a piercing since my surface rejected. I loved the look of having just the two little peices showing on my skin, but my body clearly hated the surface piercing, so that can’t happen again. I’ve now decided I want to get some microdermals, but because of the nature of the piercing, I know removal is not a simple piercing. I’m young and love my piercings right now, but think I may want to remove them at some point in my life. So my questions are 1) Is it really true the only way to remove a microdermal is to cut it out surgically? 2) How bad is the scarring from this? I already have one pretty nasty scar from my surface piercing so I don’t want any that are too bad. If anyone has some pictures I can check out, I’d like to take a look.


I have been doing microdermals professionally for over 5 years now and have never had to cut one out. If its been in there for quite a wile, sometimes it needs an extra tug or two - however never even needed a small cut. It’s not like an ear piercing that can just be ‘removed’, you will have to see a professional piercer to get it removed (and usually pay them a small fee).

Because the base of an anchor is significantly smaller than a surface bar, you are left with a much smaller scar than what you would already have from your old surface piercing.

I have had a number of anchors all over my body (and still have quite a number), I can barely see any of the scars unless I really look closely. How it might scar really depends on how your body scars, if your surface left some nasty bumpy purple tissue - the anchors may leave smaller bumps.

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Septum piercing: Too close to front?

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 9:31 AM

Filed under: Nose

Hey, so I recently just got my septum pierced (by recently I mean within the last 8 hours) & since I didn’t get a great look at it at the shop before he flipped it up I wanted to flip it down for a second at home just to make sure it was pierced straight. As far as I can tell the piercing is fairly straight, and it’s just above the front cartilage of my nose which is good. The only thing that’s bothering me is when I flip it down, you can clearly see that it doesn’t hang straight down but instead leans more to the back of my nose (it can’t come any closer because the piercing hole is very close to the front of my nose). Could this mean that the piercing is too close to the front of the nose and isn’t allowing the septum piercing to hang straight down, or do you think it may be because of the swelling? I’m just a little concerned because when I do decide to change my piercing I don’t it to constantly be leaning towards the back of my nose, I want it hung straight down …

Thank you for your time.

This is a tricky one! If the piercing is straight and happy, I wouldn’t suggest to mess with it. There is a chance that it will ’settle in’ while it heals and the swelling goes down.

Saying that, if you are not happy with the piercing, I would suggest to go back to your piercer and ask their professional opinion and perhaps get it re-pierced a little bit further back.

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Piercings vs sports

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 9:27 AM

Filed under: Piercing


i need some advice for my 2 recent piercings. i play soccer which is pretty competitive and very rough. what can i replace my industrial and helix piercings with that is safe to wear while playing sports. also, my helix is a stud so its about 20g. thanks :)

Often professional studios will stock ’sports retainers’. Basically they are flexible plastic pieces that you can put into the holes (two for the industrial and one each for the helix ones) so if they get bumped and hit during a match, it won’t cause damage to the piercings.  They also come in a variety of different gauges (thicknesses).

I wouldn’t only suggest them for fully healed piercings as changing them back and forth can discourage healing.

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Need advice please! First big tattoo

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 8:38 AM

Filed under: Tattoos

Hey everybody,

I’m new here. My name is Monicka and i have 2 tattoos and 10 piercings… nothing crazy. I am about to get my back done and that’s where I need advice.

I have picked my tattoo out and my artist has drawn it up, I love the tattoo and can’t wait to get started. The artist is an amazing artist and highly recommended as the only artist to go to in my area.

He charges $150 an hour or $600 for a full day which he says saves $300 (6 hours) He is estimating that the outline of the tattoo itself will take a full day to complete. I was originally going to go in for 3 hours to make sure I could handle the pain. The pain was very minimal with my last two tattoos (one on my right shoulder blade and one on my thigh) but I know that’s because they are on meatier areas.

My first question is, does it sound like a bad idea to go in getting my first spine tattoo and paying for the full day? My reasoning is it will save money and we will only have to lay that carbon once…

Second question is, do I tip him after every session or just at the very end?

If an artist suggests to do a full day sitting, its usually for a reason. Most artists will want to get ALL the outline in one session (and some shading, if you have time left). If you have had previous pieces done and were okay, I would say go for it! If you were talking about a more painful spot (like ribs or feet), I would say test the waters first.

In regards to tipping, I think little presents are much nicer and more meaningful than money. Bring your artist some home-made cookies or find out their favorite snack is and bring it just for them to each session.  Not only will it be more memorable for them, it also shows a bit of personalization to the experience. You can always feel free to tip too (trust me, they will not mind).

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vertical industrial

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 8:38 AM

Filed under: Ear

6 days ago I got a vertical industrial through my inner conch and under the rook. Each cleaning I notice that it hurts more. After this last cleaning (I am lucky to have my boyfriend clean it) I was in tears. It is so sensitive and aches and throbs constantly. IB proufin lasts an hour if I am lucky. It is still pretty swollen and bruised. I have had several other piercings, and I dont think any of them were this bad afterward, especially at almost a week. I have also noticed slight pains in my jaw, near my ear. I know the signs of infection and such, and it appears to be doing fine. I am just wondering how long the pain is going to be so intense. I know it is different for everyone, and I am a bit of a wussy, but this is seriously the most painful piercing I have gotten. My piercer recommended against salt soaks because he found people were drying out their piercings. But I wonder if they would help for now…..

Everybody swells and heals very differently, so its hard to tell. Swelling in the ear (really anything on your face) can cause swelling of the lymph nodes and jaw and is quite normal. It can also be a sign that your jewellery may be too short (the top one looks a little snug in the picture).

I very strongly suggest you only do saline soaks on your new piercings, however make sure that you rinse off the excess saline after a soak (showering after works great). Keeping your saline in the fridge during your inflammation cycle can really help with the discomfort also.

Make sure that once your two seperate piercings are fully healed and you are ready to get one long bar in there, that it is slightly curved (to comopensate for the natural curve of your ear and the piercings) to ensure they don’t get angry and possibly scar up.

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Vitamin E oil to break down scar tissue on stretched ears?

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 8:38 AM

Filed under: Ear

Alright, so I’m at 8g stretched ears, and I find it near impossible to gauge up to a 6g because of the scar tissue claire’s left when I got my ears pierced in october.(I know I shouldn’t have gone there, but nobody else in the area would do it cheap.) They put the wrong retarded ring in, and they ripped it out and jammed the right one in. PAINFULLY. I am left with scar tissue in each ear, and I have been massaging my lobes with 28,000 IE Pure vitamin E oil for the past two days. I heard this works, but how long should it take?

Couple quick things here, stretching your ears requires patience and care. Going for the cheapest option is never a good idea, especially when it involves pieircing guns.

I would strongly suggest to go into a professional piercing studio and chat to them about your scar tissue. It’s impossible to tell without seeing it in person, but it could possibly not even be scar tissue - you could just be trying to go up to quickly.

Pure Vitamin E oil is great for reducing scar tissue, however to use it correctly you should remove your jewellery to massage the scar - and that’s not good to do when they are still fresh.

Slow and steady wins the race and always go into a professional studio for jewellery and stretching, if you are not familiar with the processes you might damage your ears more.

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Just Curious…

Sunday April 29th, 2012 @ 8:38 AM

Filed under: Tongue

So I have the webbing of my tongue pierced and I’m planning on getting it eventually removed and a large gauge tongue piercing as far back as possible as preparation for splitting my tongue. However I really enjoy my frenulum piercing, (I’ve had it for about 6 years and one of those years there was no jewelry in it! My amazing, never migrating, never closing piercings…) Either way, my point being, is it possible to cut just the top of the frenulum along the underside of the toungue and leave it attached along the bottom of the mouth so that, in theory, there would be a little pierced flap of skin? I was looking at some anatomy books and it seems like the risks would be the same as a full frenectomy, possibly even less since it cuts through less tissue. The only complication I really could see arising is the remaining tissue not getting as much blood and going necrotic, either way that would result in the removal of the rest of the frenelum, right? Has anyone ever tried anything similar?

Oh and I had another question while we’re answering my hypothetical questions…. What is the ethics/laws surrounding HIV/Hep C + piercers/tattoo artists? Are you not allowed to pierce or would you just have to inform your customers?

Before we chat about the webbing piercing, doing a tongue ‘anchor’ for a split is generally not recommended by experienced body modification artists. A split is often performed further back than you could even pierce a tongue (safely) and a large piercing doesn’t always stop regrown - it can in some cases encourage a smaller split.

Now onto the webbing - it could be quite a cool and original idea to do! I would strongly suggest to get the split first and tell your modification artist what you have in mind, so they know to go too far back and damage that tissue. After your split heals, you should be able to simply taper (re-insert) your webbing and all will be dandy. You will most likely find (as with all splits) that you will get some re-growth that will most likely close up around your webbing, however how much depends on your body and can’t really be estimated that easily.

Mucus membrane has really ample blood supply (anywhere ‘moist’ on your body, like in your mouth) and I would not be worried about the tissue dying off. The only concern that I would have would be the possibility of it migrating slowly out over time, if your split does in fact get very close to it.

Now onto your last question. As far as I know (and I just did some research) you don’t always have to inform a client that you have a bloodbourne pathogen, in fact many people with them may not know that they have it and are totally symptom-less.  Ethically however they should always inform their clients (just as clients should inform their artists) if there could be a risk of an infection.  A trained artist will consider ‘every body to be contagious’, reguardless if they are or not - this is just safe practice.

I would suggest to politely ask your artist if they have had a recent blood test done and when they last had their Hep B vaccine shot, some studios (such as mine) proudly display our most recent blood results in our stations to avoid the possibility of any awkward questions.

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